Little New Year Fun (not a NYE post)

So we've been doing a lot of chillaxin' lately.
And me wearing a braid is a very often occurrence in case you wanted to know.
And that flannel shirt is def Kevin's from Eddie Bauer, belted, of course.

Before we get to the point (post for the day) 2 announcements!

1 // If you've ever wanted a blog face lift (I highly recommend it) or a new design in general that is totally YOU go here to enter to win one on my blog!

2 // If you heart the HG (Hunger Games) you must link up tomorrow with your answers to these questions! I'm kind of having an online book club. Nerd much?

In no particular order, here is a peak into our recent shenanigans.

[1] Harry Potter Marathon.
Kevin was out of town last week in good ol' California for a business trip so I got my two youngest brothers into Harry Potter! We watched the first 5...maybe we'll watch the rest this weekend! By the way did you know Blockbuster has 99 cent DVD rentals?! Whaa? Blockbuster who? Redbox didn't have HP 4 & 5 so I ventured my into Blockbuster. The total was a tad over $2 including tax...huh?! Guess I will have to go there sometimes! I hadn't been there in years...funny.
Don't HP & Hermoine look so young here? 
This was from Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone! They were such little babies, so cute.
Next time I watch a HP film I need to remember to wear my HP Gryffindor t-shirt!
Here's to wishing I was at the Harry Potter theme park here!

And with that marathon (well 1st 5) done Hunter decided whenever we have a baby boy that we should name him Cedric. Partly because of Cedric Diggory in HP and also because his best Asian friend is named Cedric... and don't you think Cedric Diggory looks SO MUCH better than Edward Cullen?! Maybe it is his hair color and face that actually has color...

[2] Kevin, Hunter, & I had a little sleepover New Years weekend!
It consisted of Kevin & Hunter watching maybe 10+ How It's Made tv shows - they are both obsessed - and me finishing Mockingjay!
Here is my bro Hunt! 
We slept on the same rug and is it just me or do you love not sleeping in your bed? Sometimes I sleep so much better on the hard ground than in a soft bed! The softer the bed - I swear - the worse my back pain is...yep, still have back pain since May-ish of 2011 :(
In the morning Kevin made some awesome waffles with our awesome waffle maker.
I chose half normal and half chocolate chip! Delish.
[3] Hangin out with Tinka.
She is such a snuggly pup and sleeps ALL day. 
Here she is running through the snow when I called her in...hilarious! And sleeping below...
[4] I just had to throw this in here because my dad drew this on the chalkboard at church and it is funny. He was helping set up nursery while I made copies of coloring pictures for the kiddos - Kevin and I watch over the 18 months to 2 year olds at church. I came back and this was on the chalkboard haha! Funny thing was the lesson that week (okay 2 days ago) was "I will obey!" teaching them to listen to their parents lol. Nursery is so different now. We had a bunch of almost 3 year olds move up and now just have little 18 month year olds and a tad older! They are so quiet and don't fight as much...way more calm!
[5] These boot RAWK if you could say that, rock.
They may be familiar from my wish list here and yes I GOT EM!
Believe it or not I've never had real leather boots! 
I've had real Ugg's - couple pair - but not real leather boots! 
I guess I mean in that price range. 
Anywho, Enzo Angiolini 'Saylem' riding boots are where it is at.
PS. From my best friend forever, Nordstrom.
AND... that is a wrap!

And this post was definitely not going to be the second part of this one (our Year in Review // 2011 Part 1/2)... I decided those posts are NOT worth my time ha! And honestly doing that first post was brutal!


  1. I love the boots! I just got some similar to that at Payless :) and I have a Gryffindor shirt too!! Nerds unite! haha

    Also, don't be too sad you haven't seen the HP theme park- it is awesome don't get me wrong! The down-side is that the crowd control and management at Universal Studios is disappointing.

  2. I almost completely forgot about the HG link up tomorrow! Haha does the braid have anything to do with Katniss ;) I've been to Harry Potter world and it's pretty amazing and butter beer tastes amazing! :)

  3. Great pictures, I love the boots! And those waffels look delicious!

  4. How fun! Your dad is quite the artist ;)


  5. So my goal this year is to finish (from book 4, on) the HP series!! I feel like I am missing out!

    And yummm I lovveee waffles.

    "from my best friend forever, Nordstrom" haha that is awesome. I am obsessed with those boots too. So cute!

  6. Love your boots! I can't wait to read the Hunger Games! Everyone is posting about how awesome the books are, so I feel a little behind ;)

  7. This is such a cute post! Those boots are rockin! I like your braid!

  8. YAY- love the braid AND the boots- glad you got what you wanted! Love the photos

  9. Your happenings lately are looking lovely....LOVE the Hunger Games AND homemade waffles. ;)

  10. So many things I don't know what to comment on! I love what your dad wrote :) and I've never ever thought about putting chocolate chips in waffles!! Genius :)

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  12. Whoops, sorry! Wrong account :)

    Love those boots! And my husband has the same problem with soft beds. His discs are kind of jacked up because of all the weight he carried in the Army and he needs very firm beds!

  13. you can never go wrong with harry potter marathons! and your little pup is just too cute!
    xo TJ

  14. What a fun time! :) I love your boots girl and Tinka makes my heart melt!