January Happenings

So I didn't blog yesterday or the day before.
That was weird, haha. I can't remember the last time that has happened...
I just didn't get one together for Monday and then I was going to for yesterday and then Monday was jam packed and I ran out of time! But I am baaaack!
And today I am going to Physical Therapy after work!
Remember when I wrote about back pain this summer and maybe having this disease?
Well, my back still hurts (it comes and goes) and I was referred to a physical therapist.
They will see what they want to do and maybe send me to a spine specialist.
Who knows!

Time to catch up on some lately happenings and fyi tomorrow's post will be about FOOD!

[1] Colorado afternoon right before a snowfall.
Also the picture of me in my beanie ^ is from this day, pretty sure.
[2] What I swear Katinka does every day!
I take her outside after work and then she lays here in the sun. She LOVES the sun and sleep!
[3] A gorgeous Colorado sunset at my parents.
Sorry a ton of my pictures are of Colorado scenes.
Actually I'm not sorry, it is gorgeous. The end.
[4] Just me and Tinks running errands AND then a huge snowstorm coming in on our way home!
We got her a thunder shirt at Petsmart this day which has been helping slightly with her barking in her kennel problems...here.
Also did a ton of other errands and felt super productive! Love feeling like that!
[5] Here is Hunter at our church's Ward Pinewood Derby race!
He won 1st place! My dad actually is amazing at making pinewood derby cars.
He got to make a ton for Patrick, Zach, and now Hunter and has learned the ways of what to do and what not to do so now they usually win! He has gotten it all figured out!
Whenever I have a boy in scouts I will send him over to my dads for some help hehe.
 Zach & I at the pinewood derby event.
Photo taken by Opi, hehe.
[6] And behold, my passport I found while organizing random stuff upstairs.
I would like to use this soon. Anyone wanna go on a trip? ;)
And there you have it. I'm back.
Oh, and of course I watched The Bachelor. OMG. I hate Courtney.
And her lips and her looks. But especially her lips.

Thoughts on The Bachelor?!

You may die if you do.
Mmmk...ready go!


  1. Haha that snowy road looks all too familiar...I sure do hate winter driving! Glad Katinka is doing better with the barking...and I wish Cypress liked to sleep that much. She takes tiny naps and is then ready to run outside again. :sigh:

  2. I'll go with you!!! :D Where should we go? haha!

  3. Ugh... totally agree about Courtney!

  4. Love feeling productive! I also think that Katinka models for you, just sayin' And your photography is truly incredible with those trees looking almost like they are GOLD! How did you do that?

    As for The Bachelor, I can't stand Courtney.

  5. I love your Colorado pics! Keep them coming! xo


  6. Courtney's lips are sooo annoying!! And I hate how she always says "winning" trying to be all cool. And she is just gross for skinny dipping. I don't think they are really naked though....

  7. glad you're back :) and colorado is gorgeous - wow! i've never been but thats where ben wants to end up (after he spent one thanksgiving there and fell in love..so we'll see). and what is a thunder shirt??

  8. I am behind in my Bachelor episodes! I need to catch up real bad! Colorado is so gorgeous and I love Katinka...just lover her!

  9. Wow these pictures are beautiful!

  10. those colorado pics are amazing! and i want to steal your hat.. ya.

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! I hope that everything is okay with your back!

  12. Such gorgeous pictures :) I'm glad you are back!

  13. Weird. None of the words in this post came up for me other than thoughts on the bachelor. Haha. Super weird. But I LOVE these pictures. The lighting in the pictures of the lake/pond area are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  14. I AGREE about Courtney from the Bachelor. She is outrageously annoying. I hope your back feels better! I can empathize. I have scoliosis (a lateral curvature of the spine), and often have issues with sitting certain ways, sitting too long, and I tend to walk slightly "off". Plus that combined with a bunch of abdominal surgeries equals lots of soreness. Anyway, feel better! Good luck!

  15. You look adorable in your hat and I'm dog sitting a puppy that loves to eat and sleep all day too. Hope your back gets better gorgeous CO sunset is right!!