Scenes from this Weekend + a Taekwondo Evening

This weekend was a fun one. It was relaxing and just what we needed.
Here is what went down.

Friday - December 16, 2011

After work I went to lunch with my mom and brother Patrick to Famous Daves. I pounded my meal! I seriously can't believe I ate that much haha. I LOVE their pork! Any who, ate there, hit up Target, and then hung out at home. After Kevin got off work we went to my brother's Taekwondo class/test where he tested his "form" (basically a routine of punches, kicks, and "Iyahs!") where he tried (and accomplished) to get to the next belt color. Anyone do Taekwondo?
Here we are at his taekwondo studio!
L - R: Hunter in his sparring gear (they wear this gear when they fight each other), Hunter (in the middle) and some other kids warming up before they tested!
At the end of the night he came home with a brown belt! He did great!
Hunter & I after with his brown belt!
Afterwards Zach was bored so he yo-yoed...
(he's the sponsored yo-yoer and funny thing was he used to do taekwondo there when he was younger!)
 Afterwards, Kevin and I were going to go downtown to pick a gift card up at Europa (an Aveda salon) and look around some shops but by the time we were done with the taekwondo evening it was pretty late. By the time we would have gotten downtown and parked, we would have walked around for only 10 minutes! (So we went downtown on Saturday)
My mom, Zach, Hunter, Kevin, and I then hit up Spooners for frozen yogurt! Mine was delish. Actually I think all of ours was.

Saturday - December 17, 2011

Kevin and I slept in, made cinnamon rolls, and then went downtown to look around. I am now wanting a chihuahua lamp and a fake deer head for our house. Sounds crazy, but I saw both downtown and they were both awe-some. I was super tired so I went to bed early which was weird but good.

Sunday - December 18, 2011

We had another crazy day in junior nursery. I swear it is getting crazier week by week, although a bunch of kids will move up come the new year. It is starting to wear me out ha! After church we ate, our home teachers came over, hung out, and then had an early Christmas with my family! It was AMAZING! I will be blogging about it soon :)

Now, here are some scenes from our weekend!
L - R: Katinka in the middle of the tulle wreath I am was making (by the way it FINALLY got finished on Sunday and it is HUGE!), & "How much is that doggy in the window?"
Top: L-R: Home made vanilla and fudge my visiting teachers brought me on Thursday, home made cheeseburgers Kevin and I had. By the way if you ever have an extra avocado laying around throw it on your cheeseburger. Freaking.awesome.
Bottom: L - R: Famous Daves BBQ for lunch on Friday (love me some pork), & Spooners frozen yogurt!
It was a great weekend with some great surprises.

By the way, I definitely just watched The Help on Monday. Wow. So SAD but good.
What did you think of it? And today I plan on starting The Hunger Games! My brother, Patrick got them for me for Christmas (the first 2 at least). 

What did you think of the Hunger Games?!
No spoilers please!


  1. You're SOO pretty, Ash!
    And I can't believe you haven't read Hunger Games yet. Oh you're going to LOVE them!

  2. I love the hunger games, not gonna lie I cried in the first book :)

    Lets just hope the movies are good too!

  3. yay for brown belts! ;) my brother used to take karate...wow, that was such a long long time ago... like, 10 years. ;) so glad y'all had such a great week!

  4. Your little brother is the cutest! You guys look so alike :)


  5. I started reading the hunger games at a barnes and noble and have been thinking about it ever since! It's so cheap too, might as well go for it! x

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. oh gosh so hungry now!! I can only wonder what that chihuahua lamp looked like? haha

  7. You look so gorgeous friend! :) Aw your little brother is too precious... I read the first two books in the series and they were really good!

  8. Too funny-- hubs and I just ate famous Daves for dinner!! Yum!! Your dog is so cute. How long did your wreath take you?

  9. Too funny-- hubs and I just ate famous Daves for dinner!! Yum!! Your dog is so cute. How long did your wreath take you?

  10. New to your blog and I just love it!
    You are too cute, and your little bro looks just like you :) Looks like a very eventful weekend. I love Famous Daves..mmmm... that food looks delicious and I don't even eat pork ha!

    New follower :)

  11. My brother did Taekwondo when he was younger so seeing those pictures bring back some good memories! And I love that you guys are in nursery- so are we! Super crazy but we love it! And you will LOVE the Hunger Games

  12. i just had to say that i am absolutely obsessed with your hair!!! there, i said it ;)
    xo TJ

  13. I liked The Help. It was good for some laughs and for some thought provocation. :)

    You have a new follower now!