Doggy Seperation Anxiety?

Ever since we moved into our new house Katinka hasn't been a big fan of her kennel. When we were living with my parents this summer she slept on a dog bed, not in her kennel. All of the years before - well 2 years, she is only 2 1/2 years old - she slept in her kennel and was fine with it! She would even go in there on random occasions since she liked it!

Now whenever we go to put her in her kennel to sleep she resists and doesn't walk in how she used to. We have to force her in there. Then she starts barking, whining, and crying for awhile and then eventually calms down. Sometimes she digs at her kennel bed and kind of shreds it up. I find shredded pieces when I get her out in the morning. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and she hears you, she will begin to bark. Also when Kevin wakes up in the morning to go to work she barks again!

When we were in training at Petsmart (here) I asked the trainer and she thought she would get better since we just moved there and she wasn't used to it. We tried to give her dog treats and kongs filled with a mixture of dog treats, baby food, and peanut butter. She loved the peanut butter but would whine after she finished it. We were trying to help her see the kennel as a good place!

The trainer said if she continues it and it doesn't seem to get better than she may have separation anxiety and not like being confined in there and away from you. I have done a little research and some things I read I think she may have it but I'm not sure entirely. I was hoping this is not the case because then she said maybe she can sleep in her dog bed with a puppy pad and we have tried to get away from the puppy pad! It just confuses dogs being allowed to go inside on a puppy pad and outside!

Last night I woke up at 4 and noticed she was barking. It wasn't even like one of us was awake so why was she freaking out? She really will not stop barking! Good thing she is a little dog (& not too loud) as we can sleep through it and isn't bothering our neighbors but we just want her to stop! She resists going in her kennel thus forcing us to force her in, shreds her bed, and barks and whines on stop?! We also put a blanket over her kennel when she sleeps so she doesn't see what is going on and we shut the door (she is in an extra bedroom).

Oh and we do not put her in their excessively. She sleeps in there and is in their for 4 hours a day when I'm at work and then 3 hours on Sunday while we are at church.

Any ideas? Or have you ever had a dog with separation anxiety or maybe a phobia of a kennel? 

Haha. I need some ideas! I called the trainer yesterday but haven't heard back...and it is definitely real. My friend Emily rescued her dog, Copper from the pound and he had it bad when she first got him. Copper would even throw up when she was gone!

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  1. Aww poor puppy! Although this sounds like mama is suffering more! Hope you guys find a solution! xo


  2. Our little one used to do the same when we would put him in his room when we were at work or bed time. {his room is the laundry room} Jake would sleep upstairs with us most nights. We finally started having cezar sleep with us last October/November. Since then we haven't had any issues when we put him in his room when we leave for work. It took some work, but for us it has worked wonders letting both boys sleep up stairs with us. Luckily we were confident we wouldn't have any accidents with Cezar. Good luck to you both!

  3. My dog has big time anxiety but we don't kennel him. My own suggestion is that when she naps (if she does) put her in her kennel but leave the door open so when she wakes up she can get out. You want to her to know that it's not a place of punishment which by the way she's behaving she thinks she's being punished right now... Hope that helps!

  4. Do you need her to sleep in the kennel? You said she slept on a bed at your parents house? Couldn't she sleep on a dog bed at your new house too?

    Sorry I don't really have a suggestion, Aspen pretty much has his own room, we keep the door opened, but close a dog gate when we need him to go in there, which is only at night or when we are at work if its too cold outside, but normally we just put him outside for the 8 hours we are at work. Is your yard fenced? Could you put Katinka outside for the few hours you are at work?

    Sorry I can't really help. Good luck!

  5. The second picture is my favorite! too funny! And our dog is going through the same thing. She thinks she is a human, so we are kind of taking different approaches to her now. Good luckk!!

    xo.Britt The Magnolia Pair


  6. Your dog is adorable. My husband calls little dogs like that "kickme" dogs. Yeah, he's awful.
    And that sucks about the whole separation anxiety thing! Hopefully it gets fixed!

  7. I can completely relate. Zoey slept in our BED with us at the old place but she would ALWAYS get up in the middle of the night to use the potty pad, and sometimes she would miss. We have brand new carpet in the new place and the first time she slept in the bed and got up in the middle of the night and had an accident on the floor. We can't have that so we have decided to start crate training her. I would say what you're doing is good. I wouldn't do the bed with the potty pad because it makes her think using the potty pad is okay, and if you want her to go outside all the time, the crate is the best bet.

    The first night Zoey slept in the crate she cried and cried and the next night we put a shirt of mine and a sock (gross I know) of Jesse's so she smelled us and it felt like she was sleeping with us. She cried for a little and we said "NO ZOEY" and she stopped. We still have to force her in the crate though.

    I've heard that feeding them in the crate is a good way to get them to like it, so maybe try putting her food in there? That way she will have to go in there to eat and it won't be a "dreaded" night time thing!

  8. Aw this makes my heart sad :( Poor Katinka! I hope that you find a way to make her and YOU happy! Maybe being near her crate while she is in it....at least for a while?

  9. My dog did the same thing when we moved. I put her in the kennel when we were home just to get her acclimated. Now she's fine but she still needs a treat to coax her in.

  10. Man I couldn't EVER get Charlie in the crate...

  11. awe :( i feel bad for her! i don't have a dog so i can't really relate but i hope you figure it out! xo

  12. This is so sweet. She probably just really misses you :) I'm sorry but I have no solutions :( I hope you figure it out soon though :)

  13. This is SO SAD, especially since she was fine with it before! We always had our dogs sleep in their kennels in our bedroom. The first few nights our yorkie would whine a little but my husband would tell her to stop and she would. Maybe if she knows you two are in the room with her she will stop? So sorry...

  14. We used to kennel Weiser, but he's pretty large and his crate got in the way. Luckily, he does really well so now we just let him loose. I don't know if that's an option for you, but I hope that you get this figured out! I have heard worse stories of dog kenneling, so hopefully yours is easier to fix than it seems.

  15. We never kenneled Cypress (she came house-trained...the beauty of rescuing!) but for awhile we wanted her to be kenneled when she went on trips because of her car sickness. We kept the kennel out in the living room with the door open constantly so she was used to it being there. I've heard you can also put a shirt or something that smells like you in the crate so it's not so scary. Another thing that might work is taking her for an extra-long walk before putting her in the kennel, so she's tired and then associates the kennel with sleeping.

  16. I'm a new follower!!!

    We kenneled our doggie for only two months, and no longer do it. He hated it and still has separation anxiety too. He has to follow us from room to room, even if it is the bathroom. He wants to be with us at all times, and hates being left alone. He is also mixed with breeds that make him super attached to his owners. We adopted him from the shelter, and he was adopted once or twice before. I don't know how the previous owners treated him.

    Btw, your puppy is such a cutie!