What I Wore: Random Church Outfit Post

IMG_2562 diff
Yes, we may have not taken pictures at the right time at day but you do what you can, right? I had to take these for a guest post and we were running out of time...eh, you already know that my photos on this blog are not super steller, so I'm not too worried about it. Maybe someday.
By the way, Katinka is staring at a fly. Adorable right? Well, I think so, haha.

Disclaimer: Don't hate on my outfit.
I already wore it to church and there is nothing you can do to stop me from wearing it again.
Sometimes, I wear random things together and I like it.
I'm kind of obsessed with boots and tights.
So I am trying to get more and wear them more often :)
And I know heels would look better with this skirt. That is what I usually wear with it.
But I'm just trying to be creative.

Moving on.
Here is what I wore a few Sundays ago.
IMG_2619 diff
Yes, I got back. Don't make fun of my ghetto booty now.
It really doesn't look this big in person, haha.
It is an ultra high-waisted pencil skirt I tell ya!
Long-sleeve shirt: Banana Republic
Pencil Skirt: Tulle, from Soel Boutique
Tights: Nordstrom
Boots: Target
Headband: Cherrylane Boutique
Bracelet Set: Ann Taylor Loft

These outfit pictures were taken for a Reader Submission at Ask The Duplex here. Check it out!

Question Time:
1) What would you put with this high-waisted pencil skirt? 
2) Do you have any outfits that you think are random and kind of don't go, but you still wear em?!


  1. I like the boots with this skirt! Any shoes would look good with it :) And I am loving the headband too!


  2. I really like this! High pencil skirts are the best and this one looks awesome on you. And way to be creative, it is fun to try new things and wear what you like. Bonus if it turns out looking this great! :)

  3. Love that skirt!! You look fab :)

  4. I love the skirt & i think i have those tights from Nordstrom. :)

  5. ghetto booty?! girl PLEASE! If you want to see some junk in the trunk I should post a picture! You are tee-tiny! lol No ghetto-ness there :)

  6. Very cute! Got to go post-maternity shopping with you sometime :)

  7. I think what you have on looks just great Ash! I LOVE that skirt AND those boots! Oh and you know I'm obsessed with ya hair!

  8. love the boots girl!

  9. I think you look cute girlie! :) I love the stripes with the dark tights! Cute headband too!

  10. You look super cute...and you are totally rocking that skirt! :)

  11. That skirt looks great on you, Ashley! I think if I wore a skirt like that it might come down to my ankles haha.

    If I wore one like it though, I'd pair it with a blouse on top that adds a little volume.... and maybe some cute booties instead of tall boots.

    Oh... and I love that headband you're wearing. (:

  12. Love this! :] What a cute outfit! I would wear a loose blouse with this outfit and then probably a cardigan, tights, heels and a skinny belt around the top of the skirt. I absolutely adore that skirt!

  13. I love this outfit. It's beautiful and so is your headband and hair!

  14. I love a good striped top like this and your little headband is adorable.

  15. You are gorgeous!!! Love this look.


  16. I looove that skirt! And hey, no embarrassment about the ghetto booty...I got one of those too!

  17. you look adorable!
    i have those boots, too, and they are seriously one of the best things i've ever bought!!! xo