Baby Talk

 Me & Kelsi (3 & 2 years old)

The "Most Popular Baby Names of 2011" article came out here and unfortunately the only name we kind of wanted (for awhile now) is #3 on the girls list!
The name is Bella (list says Isabella).
Now now, you may be thinking, because of Twilight?!
Nope. Kevin lived in Italy for 2 years (serving a mission for our church) and before Twilight got big we decided we wanted to name a future daughter, Bella.
Bella means 'beautiful' in Italian and is a very cute name.
Now, Bella is hello, Bella Cullen...and everyone and their dog's name is Bella...
But whatever, who knows what we will decide, when the time comes.
It doesn't really matter what other people think than us.
And we are not pregnant. Fyi! *cough* I am not pregnant.
I feel weird when people say "We are pregnant!"
Nope your wife is...she's cooking the baby.
Sorry husband you are not.
Don't judge but I think it is a little weird but I'm sure I will say it too...

Speaking of babies...
This one time this past summer Kevin found an app for the iPhone that if you upload two photos it creates your baby. The first baby that came out was a little blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes. Kevin was like, "Awe...!" (Kevin has really pretty blue eyes). Then we tried it again and a black baby came out. So, it was definitely not an accurate baby maker, haha.

With that said, I decided to see what our baby may look like haha. I used these pictures since we are both facing straight on and without anyone else...which the random websites recommended.
(We are on our honeymoon here...take me back!!!)
Now I don't know what happened to that first baby haha but it was really hard to make. You had to mark like every point on your faces and the it morphed into that one...which obviously got a little funky. No offense, I think the second one is a little creepy. Is that a 3 year olds face in a newborns body?

I hope our kids are cute. Even if they aren't to other people I'm sure we will think ours are haha!
That is how it is supposed to work!

So who knows what our baby will look like or what we will name them/him/her...but I thought I would share these random points for the day. And I am not pregnant. I'm sure tons of people who clicked on this post thought this may be an announcement, haha!

What are you up to this weekend?
We got a Ward Christmas Party tonight and hopefully will finish organizing our home over the weekend! That goal may be a little too high haha. We'll see!

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  1. Haha you are too funny with the whole "we are pregnant", but I totally agree that it's weird to say that! The hubby and I are going with my family to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend, that's after I spend tonight and all day tomorrow doing homework :/

  2. I say if ya want to name her Bella one day....go for it! Twilight is a fad...it'll pass! :) Ha ha that app is too fun!

  3. maybe by the time you guys have a baby bella won't be so popular. but even if it is i say go for it! it's still a beautiful name! and that app is cracking me up! i already have a baby but i want to download it and see what it comes up with for us!

  4. I'm going to pick my sweet husband up at the airport! It's been 2 long weeks!! Also, that's funny because me and Joey have also picked out that name. His grandfather was born and raised in Italy. We love the name, but like you said not sure if we will use it.

  5. lol omg you are too funny for doing those baby kids. I've never tried it thank god because i'd probably be scared of what would come up. Glad my boys are adorable.

  6. Haha, I've done those things a couple times and our "babies" always look carazy. maybe by the time you have a baby girl bella wont be popular anymore. i'm hoping thats the case with the names we like too. cause they are popular now.

  7. Haha this is too funny! That DOES look like a toddlers face!


  8. My sister did that once and got a black baby too! Hahaa! So weird.

  9. This is so fun! :) I want to do one of these!! Haha. And let's be honest we all totally thought this was a pregnancy announcement!

  10. When I first was reading this, I was like.... WHAT!???? You guys are gonna have some super cute kids too! AND I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY WE ARE PREGNANT TOO! AHHHHHHH! :)

  11. Ok, I did think it might be an annoucement :)

    But we totally talk about names ALL the time, even though I'm not pregnant! And I've always wanted to do one of those baby face things, but I'm scared of what I will find! haha

  12. Haha that is too funny!! And kind of creepy! Your kids are going to be absolutely adorable. No doubt :)

    Thanks for the shout out to my little blog!
    Happy weekend, my dear :)

  13. I wondered if you were pregnant but figured you would have a more excited sounding title if you were. :]

    You and your husband are going to have absolutely beautiful kids! I agree with you on the "We are pregnant" thing - I am a stickler for grammar and saying "we" is a grammatical misrepresentation of the reality {I'm sorry; I really am the worst grammar nerd}.

    This weekend I am studying for finals, watching tv, and hopefully getting in a little pleasure reading. I hope your weekend is going wonderfully!

  14. You are so funny- I like the name Bella. I say you go for it either way! Its funny that you post about the baby generator- I have a post scheduled for Monday that has the picture of the baby result we got last year and it is NOT pretty. At least yours look human, HA.

  15. found you VIA restless blog hop
    check me out at http://krystylco.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance, I'd LOVE another follower <3

  16. Haha I'm totally the same way! I loved the name before Twilight, too. I say give it a few years and you can use it :) If you can wait that long :).

  17. Hahaha those baby pictures are kind of creepy. I love the name Bella but I think it was totally ruined by Twilight in terms of naming your kid. I'll be interested to see how many Bellas, Edwards, Jacobs and Cullens my children go to school with!

  18. How awesome is it that those sunglasses are back in style? I love the name Bella as well! I haven't watched or read Twilight, so I wouldn't have even known ;)

  19. Ha! Love these baby morphs!

    But I am POSITIVE your kids will be even cuter :)

    Also, love your Thanksgiving posts, and the fantastic caverns too! Fun times!

  20. Whaha love the first picture! I always enjoy seeing old pictures of people :)