Early Christmas With My Family!

Sunday - December 18, 2011
An Early Christmas

We went over to my parents house for a week early Christmas dinner since Kevin and I are in Kansas City for Christmas this year AND my family is in the Caribbean specifically St. Thomas! I need to get to the beach asap. 
Anyways, it was a great evening! 
We got there and Christmas music was playing, the tree lights were on, Christmas decorations were everywhere, Christmas cards were hung up on strings of ribbon, and a honey baked ham was just out of the oven.
We ate an amazing dinner.
Honey baked ham from my grandparents (make that a 15 lb one!) and boy was it great! I LOVE honey baked ham! We had cauliflower and broccoli, blueberry muffins, pineapple, mashed potatoes, and tons of cookies for dessert. We also had Pear Martinellis! There was a lot of leftovers so Kevin and I ate it at work on Monday and same with dinner that day!
Authentic German handmade pieces were all over the house.
Windmills (which when I was a little girl I ruined one by taking off little pieces and then my mom had to super glue them all back on) and a cuckoo clock! They picked out this clock when one time we visited Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. They bought it in southern Germany maybe when we were looking at castles that day, if I remember right. I would love to own a cuckoo clock and make that, anything German handmade! But they are so expensive. Someday!
A huge bouquet of flowers and a German nutcracker was around.
I bet my dad got these flowers for my mom since their anniversary is on the 19th!
While my mom was wrapping presents for Kevin and I, I relaxed in our massage chair. I love that chair. It can have you sit up, lay down, and do a ton of different things! I like the "stretch" function haha.
The Hunger Games were given to me by my brother Patrick! Which by the way, I am flying through!
Kevin received a hunter Nutcracker (which is awesome), a Kansas City Chiefs stop sign to hang up in our garage, the Steve Jobs book from my brother Patrick, and some money.  I also received a planner from Patrick. I got an elephant purse, a hilarious 'Blog' magnet, iPhone 4 case "Keep Calm and Shop On", riding boots, a scarf, and I'm inheriting my brother's old iPhone 4 (I have the 3GS now), and also inheriting my grandparents DSLR they don't use anymore!!! I feel so blessed!

We got my mom and dad a nice crockpot and we had Hunter this year so we got him some "precious stones." He is obsessed with rocks and minerals and knows tons of facts about them! When we visited Fantastic Caverns (HERE) in Missouri we got him a fossilized shark tooth that is over 50 million years old. We also got him two litttle stones that we actually forgot what types they were! He was pretty pumped especially since we put the fossilized shark tooth in a little display box I got at Michaels.

Now for a funny photo.
Kevin wore this to the company Christmas party!
"Wanna get on my naughty list" turtleneck, gay scarf, comb over, glasses = Classy
Hope you have a great Christmas! I'll be enjoying it for sure :)


  1. Haha! Your husband is hilarious! Any idea where your brother found that iPhone case?

    Merry Christmas! xo


  2. HAHAHA, love his stylish get-up! Merry Christmas :-)

  3. ohh my gosh! It took me a second to realize that last picture is of KEVIN!

  4. yum! I love a good ham at Christmas too! :) Hunger Games is sucking you in! It does that! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family and that sweater is bomb.

  5. Sounds like a great time with your fam. That outfit is too funny!

    And Seth and I sat in a massage chair like that at Brookstone. It was so amazing!

  6. sounds like an awesome early christmas for you guys!! that last picture is classic...!!

  7. FUN! Yay for early Christmas family time! :)

  8. OOOH! I love The Hunger Games...I'm reading it for the third time. Awesome.

  9. love this! great photos... sounds like a great night! we just got back from the caribbean, so we're celebrating christmas tomorrow! hope your kc christmas was fantastic!


  10. Your brother's name is Patrick?! Mine too! He actually gave me the Hunger Games trilogy for Christmas, too {when I read them I got them from the library} & I am turning them right around so he can read them, because he hasn't yet. I love that you're loving them so far!