Scenes From My iPhone

Happy Tuesday!

I am so excited to be back! I felt like I wasn't blogging! Yes I had guest posts which were awesome but I seriously kept thinking "Ah, I should blog about that" about random things as of late, but I had a bunch of awesome posts lined up... SO, now I can try to tackle them all and get caught up :) 

But then, of course, I'll be behind because...

We are going to Kansas City to see Kevin's side of the family on Friday for Thanksgiving festivities! Woohoo! So I hope for this week, that I can work on getting moved in/packed for our trip/AND...schedule some awesome posts for you all while I'm hanging out in KC, MO!

Before we delve into the details of what has been going on lately you can catch some glimpses via my beloved iPhone:

[1] I unpacked this jewel. A one-piece Bebe jumpsuit. Yes, I bought a one-piece jumpsuit! It goes into long flowy pants! I actually bought this because it was $9.99 on clearance at Bebe at the outlets in Hawaii and it reminded me of...
From Anchorman! Perfect costume, right?
Unfortunately I have not found the right occasion to wear it...maybe future outfit post, hehe? ;)
[2] Backyard scenes. Kevin and I ate breakfast out here on Saturday. It was glorious. And Katinka ran around. She LOVES the backyard!
[3] Katinka found a favorite spot to lay in our house...of course in the sun. She loves to bask in this sun spot while staring at the backyard haha!
[4] My brother, Hunter, cracked his head open at elementary school. His friend hurt his leg in PE. Hunter went to hangout with him at recess and cheer him up. They sat on a bench. Hunter tried to scoot backwards on the bench, didn't hold on, and fell back and hit his head on a cement ridge. It poured blood everywhere and kids were freaking out. My mom rushed to get him and took him to the urgent care where they gave him a bunch of staples. 
Look at how sad he looks! He'd probably not like me to post these, but they are so cute/sad that I am going to, hehe. And he is super famous. My mom and dad got tons of phone calls and emails from concerned parents. One of his best friends was bawling hysterically at school because he was so worried about Hunter that the school counselor couldn't even console him. The counselor had to call his mom and have her pick him up. And then she brought him over to see that Hunter was fine, haha. I think he likes all of the attention!!! So funny and you're lucky I'm sparing you the nasty shots of the staples and the hole in his head!
After: Head all wrapped up!
[5] I love these shoes. They are cute and even surprisingly comfy! Thanks Steve Madden.
[6] Just an afternoon in Colorado.
[7] Cupcakes my mom and I made for our friend, Heidi's baby shower. I helped throw it with another lady at church. I'd say it was a success!
[8] Pet peeve!!! Where do you get your tights? I'm so tall my toes always break through!!!
The kids in nursery thought it was funny my toes were peeking through. They tried to touch them!
Excitement for this week includes:
  • A much needed hair cut from the lovely Amy Beth, who saved my ombre hair disaster
  • A private session with the dog trainer, Chrissy, and my pup Katinka...let's say she was a wallflower, refused all types of dog treats, and hid under my chair during the last dog training session...she has some dog anxiety! Poor girl...we're working on it & Group dog training class...lets hope she gets out of her shell.
  • Packing & flying to Kansas City, Missouri!
Happy day all! Don't forget about the My Memories giveaway here!


  1. I was thinking the same thing about tights yesterday. Why do they all have holes in the feet like crazy? Might as well get leggings!

  2. I am soo jealous of your Colorado fairytale! I love it there... my husband and I came really close to moving to Durango. I am so following your blog!

  3. It sounds like you've had a busy week since moving in! I hope Hunter's head heals up quick. And the picture of Katinka in the sun is darling!

  4. What a big backyard! So jealous ;)


  5. ahhh i hate when i get holes in my tights! most of the ones i get from urban outfitters stay good though! just found your bloggy today and you are too cute! xo

  6. I love the jumpsuit. You will totally be able to pull it off.

  7. I've missed you!! Love the catch up post. :) I usually get my tights from nordstrom or anthro... but I don't have to worry about being too tall. haha! I'm jealous that you're going to MO!! I was SUPPOSED to go to St. Louis to see my sister but the rest of my fam backed out, and I'm not driving all that way by myself! (I hate flying)

  8. I love these photos! So fun! Your backyard looks AMAZING! That green grass is gorgeous! And your poor brother! That's so funny that his friends were freaking out so much. Cute! And finally, that picture of your tights is pretty funny. I get holes in my toes too but it's not because I'm tall...so I'm not really sure why it is! Love the catch-up and I can't wait to see your hair!

  9. I love your shoes! Instragram is super awesome. Those cupcakes look amazing and I'm not even a huge sweets person haha.


  10. Love your backyard! Great photos :)

  11. exciting life! hahah I WANT your backyard!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Looks like Katinka loves her new place! Glad your brother is feeling better!

  13. Oooh love your shoes! I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown boots... These might be contenders...