DIY Fabric Flowers by Ruthanne with an E + Giveaway Winner!

Wow friends, you are in for a treat. 
Ruthanne, one of my sponsors, is a doll and she is going to show you how to make fabric flowers! 
Take it away Ruthanne!

Meanwhile, I'm at work, packing, dropping Katinka off at the kennel, and headed for Kansas City this evening! Yay!
Hello there, readers of Sloanbook! :) I am so excited to be sharing a post with you here on miss Ashley's blog! I'm Ruthanne, and I blog over at Ruthanne with an E. I'm sixteen, a lover of fashion and music, all things vintage and I have an obsession with my cowboy boots! 

I also like to pretend I'm a movie star. It never really works the way I want it to....

When I was thinking about what to do for this post, a million thoughts crossed my mind, but this one stood out far more than the others. This is a super fun and easy DIY that is a fantastic gift for Christmas, or just because! I'm going to show you how to make one of the easiest fabric flowers in the world! Ready? GO! 


You will need:
Fabric strips 
Hair clips / brooch pins
Hot glue gun
A few beads or buttons
Scissors, thread, needle or sewing machine
 Start out with a piece of fabric or ribbon that is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide, by about 30 inches long, depending on how big you want your flower to be.
Stitch, with a machine or by hand, a line down the middle. Make sure to back-stitch at one end only - you need the other end "free". 
 The strip should look something like this.
 Now, very gently, pull one of your "free" threads at the end you didn't back-stitch. Gently gather your fabric to look like this.
It should be about half it's length or so after this.
Now cut a circle of felt about 2 inches or so in diameter. 
To "secure" my hair clip, I like to cut two slits in my felt to slip my clip through, like so.
I then attach my brooch pin with another small piece of felt and hot glue.
Now, flip your felt circle over and have your glue gun ready. Fold your fabric strip in half, basically on the stitched line. 
Start wrapping your flower, starting in the center and working your way around. I usually start out really tight and get looser as I go. You may need to practice your flower formation before the next step, it happens fast!

Lastly, (and I forgot to take a picture, I'm so sorry!), cover your felt circle with hot glue and stick your flower on it! Tuck in all of the visible stitched parts, and perfect it's shape while the glue is still a bit hot, but please, don't burn yourself like I do/did frequently. (it's terrible, really!)

Add some beads or buttons if you like, and this is how it will turn out! 
So pretty, isn't it? These are so easy to make after you make a couple, and I make them for friends all the time! I also use ribbon for mine, those are beautiful too. Try out some different ways of wrapping your flower. Here are a whole bunch I made as gifts this summer:
There are really so many different ways to make these things!
This is what it looks like in my hair.
And on a sweater - but you can pin them on scarves, hats, purses, anything! I also love to put them on headbands, just glue em straight on. They are so versatile. I wore two purple ones on a dress I made in this post on my blog; it was the perfect simple and elegant touch.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please come stop by and say hello, I would love to make some new friends! Thank you so much to Ashley for having me on your lovely blog! 

xoxo, Ruthanne


Seriously, go stop by her blog HERE and give her some lovin'! You will not be disappointed.
She is so cute (as you can tell) and I'm a big fan!

PS. The winner of the pink cowl giveaway (HERE) from A Girl Named Leney is... Meg from Henning Love! Congrats Meg! I'll be in touch with you shortly :)


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