Tips for a Better Blog by Elisabeth from Thimbles + Things

Happy Thursday!
I am still in Missouri hanging out, so today we have Elisabeth (one of my sponsors) from Thimbles + Things taking over the blog! And guess what?
1. She is pregnant and that is awesome, congrats Elisabeth!!! &
2. She is actually designing a new blog design for my blog! YAY! So that will be coming soon and I am so excited :)
Read on!


hi everyone!

i'm super excited to be filling in for ashley while she's out!
today i'm going to give you quick, easy tips for a blog lift.

less is more.
how many times have you visited a blog and you have no idea what's going on...
there's too much on the sidebars, the fonts are hard to read, the background is just so busy it's distracting...
keep those things in mind as you build [or redo] your blog.
-keep your sidebars clean and organized
-pick fonts that are easy to to read
-use backgrounds that ADD to the blog, not distract

fonts + colors.
i have a few personal rules when it comes to pick fonts + colors...
if you want to use more than one font on your blog keep them simple.
for example: use a fun/cute/awesome [but readable] font for your header. whatever font you pick for your header i would recommend using it through out the rest of your blog on other title headers, such as your gadgets or your post title. for a second font, keep it simple and use it for links, your post body and page bodies.
blogger now has a lot of great font options in the new template designer to choose from that make adding different fonts to your blog a lot easier. if you like to download fonts [like i do] check out dafont.com.
when it comes to colors keep in mind that everyones monitor settings are different...
what might seem like a regular pink on your monitor might look hot pink on someone elses. when choosing colors for your blog, build a color palette. it will help you stick with a reoccurring theme through out your blog.

css + html.
not everyone can read/build custom html to build the ultimate blog...
the good news is blogger now gives you the option to enter in css code in the blogger template design.
if you're thinking:
"um. cool. i have no idea what the crap you're talking about..."
no problem.
i'll show you.
go to:
template designer > advanced > and scroll down to ADD CSS
you'll see a big empty box to type stuff in.
now it all depends on what you want to do to your blog...
is your header center? want to center it?
copy + paste this code into the CSS text box:
#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;}
#header-inner {text-align:center !important;} /
*include this line if you are using Template Designer*/
want to center your post title + date?
copy + paste this code into the CSS text box:
P { text-align: center }
H2 { text-align: center }
P { text-align: center }
H3 { text-align: center }
want to get rid of that annoying blogger navigation bar at the top of your blog?
copy + paste this code into the CSS text box:
#navbar-iframe {display: none !important;}
as you can see, there are so many little things you can do to give your blog a face lift just by entering in a little CSS code. if there's something you want to do but don't know the code?
google it.
you can find just about anything.
if you want to find CSS code to center your page list [below your header] google:
"CSS to center page list"
and start reading!
you can find all sorts of info on forums.
if you're not having luck by googling, tweet and ask your followers if they happen to know.
you'd be surprised what random things other people know!
i hope this helps anyone who's looking to give their blog a face lift or anyone who's just starting out.
have a good day!


Now go check out her blog HERE! You'll love it! 

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  1. awesome tips! i agree with everything she said and took a lot of that into consideration when I redid my blog a few months ago. I loved learning CSS too - made me feel really smart in a geeky way! :)

  2. Thanks for the tips girl and CONGRATS on being pregnant!!

  3. These are amazing tips! I didn't know anything about CSS cods before this and now I am excited to goggle some and give my blog a little 'face lift.'
    Thanks for sharing!
    I will definitely check out her blog :)

  4. Great tips!


  5. Thanks so much! I really wanted to get rid of the blogger bar and I saw that blog designers were charging for that as part of design packages. No way, Jose!

  6. this was amazing! i love me some good pointers. ;D merry christmas!


  7. Thanks so much, this was very awesomely helpful. Mainly the CSS stuff. :)

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