Thanksgiving in Kansas City Pt. 1

Hey heyyy.
Do you like my feathers? I feel like Steven Tyler when I wear them.
They are pretty fun. Just saying.

It is time to talk about my week in Kansas City, Missouri!
We visited KC from November 18-27, 2011. Here is the first part of our KC break! And if you want to know what we did, here you go.

[1] Kathy, Tara, & I shopped at Nell Hills and I scored these three four finds. Nell Hills is a cute home furniture/decor boutique in Atchison, Missouri. They have other locations as well. Nell Hills was celebrating their 30th (I think 30th!) year in business. They gave everyone who came cute journals (the fourth find) and had a drawing for $3000 to their store! Unfortunately we didn't win the big prize haha... I really liked this store! They had great home decor at reasonable prices! I got all of this for $34 and just the tray would have been $30 anywhere else.

My souvenirs: awesome tray (not fully in the picture), reindeer ornament (or I may just leave out for decoration :)), and a cute blue candle holder! I would have bought so much more stuff but a lot of it was breakable and too big and that doesn't work out well with suitcases and flying...
[2] My newest niece, Poppy Painter got blessed at church Nov. 20th!
Poor little girl cried the whole time! Isn't she beautiful in her dress? :) After church we ate a very yummy lunch at the Painters' home to celebrate!
[3] The in-laws backyard! Gorgeous, right? I love when the leaves fall off...so magical!
I'm still waiting for Kevin to jump off the balcony with me after calling me a "Spider Monkey"
{Twilight reference fyi}
And we saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 with David & Tara Painter! It was pretty good but cheesy in some parts. I started laughing at the wolf part. Also, the honeymoon, overall, was pretty awkward. I felt like the movie followed the book pretty well so that was a success. You can't ever have a perfect movie that is based off a book so I'm not too worried about the cheesy parts.
[4] I finished reading Water for Elephants! I couldn't put the book down! It was SO good! I am dying to rent the movie now and have a movie night with Kevin! I just didn't like when August would abuse Rosie (the elephant). Elephants are my favorite animals!

Don't you love when you are reading a really good book? :) Like when you are doing something else you look forward to reading it!? I am needing to get my hands on The Hunger Games; everyone is obsessed with them and I should probably just hop on the bandwagon.
[5] Just a Thanksgiving Eve snack!
Cheese, olives, cantaloupe, and prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe!
Personally, I am not a fan of prosciutto but Kevin had it on his mission so he made it for everyone!
and...pumpernickel bread with spinach & artichoke dip!
And there you have it. At least until Thanksgiving Day with just my Instagram photos :)

I just figured out how you can follow other peoples' Instagram photos via Followgram! Lets be Instagram friends...will ya be my friend? :) Here I am!

Also, what the heck? Google is cancelling Google Friend Connect in March of 2012! Bloggers what are you planning on doing about this? Putting up RSS, Feedburner, hoping for Bloglovin', Reader to pick up? I think it is a good thing (in a way) because I think there are a ton of blogs out there with lots of followers and barely any traffic! I think it is misleading to many (including sponsors, etc.) but anyways, just a thought.
But let me know your thoughts! Have a good day!

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  1. They are only cancelling it for non-logger platforms. So if you had a typepad blog with a GFC then you would lose your followers, but since you have a blogger platform it won't change a whole lot for you.

    For me though...it makes me cautious about putting all of my eggs in the same basket.

  2. I think GFC wont make a difference for us bloggers on here, but I guess it wont make a difference for many - most followers stay connected through FB, Twitter, Bloglovin or emai subscriptions?


  3. Love following your blog! Your feathers look awesome! and Water for elephants is such a great book. Glad you read it! :) and Poppy is just simply beautiful! Glad you had fun on vaca!

  4. You'll love Water for Elephants! We read that in book club last year and everyone loved it.

  5. Love the new knick-knacks! Isn't that the best feeling when you get a good deal? And I'm drooling over those olives and proscuito cantelopes right now...a shame you don't like proscuito!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  6. I'm almost done with Water for Elephants and I love it! I cannot put it down.

  7. What a perfect weekend! :] And Poppy is adorable! Also, I love her name! And I love your feathers! You make them look goood! And apparently I need to read Water for Elephants! I've heard so many good things about it!

  8. LOVE the feather and Poppy is like my top baby girl name! And Poppy Painter? Cutest name EVER!

  9. I cannot believe you haven't read Hunger Games- get to it before March lady! You will LOVE them! I liked Water For Elephants as well. There was something magical about it!

  10. yes, you MUST read the hunger games! you read that, i read water for elephants; deal?!

  11. Water for Elephants was SO good! I need to watch the movie too....

    <3 Leney