Hunger Games Book Club: Answers + Link Up!

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Here are my answers for the 1st Hunger Games book Questions:
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If we get a decent amount of participation & interest we can move on to Catching Fire & Mockingjay! If not, then this may be it!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't read the first book, don't read on :)

And don't judge my answers, they are just random thoughts and no way am I analyzing it like I did in high school English classes ;) I'm honestly really wanting to hear your insight!
1 // Who was your favorite character in The Hunger Games? Why?
Tie between Katniss & Peeta! Katniss because she is a hardworking girl who kicks butt. She does not give up and has awesome survival skills. She also kept her family alive after her father passed. Peeta because how could you not like him? I would maybe say that as the books go on I grew to like him more. I think it was so sweet that he threw that burnt bread out to Katniss in the rain that day!
2 // What did you feel was the most emotional moment in book?  Which part was the hardest to read?
Actually I read this book in 2 days a couple of weeks ago so I'm trying to remember. Oh, yeah! Rue dying was sad. I liked her and how she told Katniss about the tracker jacker nest...
3 // How does Katniss feel about the country of Panem? Why does she need to make her face "an indifferent mask" and be careful what she says in public?  
She is not a fan but doesn't express it verbally much unless she is in the woods with Gale.  I'm not sure about the 'indifferent mask' but you definitely cannot talk negatively about Panem at all or the capital! The people in her district seem to be punished the least of all the districts which is a good thing but one still must be careful.
4 // Why do you think fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss? 
I think ever since she volunteered as tribute that people were kind of interested with her. No one really volunteers as a tribute anymore so that sparked some interest. Then with Cinna's amazing designs she really stood out and the last scene with the berries was the biggest spark for sure! I think this symbol becomes more important in the later books so we'll leave it at that ;)
5 // How does Katniss’ early encounter with Peeta affect their relationship after they are chosen as tributes?
She always felt in debt to him and that she owed him (about when he gave her bread)! How could she repay him when they were going to fight until death? There was no way she could repay him. She felt guilty and tried not to like him at first since why get close when one of you will end up dead? But he is such a likable person so he grew on her...
6 // Did your perception of Peeta change over the course of The Hunger Games? How and why?
Yes! A little bit I was bugged by him. I felt like he couldn't do anything for himself. Katniss had to help him out when he was left to die by the other Careers in the HG. She had to sacrifice her life to get him medicine. I just felt like he always needed to be helped and didn't have many good skills but this changed over the course of the books!
7 // How does the fact that the tributes are always on camera affect their behavior from the time they are chosen? Does it make it easier or harder for them to accept their fate?
They must always control their emotions. If they appear weak it comes off as one thing and if they appear strong it can possibly help them out when they get their ranking scores. Even if they appear weak it could be a strategy. There is a lot of thought in how one should act and it is all a part of the game. I think it makes it harder for them to accept their fate because they can't be real with their emotions.
8 // Before the Games start, Peeta tells Katniss, " . . . I want to die as myself . . . I don't want them to change me in there. Turn me into some kind of monster that I'm not." What does this tell you about Peeta? What does he fear more than death? Is he able to stay true to himself during the Games? 
It tells you that he doesn't buy into the games, that he is not a fan, and in a way could possibly become a rebel hehe! He fears not being true to himself. He doesn't want to turn into a killing machine because that is not him. I would say for the most part he is able to stay true to himself during the games!
 9 // When Peeta declares his love for Katniss in the interview, does he really mean it or did Haymitch create the "star-crossed lovers" story? What does Haymitch mean when he says, "It's all a big show. It's all how you're perceived." Why do they need to impress sponsors and what are those sponsors looking for when they are watching the Games?
 I think he does mean it but Haymitch helps him out (maybe I'm wrong?) He knew way too many details about Katniss to just make it up. He remembers her when she was a little girl in school and all growing up. He definitely knew who she was. They need to impress sponsors because they are very helpful- duh! The sponsors want to be impressed, blown away, and need to know their $ is going somewhere valuable!
10 // Why does Katniss ignore Haymitch’s advice to head directly away from the Cornucopia? Did she do the right thing to fight for equipment?
I think she did the right thing because she obviously came out alive. The backpack was a good choice and proved to be very valuable. If she had gotten injured maybe I would have thought it wasn't the right thing. Personally, I probably would have listened to Haymitch and avoided the fighting and conflict!
11 // What makes Katniss and Rue trust each other to become partners? What does Katniss gain from this friendship besides companionship? Is Katniss and Rue's partnership formed for different reasons than the other group's?
I think Rue looked up to Katniss in the training days. Katniss always saw Prim in her so that helped out and of course Rue telling Katniss about the tracker jacker nest. She knew Rue could have just killed her in that tree but it made her think and consider her as a partner.  They both had valuable things that helped each other out (ie. medicines, herbal remedies.)
12 // Why does Peeta join with the Career Tributes in the beginning of the Games? What does he hope to gain? Why do they accept him when they start hunting as a group? Why do groups form in the beginning when they know only one of them will be able to survive?
 Honestly, I am not sure why he did. I think he was did gain some benefits from being with them but we do not know about it really as it wasn't written. They probably accepted him because he was strong looking? I would say they form knowing they can get a good start in the games and knock off everyone else...then whoever dies next will kind of just happen.
13 // What did you think of the fact that they changed the rules partway through the games to allow two winners from the same district?
 I, of course, liked this because I did not want Peeta or Katniss to die! Obviously, the guy in charge of the games (forget his name) didn't fare too well... if one of them had died I would have been upset haha!
14 // Do you think the glamorization of the Games and the treatments of its stars before they are sent off to die is a reflection of anything in our modern society?
Um I hadn't thought about it but I guess you could say many celebs end up in drugs and with lots of divorces and I would say neither is a good ending!?
15 // Reality TV has been a part of the entertainment world since the early days of television (with shows such as Candid Camera and the Miss America Pageant), but in the 21st century there has been a tremendous growth of competitive shows and survival shows. Discuss this phenomenon with respect to The Hunger Games. What other aspects of our popular culture do you see reflected in this story?
 Ehhh dunno haha.
16 // What other books do you feel are comparable to The Hunger Games?  
(Because who doesn’t want more great reads like this?!)
I'm not sure, I would love to know! I've heard Delirium maybe? I have not read it yet...

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  1. Great responses! I loved reading what you had to say!!! I did most of the questions there were a select few I didn't do :)

  2. Its always good to get a second opinion...i am BEYOND excited about this movie!!! Beyond!


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  3. i like your answers! i tried not to read yours before i wrote my own because i wanted to be as objective as possible, but all of our answers line up pretty well.

    i've scheduled my post to publish tomorrow and will link up with you as soon as it does!

  4. I agree with most of your answers...and the only reason I don't agree with all of them is because I read the books a year ago and can't remember hardly anything;-) So glad I can read posts like yours before seeing the movie!

  5. So it's official. I have to read these books now.