A fantastic Monday!

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Monday was great.
After work, I ran errands and was very productive. I love being productive.
-I hit up Petsmart and returned a bell Katinka was supposed to ring to let me know she has to go potty (she's afraid of it) AND scored a big bag of Science Diet dog treats ($5 value) for 26 cents! The Petshotel gave me a coupon for $5 off a $5 purchase or more towards that brand...so yes, I did.
-I returned some moldy raspberries (so sad about that) at King Soopers and got some random things I needed as well as brownie mix. Kevin and I are going to bring brownies to our neighbors when we have the time to make them.
-I returned some things at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (had horrible Customer Service- don't get me started) and bought 3 things all with coupons. I used two 20% off ones and a $5 off one...unfortunately nothing worked so those will be going back haha. BUT I used coupons and I love coupons.
-I went to the dollar store to get some cute holiday plates for our brownies for our neighbors.
and then came home...
to my husband and this amazing meal!
In case you didn't know, Kevin lived in Italy for 2 years serving a mission for our church! He picked up some amazing Italian cooking skills that I love very much. He made some amazing home made sauce with sausage in it and we ate spaghetti, green beans, and cantaloupe (not pictured). And for dessert we had banana bread my friend Heidi made...she is one legit baker I tell ya.

And since it was Monday we had FHE!

FHE is Family Home Evening.
Basically you hang out with your family, share a spiritual message/lesson, sing a church hymn, pray, and usually Kevin and I do an activity or something fun together afterwards. It is time to hang out with family and grow closer, spiritually too.

You will laugh at how cute and hilarious our FHE message was.
It was Kevin's idea and this is it. He read me a scripture (something about aromas being an offering and sacrifice to the Lord) and then we went out to buy some candles for our home. Lol. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Kevin loves candles and only him could relate it to aromas in the scriptures!

We hit up JCPenny since I had a $10 off any $10 purchase or more meaning it would be FREE.
(By the way, sign up for JCPenny coupons and same with Kohl's. They both have those deals. Even if you may not love those stores you can at least buy socks for a $1 after the coupon, blah blah blah, you get what I'm saying) Unfortunately they didn't have any candles so we got Kevin some sweet socks as he needed more.

After we used a gift card to The Buckle and I got 2 VERY CUTE items with it. I got a blue jacket with lace on it and a brown/black long-sleeved cardigan...that get this...has a long piece that wraps around your neck like a scarf? Say whaaat?! Yeah, it is crazy.

Then we finally got our aromas.
Bath & Body Works is having a deal. You can get 2 3-wicker candles for $20. These candles are normally $20 each. WOW they had some amazing ones.

Our picks:
1. Mint Chocolate
I seriously could sniff this and get high; it is bomb. I asked Kevin if he dared me to lick it because it smelled so good. He said yes. So I licked it. And it was waxy.
2. Cranberry Woods
What a lovely fall/winter scent! You cannot go wrong! Smells amazing!
What is your favorite brand/scent of candle? 
 We are candle people and would love recommendations!
PS. My dad has a bomb hot chocolate one and it literally smells like hot chocolate, sensational!!!


  1. I love the FHE thing! :) Is that something you do as a Mormon with your church or just something your family does? Either way - I think it is a great idea! I think Chris and I should spend one night a week doing something like that. I love it!

    PS - I dare you to lick the candle. I bet it tastes DELISH! :) I swear I can smell it and I'm not even there!

  2. FHE sounds wonderful! I assume that is a Mormon custom? My husband & I have devotional nights as often as we can - we read from a daily devo book from church & then just play worship music & just spend time praising the Lord! It is a sweet bonding experience together & with the Lord :)
    As for the candles - I went to Bath & Body Works last night & stocked up on some of their candles - you have to try Leaves & Winter Candy Apple...amazing!!! :)


  3. I agree with the others, I think the FHE thing sounds great!

    Food looks good also.

  4. Slatkin & Co. make the best candles EVER!!! luv them :)

  5. I wish I had real Italian cooking skills as well (or somebody with them to cook for me ;)) So cool!

  6. You got some great deals! The mint candle is something I would love!

  7. The FHE thing sounds great!

    And what a sweet husband to have dinner ready for you when you got home!

  8. ahh i have that mint chocolate one and LOVE it! and what a cute fhe idea :)

  9. I would've licked the candle too, haha! Sucks when they don't taste as good as they smell! Sounds like a great Monday :) Do other people come to FHE, or was it just you guys?

  10. I LOVE those candles. I smelled marshmellow mint today and it was love at first sniff :) I have hot buttered rum in my room currently ... also to die for!

    cute blog! That spaghetti looks delicious. Homemade sauces are always the best.

  11. Mmm that food looks delish (I'm hungry right now) and I bet that candle is amazing - anything chocolate and mint is divine!

  12. such a darling productive day. go girl!


  13. You got some good deals on this day, girl! :) And I love that you have a man that cooks! :) That food looks delish!

  14. I LOVE Your FHE idea! That was so clever! Mine are always boring ideas :) James is usually the one who comes up with fun stuff and I do the lesson. I was laughing so hard about you licking the candle--I can visualize the whole conversation!

  15. "So I licked it. And it was waxy." That made me literally laugh out loud.

    My favorite candle scents are apple cinnamon, pumpkin, and vanilla. We're not allowed to burn candles in our apartment, though, so the few I have are just sitting there. I'm okay with that, though; they last longer. ;]