Christmas in Kansas City 2011

We flew in to Kansas City on Dec. 20th late at night and stayed until the 26th. 
It was a fun trip as you can already see here.

December 21, 2011 - Wednesday

Kevin and I slept in, finished Christmas shopping, read, and went to the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Greg, Kathy, Anna, and LT at the Legends. We saw the 10 pm showing and I was so tired that unfortunately I fell asleep for some of it! Kevin absolutely loved it just like the first one! I think I need to watch both of them again but when it isn't too late so I can really pay attention to them!

December 22, 2011 - Thursday

We slept in, read some more, and had family pictures at The Seven Bridges Clubhouse. That is where Kevin and I had our open house after we got married in Kansas City! It is a gorgeous clubhouse. I wish our neighborhood had a clubhouse like it here in Fort Collins! Ha. We don't have one but more than anything I wish our neighborhood had a pool! Anyways, we explored it for a long time and here is the indoor basketball court attached it! Kevin made a bunch of half court shots as I told him to play like Jimmer! Here he is!
I'm horrible at basketball but I'm pretending to focus before a shot here. Good focus right?
Afterwards we all ate at a Mexican restaurant. I forgot what it is called. Then we called it a night and hung out at home!

December 23, 2011 - Friday
The guys went hunting this day! They hunted pheasant and it was an all day ordeal. Here is some of the hunting gang. They got approximately 25 pheasant. Kevin is far right. Look how happy he is haha. He LOVES hunting!
 Meanwhile I hung out with Kathy and we ran some errands getting some last minute Christmas gifts and such. We ate at Jimmy Johns for lunch.  Then we hung out at Tara's house for a bit.
Here we are at Tara's house with Zach, baby Poppy, & me.
And here is Zach, Poppy, & Lily! They are all so cute!
Then I ran errands with Tara. Afterwards, Kathy and I ate dinner at Panda Express, shopped at Michaels, and browsed Pier 1 Imports. We got home just as the guys were and they were so tired from hunting all day!

 December 24, 2011 - Saturday - Christmas Eve

Greg and Kathy had a Christmas Eve get-together at their house! There was SO much food and tons of desserts! Lots of relatives came over as well!
Kevin and I on Christmas Eve. I love him.
And here are some of the desserts! 
Greg put on some hilarious home videos of past Christmas Days when Kevin and his siblings were way younger for kicks. Who doesn't love home videos? They are just great. Kevin ran around like a crazy man when he got a sports "starter jacket" when he was younger, haha. It is SO great. He even leaped through the air! That is a sports guy right there for ya!

December 25, 2011 - Sunday - Christmas Day

We woke up, went to church, and then got to Skype with Kelsi as she is on her mission in Brazil! She was almost an hour late skyping since she got stopped by a guy on the streets who told her and her companion that they needed to visit a friend of his. They were late because they were doing missionary work so I guess that is acceptable! She is doing great on her mission! She just loves the people, food, and the culture and she is fluent in Portuguese! I can't wait to see her this summer when she comes back from her mission in July! That will be so cool! We got to three-way skype since Kelsi was in Brazil, Kevin and I were in Kansas City, and my family was in St. Maartin in the middle of the ocean! I'm glad it worked out!
Afterwards Kevin and I opened our presents and gave our presents to everyone! From "Santa" I got a cute tank top from Ann Taylor Loft, OPI nail polish, lip gloss, a gift card to Cinemark, and some candy! Kevin got a picture of him hunting, a Kansas City Royals Calender, a gift card to Cinemark, and candy as well. I got some cute legwarmers and money from my in-laws and they also got Katinka a very cute camouflage dog bone and dog treats! Kevin NEVER knows what he wants for any birthday/Christmas so he gets money haha. Someday, he will figure out what he wants! I scored a great deal at Old Navy and got Kevin a thick long-sleeved sweatshirt/shirt lol. Kevin got me this hilarious book Yoga Dogs and gave me a massage since my back always hurts! Kyle got me some good smelling body butter and David and Tara got us a very cute candle! We are SO blessed and lucky!
We played an intense round of Mexican Train where I lost in the final game and Tara and I made some more bracelets. We talked a lot about if we should do a kitchen redesign and who knows what else!

December 26, 2011 - Monday

We hung out, watched tons of Modern Family episodes, and then ate some Smokehouse Barbecue before our flight back home.  It was a great trip!

What did you do for the Christmas holidays?  


  1. It looks like your Christmas was wonderful! I love how you Skyped, too - I did the same! And watched Modern Family. That show is the best.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! :) I fell asleep my first time watching Sherlock Holmes (the first one) but just watched it again to prepare for the second one (because we were supposed to see it Christmas Eve but there was a mix up.) and it was really good!

  3. Lol, that picture of the yoga dog! :) I really like the blue top you wore Christmas Eve ... that was purrrty.

  4. Wow you guys had a jam-packed holiday! Looks like fun :)


  5. Sounds like a great trip! Those treats look so yummy!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and received lots of wonderful gifts :)

  7. Yea for family time during the holidays! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

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  10. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful christmas! Enjoy the last few days of 2011!

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    Love modern fam too :)

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    looks like you had a great christmas!

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