Dreams + Where I've Visited in the World

So I had a weird dream Thursday night. Here are a few points that I have remembered:
  • I was at BYU and hanging out with my friend Shayla Forsey and we were watching some tv show marathon and then my aunt JaKie was there
  • Then we were at a swimming pool and there were lots of kids/teenagers/college kids. Then JaKie stepped in a bunch of barf at the bottom of a pool. {PS I have a phobia of barf} Sick-nasty. We told someone who worked there and they were like "Who barfed in the pool?" Then a girl said, "I did!"
  • Then I was a freshman in the dorms but I was in Colorado. Like 2 bloggers were doing giveaways for an entree at the Cougar Eat HAHA! I asked if I could enter since I was in CO and if I won they would have to ship the food to me. The bloggers said no. I wanted Tommasitos (the Italian food) there and that is actually what Kevin and I ate together right after we met! We met in line...
  • Then a girl asked, "Where have you been in the world?"
  • Then I woke up...and missed BYU...and thought, "Remember that cool thing on Facebook where you could check countries and states and see where you've been in the world? It said like you've been to 44% of the world! That app...ya know?" Then I thought, "I am going to find one online and blog about it for Friday (today) since I have nothing amazing to say for Friday". 
And here we are. Hopefully that led in nicely.

And also kind of goes along since I've been thinking of vacations and traveling often these days...wanting to get in a swimsuit and get to any beach!!!

Here is where I've been in the WORLD.

Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
North America:
+ Canada
+ US
+ Mexico

Central America & the Caribbean:
+ Bahamas
+ Jamaica
+ Puerto Rico
+ Turks & Caicos
+ Saint Thomas
+ Saint Maartin

+ Austria
+ Denmark
+ Estonia
+ Finland
+ France
+ Germany
+ Greece
+ Italy
+ Netherlands
+ Russia
+ Spain
+ Sweden
+ Turkey
+ Vatican City

+ Japan

Hope I'm not forgetting any...

Here is where I've been in the UNITED STATES.

Hopefully you know your states...

If I were to travel to your state, what is the coolest thing to do there? :)
Sorry I have a gazillion travel questions, just go with it...

PS. You can make your own maps like mine here!


  1. Looks like you definitely need to take a trip to New England girl! :) There are so many funs things to do here (I live in Boston) and all around New England. I love to travel so that is a fun map idea :)

    1. I live in Boston with Rachael!! :) She stated it well... New England is great!! Ash you must visit Boston sometime! You would love it.

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  3. You haven't been to Oklahoma?! I'm an okie and love it here but, unless you like the outdoors, there isn't a whole lot to do around here. You have been a lot of neat places! :)

  4. Very neat! And I agree with the first comment - New England is where it's at! Boston is an awesome city, and in Maine Portland and Bar Harbor are the places where all the tourists go :) Lots of yummy lobster and ocean-y things to do!

  5. Dang girl, you are a traveling woman! South Florida is great - sunshine, palm trees, beaches, shopping, the Everglades etc.


  6. Wow! You've been to a lot of states! I used your map idea to create a fun post of my own with a link back to you if you want to check it out!!!

  7. Ohh I totally want to make a map like that! Looks like you've already been to my state of Washington - hope you enjoyed it!!

  8. You are quite the traveler! I love it! Also, your dream was so random! Haha. Dreams are seriously the weirdest things ever!

  9. You have been all over!! I want to go to Europe really bad!!

  10. You have been all over!! I want to go to Europe really bad!!

  11. I see you have been to Iowa and i am sure it was very exciting :) New follower to your blog :) We have a short haired Chihuahua, who we adore and is a sassy little thing herself :)

  12. Where in Michigan have you been? I'm trying to think of the cool things to do here, haha. Definitely the museums in Grand Rapids! And a trip to Mackinac Island & St. Ignace.

  13. i am laughing SO hard about the cougar eat. that is classic!!! i sometimes have dreams about blog things too.. he he. have a good weekend girl!

    ps that rocks that you have traveled lots!!


  14. Pretty excited to be your newest follower! I love your blog and I especially love this post! Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do and you better believe I'm going to go make my map now! :)

  15. Awww. Sister.

    If you ever go to Pennsylvania. (The little land I lived in) You must go to Hershey. Go on a Tuesday, so the air smells of chocolate. The street lamps are Hershey kisses, every day of the week.

    Philly. Incredible. King of Prussia Mall. Epic. Huge. Fantastic. I just about cried thinking about how much I miss it, you should see my mall. Honestly Philly is incredible all around.

    Gettysburg.. super boring:)

    Pittsburg is amazing.

    Amish Territory. Whatever tickles your fancy I guess. I think it's interesting.

    And now I've rambled for a solid I'd say.. 3 minutes in blog time.

  16. Haha that was a pretty bizzarre dream!
    But jeeesh you've been to so many places, you're so lucky!

  17. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  18. thats so stinkin' awesome! i'm going to make one riiiiight now!