Denver Temple Night + Some Recent Scenes

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Tuesday - December 13, 2011

Late Tuesday afternoon, Kevin and I drove to Denver to go to the Denver LDS (Latter-Day Saint) temple! I brought my own names and that was awesome. Our goal is to attend the temple once a month!
Bored on the way there
On our way to Denver we went through a big patch of fog...and came out of it to see a sunset!
Outside of the Denver temple by the fountain
 And here we are in front of the temple! We got married here 3 and a half years ago! Good memories :)
After we left the temple we hit up Subway. Right now you can get either a Cold Cut Combo or Meatball Marinara 6 Inch for $2! It goes throughout December. SO we only paid $4 for dinner! Then we hit up Bed, Bath, & Beyond and did some returns. It was a fun evening spent with my husband!

Now for some recent scenes.
[1] It has been very snowy here so it was time to bust out the doggy winter coats!
Here are some Katinka outfit posts...
Purple puffy coat: Target 
Pink furry coat w/skull on hood: Target
Do you like Katinka outfit pictures? I may just have to do a whole post of them haha!

[2] Nope, this is no pregnancy announcement, hehe. I love faking people out though! A lot of people thought I was preggers here! Kevin & I went shopping for 2 preggo co-workers at Babies-R-Us and I saw this cute elephant bedset. If you know me you know I love ELEPHANTS! My girl (whenever I have one) is for sure going to have elephant bedding!
[3] Oh look it is snuggly Katinka!
[4] House warming gift from my parents = Waring Pro Blender!
Brownie points- it matches our red Kitchen Aid mixer perfectly :)
We def destroyed our last blender in Utah.
We put tons of frozen fruit in it and tried to blend it and it died...
 What have you been up to this week?

Depending on the cleanliness of our house, I may take some pictures for a post tomorrow so you can see all of OUR stuff in our new house! Yay! I already have some interior design questions for you all! :)


  1. You guys look so happy! That sunset is beautiful! Happy Thursday!

  2. LOVE the katinka outfit posts! Hahaha!

  3. Yes!! House pictures please!!!! And I love temple dates- the best! We are going Saturday to round out the end of the year! We did pretty well with our monthly goal!

  4. Oh I would love to see house pictures! :)
    Your little puppy Katinka looks soooo cute in her pink puffy jacket! :)
    I hope this blender works out better for you than the last one!

    Hope you're having a lovely day!


  5. Love the pictures! Especially with the pooch all dressed up! I have a fleece and two knitted sweaters for my little guy!

  6. 1. Your dog is freaaaaakin cute!
    2. Your hubby has wayy blue eyes!
    3. You are beautiful (:

  7. But.... you should get pregnant. So I can look at cute baby pictures!!

  8. You two are so cute! Glad you had a wonderful night together!!

  9. I need to get my Zoey a new winter coat! Hers is too small and she walks funny in it. Is Katinka a long haired chihuahua? She's adoraaaable. x

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. You know you should have just bought the elephant bedding for you! You will need it eventually :)

  11. lovely choices!


  12. Oh that does match the mixer! I love that red color. :) Cute pix!