Awkward & Awesome - Snowy - Thursday!

Photography by Tiffany Rebecca

+  I grind my teeth when I sleep, which means I need a night guard. If you actually look at my teeth they are ground down a tad if that makes sense haha. And let me tell you...those night guards are around $600! Why me?! Not sure when we'll get one...but apparently my teeth are pretty bad for how old I am - 23 years old...
+ My mom had hip surgery because she had a torn labrum. They went in last Tuesday and apparently the labrum was way worse than they thought so they replaced it from a cadaver piece just chillin in the hospital somewhere...where do they keep those spare parts is what I'm wondering?! I have been telling my brother we should be grateful for it because he got all grossed out...
+ My mind has been thinking a lot about food recently. I am feeling like I can see a glimpse into a binge eaters mind...oh my gosh I want breakfast burritos haha! However, I am not binge eating! I do love to pin some food pictures. Of course, I never try any of them.
+ Kelsi telling us she got lice on her mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil! She said she is so freaked out by them and thankfully the sister missionaries she is living with are being so kind and picking all of them out but still! That would be horrible.
+ Dreaming I was in some sort of Hunger Games. I - along with many others - had to cross this raging river that kept changing its depths. You couldn't make a bridge over it or go around it...freaky! I also chose with another girl in the games to protest and not eat some weird bugs we were supposed to...maybe that is more Fear Factor-ess haha!

+ This giveaway on my blog and this giveaway I'm sponsoring over here.
+ Finishing shopping at Walmart and walking into the beginning of a winter storm! Only downside was cold hands & first day wearing my new leather boots. Oh and I may have to shovel....ehhh.
+ My birthday is in a little over a month :) Come on February 19th! Actually I don't want to be 24. I'd like to stay 23 another year...
+ Watching Harry Potter # 1-6 with my brothers this past week.
+ Reading Kelsi's missionary emails minus the lice.
+ The Bachelor on every Monday. Enough said. AND Gossip Girl returning THIS upcoming Monday! :)
+ My Omi (mom's mom) being here for 6 weeks to help take care of my mom and her hip and Opi (mom's dad) coming in town next week!
+ Katinka lying right in front of a heat vent to stay warm and the warm air blowing her hair all around, so funny!
+ Listening to Pandora music and thinking it would be the perfect station to snowboard too...too bad we are being cheapskates this winter ;( I want to get in the mountains asap!!!
+ My mom being on drugs after her surgery and saying weird things, "David has a massage at Sears." Huh?

And that is it for now! Anything awkward or awesome happen this week for you?


  1. Watching the bachelor monday nights drastically improves my feelings about mondays. and I think a hunger games dream just might belong in the awesome category!

  2. Love that you dreamt about being in a hunger games!

  3. The Bachelor + Gossip Girl = 2 reasons why I LOVE my Monday night tv! xo


  4. The Bachelor + Gossip Girl = 2 reasons why I LOVE my Monday night tv! xo


  5. I grind my teeth too! They told me to get a nightguard made or go to a Walmart or Sports Store and get one of those mouthguards little football players wear. They are only 5 bucks so I may try that. haha. Maybe I'll dream about playing football now?

  6. I think I must grind my teeth a little, too, because my retainer is all worn down on my molars. It's lame.

    And I FINALLY got the first book in the Hunger Games series. Can't wait to read it so that I can be in the loop, too!!

    Hope your mom recovers quickly.

  7. I also have Hunger Games dreams, especially after I read the book! And my birthday if Feb. 9th, though I'll be much older. (sigh) :)

  8. Yay for upcoming Birthdays! These posts are so fun! One more day left in the week!

  9. Basically my whole life is awkward! Anyways, sorry to be late getting back to you about my meal planner and shopping list I use! I get it off this super stinkin' cute blog. I just printed a bunch out, clip them up on the side of my fridge, and I sit down on Sundays and plan it all out! Here is a link: http://www.pinkpistachio.com/meal-planning-101/

    Check out my most recent post on storing and eating veggies! Also how to save money and not throw them out!

  10. love it!!

    hey girl, i tagged you on a fun questionnaire thingy on my blog...hope you can participate. ;) have a fabulous day!!!


  11. Great things to say awesome about. Can I tell you that I'm still so happy and obsessed with your new look? Because I am!

  12. We are age twins! I just made that up...but seriously. Mine is next week. I love that we love the same shows...now I have someone to tweet during the Bachelor! Bye bye blogger nut! I hope your mom is feeling better!

  13. Hahaha I love your mom's drug-induced words. Hilarious. Also, I had a dream I was in the Hunger Games book! And I was being really careful not to offend the president, haha.

  14. Sorry about your teeth, girl- that can get so painful too! I bet your jaw is sore sometimes no?

    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery! Have fun with your grandma:-)

  15. oh my gosh bachelor!!!!!!!!! they picked some crazies!!!!!!!

  16. I hope your mom recovers quickly! Just found your blog & love it ! How wonderful stumbling is! I love the Hunger games too, whoo can't wait itll the movie! Glad to follow you !

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  17. My cats LOVE to hang out in front of the heater. They also love to lay by the fire- except, I don't think they understand that the fire isn't always going. So, I often find them laying in front of the fireplace waiting for the fire to come. What would we do without our fur babies?


  18. I love all of these! And I can't wait to go read the Hunger Games post! Also, $600 for a night guard?! That is crazy expensive! I hope you can get some awesome deal or something! Also, the things that your mom says on drugs...I think we need to hear more of those!! ;)

  19. I hope your mom starts feeling better after her surgery. I am always pinning food, but I actually try it. Ha, and that's why I should get back to the gym :)

  20. Love your photo! Cutest picture ever! Hope your mom is feeling better! $600 for a night guard? Wow! That's crazy. At least it's better than no teeth ha!