Our 1st Home: Main Level Tour!

Some of you all have been wanting to see our new casa!
We are starting to feel more moved in, thank goodness. Except for one room upstairs (disaster room)!  Today, I will show you our main level! There is still some clutter here and there that we need to put away but I thought it was as clean as it is going to get for now, so I went with it.  Oh, and we haven't really decorated aka hung stuff up, changed curtains, painted, etc...this is our stuff in our "new" house!

Before we get started, you can totally give me comments as one of my own personal interior designers ;)
I will be asking questions and hope to get some helpful answers!
This is our main level bathroom! 
Question 1: What do you think of the wall color(s)? 
It is light blue and olive green. I have no clue how I feel about it.
Pardon the black hand towel that doesn't match. We need to get matching towels.
Also maybe a basket or something to put hand towels and extra toilet paper in. I couldn't find any bath mats to match the olive color at Bed, Bath, & Beyond so I may try blue or white or maybe making one I saw on Pinterest. We will see! Honestly I feel like I have no clue what matches with these walls! What will I hang on the walls?
This is our kitchen!
Question 2: Have you ever seen any cute cupboards/cabinets to put food in? 
We don't have enough room for our food to be in the cabinets (there is no pantry) so we have this cheap tall pantry we bought when we were at BYU (left in photo). It is fine for now, but in the long run I'd like something to look nicer! And yes that island door is kind of broken haha. We just need to fix the hinge so it closes!
Also the dishwasher is still broken (even after buying a part and fixing it) so we have a towel below it...haha.
P1120295 - Copy
 P1120306 - Copy
Behold our free table!
We got this amazing table (with a leaf!) from our dear friends James and Laura! Go check out Laura's blog HERE (she just made a public one :)) They had this extra table in their garage and it was a huge blessing for us! We have one 7 foot table we inherited from my parents but it is WAY TOO BIG for this small space! We were planning on getting a small circular table sometime with a leaf and it was a blessing that they happened to have this table that is exactly what we were looking for!

Question 3: Do you have any pictures/websites/inspiration for a table with non-matching chairs?
I need some direction here! We need to get some chairs and we're thinking of hitting up the flea markets and consignment shops. We really want to paint this table and our chairs as well as sand it and give it a bunch of dings to make it look worn :)
Here is our living room!
I want to hide those cords by the TV somehow and get new curtains...
 P1120314 - Copy
Here is more of our living room! Unfortunately we lost 2 of the 4 Christmas tree stand legs...so it has 2 and is leaning haha. That is why we don't have any ornaments on it. Next year, next year we'll get it set up right!
 P1120310 - Copy
Our living room!
Yes that is a 2000 piece puzzle of Neuschwanstein (famous castle in Germany!) on our coffee table.
I kind of want to paint over the accent wall and do a tan/off-white neutral color...
someday we'll put in dark hardwood floors!
 P1120313 - Copy
P1120316 - Copy
And last but not least is our front entryway!
Also need to hide that speaker cord...
Here is little Tinks hanging out with me!
Question 4: If you have any ideas of what to put on the walls, shoot them my way! 
Like if you see a picture with shelf and whatever in one spot, let me know, hehe.

I'll post more pictures of the upstairs sometime soon...!

Have a good weekend! 
We are going to hangout downtown, work on the house, get last minute Christmas gifts, and get ready for our trip next week!

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  1. I am loving the paint job in the bathroom! That is so neat!

  2. Oh my gosh it looks amazing! You've done so much to it already! Is that a puzzle out on the table?! That's so funny, we used to do a Christmas puzzle every year until we had a bunch of little kids that would eat the pieces!

  3. Looking good!! There are tons of easy ways to get your house personalized with photos and other things. Photo collages are super fun and easy- I have them up above our couch in our living room. Draws the eye in. I change it often so it's a fun continuous project! Above our bed I hung 3 canvasas of chevron art that I painted- kinda fun, again super easy! As for the chairs, just keep your eyes open! I have never shopped at IKEA, but I have tons of friends get chairs for thier tables there. Other then that, just watch for them and then plan to repaint! That cute white bench would look cute in your entry way with a shelf above it and cute seasonal pillows you change out. :)

  4. http://www.potterybarn.com/shop/outdoor/dining-furniture-outdoor/chair-cushions-outdoor/
    Try these sites--I like the Tolix collection from Potter Barn--just for ideas. You should try the Antique Mall on College--good stuff and better than thrift!

  5. love your new house!
    those bathroom colors are really great together & love your couch! I am actually going to get stuff to decorate my boyfriends spare bedroom :) soooo excited!

    have a great weekend :)

    my unrehearsed life

  6. What an amazing house! Twinge of jealousy felt...our little apartment is seriously a closet by comparison!

    LOVE that you have a neuschwanstein puzzle...i've been in germany for over a year (collectively) and still have not been!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, and Other things.
    Enter My Shabby Apple Giveaway While There is Still Time!

  7. Very pretty! One thing you could do for the kitchen and food is, instead of putting all your pots and pans in some of the cabinets is buy a leaning bookshelf. Then you could put some of your cooking stuff on there and have room in a cabinet in the kitchen for food. I have 2 leaning bookselves in my kitchen for that purpose. I just have way too many pots, pans, and cooking dishes to fit in my cabinets! Let me know if you want me to send you a picture of what my kitchen looks like!

  8. I think you should paint the table a dark brown or black and get semi matching chairs.... also, for our speaker wires on the wall the hubs nailed them carefully to the wall so they were tight and then we painted them the same color as the wall so that they would blend in. But everything looks so great! We don't have a pantry either, but our garage is right next to the kitchen so we put extra food in there.

  9. Very cute first home! I really like the bathroom horizontal stripes---white towels/decor would be really crisp in there. Can't wait to see what you do with it all!

  10. How fun to have a house all your own. :) Check out Vintage Revivals if you already haven't. She's amazing and has incredible DIY's and makeovers!

  11. I like the paint in the bathroom too! If they don't have green, I'd go with blue, white would probably get really dirty/show spots easier. But it would look good too!

  12. So exciting! I can't pretend I'm good at giving decorating tips. It took me 4 months to pick out curtains for our bedroom. Just go with your gut and scour pinterest!

  13. oooh! i am loving the bathroom and living room! congrats on your new casa. ;D

  14. So cute! I don't know, I'm indifferent about the bathroom walls- they seem like they'd be hard to match with!

  15. Your new house is so cute! I saw your Tweet the other day where you will be writing about why many Mormons get married so young...please share the post on here once you do :) I am excited to read it!

  16. Exciting!! Can't wait to come stay {wink wink}.

  17. loove that color in your bathroom!


  18. congrats lady...everything looks so wonderful! can't wait for our first purchase!