Colorado Eagles Double Date Night + Tulle Wreath!

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Now onto our double date night last Saturday, December 3, 2011!
Kevin and I got free tickets from work to see a Colorado Eagles hockey game! They used to be in the central hockey league (CHL) but I think they just moved up a division so I'm not sure on what they play in now!

We went on the date with James and Laura and their newborn, Audra! It was so much fun! We ate at The Spicy Pickle and then watched the game at the Budweiser Events Center. The Eagles won in a shootout.  Oh and they played the Utah Grizzlies, I'm pretty sure! It was a very intense game!
Me & Laura & baby Audra
The husbands intensely watching the game!
Kevin & James
What a fun evening with great friends. I grew up watching the Colorado Eagles so it is always fun to go and watch! Anyone a hockey fan?
Believe it or not this was our first double date since we have moved to Colorado! Yes we have been kind of lame and usually just hang out at home but we finally made plans.  We need to get out more often, haha!

Funny story: When I moved to BYU in August of 2006 for freshman year, I brought my Mission M-1 hockey stick... yep, I was a legit. I thought more people would be into hockey and man I couldn't find that many! I was so shocked! During high school, I would hit slap shots now and again in our coldesac with friends; I guess a good amount of guys I knew played hockey so it was just a fun thing to do now and again. Sadly, I don't remember the last time I've hit a slap shot! The good old days... :) By the way a Mission M-1 is a very good stick, hehe.

PS. Laura, Emily, Heidi & I had a craft night last night and we made these wreaths...
tulle wreath
 Image via my Pinterest board, Pretty for my door here 

Unfortunately, I could not find the source of this picture (bad pinners for taking the website off!) so I have no clue who made this wreath (or made it up) but ours are looking pretty good! I didn't finish mine but will soon! All you need is a wreath, tulle (we got 25 yards a person), ribbon (with wire in it so can hold a bow), and a wreath hanger! My wreath is off white and I got maroon ribbon! So excited to hang it on my front door! :)

Cheers! And be sure to stop by and check out this giveaway to see if you maybe want to enter!

Do you know of a great wreath tutorial? 
If so, give me the link friends!

Right now I am loving them! Also on a side note...for all you interior designers, can you hang wreaths other places than on your front door? I have never owned one before haha. I am an amateur interior designer and craftician!


  1. My town is big into hockey since we have a NHL team, but I actually prefer watching lacrosse games :)

    I've seen wreaths above fireplaces and on a wall in the kitchen. I love this wreath, I may actually have to make it! :)

  2. What a fun night out! :) This wreath tutorial is so cute! I wish I had more time to be crafty!

  3. How fun is that wreath?! Reminds me of a ballerina's tutu :) Have you seen the wreath I made for Thanksgiving/fall/harvest decor?



  4. um...this is DARLING!
    i love love LOVE this!

  5. love that wreath! tulle is always a big yes in my book!

  6. Amazing! I love tulle, especially in pink :)

  7. that wreath is really great but it makes me want to wear it and do a little hip-shaking dance!

  8. Cute wreath! I did one last year for valentines day, and then ended up tearing it up to make another wreath out of the form.. HA HA. Maybe I should do another!?

  9. Gorgeous wreath! Looks easy. And looks like a super fun date night!

  10. Oh my goodness, I LOVE THAT WREATH, I am so not the greatest at those kinds of crafts, but do you think I could do it?!! honestly!? I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT THING, hahahaha
    thank you for sharing!!! cute pics too, you are so pretty! so happy to have met you!

  11. Ahh! I look terrible in those pictures. That was so much fun! I finished my wreath--it's huge! I love it though :)

  12. What a fun date! I love watching our school's hockey team but that's about the only hockey I have ever experienced! And I LOVE your wreath! :]

  13. Darn! I did open this post thinking it was an announcement! :) Oh well, those pictures are SO funny! I kinda think the top one is cute...the bottom one is a little creepy.

  14. my brother played hockey for years and we grew up watching the red wings. {my brother defected for a year or so to cheer for the colorado avalanche at the height of the detroit/colorado rivalry. i still haven't forgiven him for that.} we got to go to the joe louis arena's free skate a few years in a row and also went to plymouth whalers games a lot when i was younger.

  15. We go to the grizzly games as much as we can! We are huge hockey fans! (Starting this season... we'd never been to a hockey game before that haha)
    The wreaths are so dang cute! What a fun one to make :)