RIP Orem Nordstrom

Disclaimer: You may think I am ridiculous. That is okay because I am fine with it. 
Glad we have that established. But it kind of is a little ridiculous so don't judge...that much.

Did you hear Nordstrom in University Mall, Orem, Utah is closing in late February of 2012?

I found out via Stephanie's Facebook status update. Stephanie is from Stephanie & Such and I love her blog so! Anyways, she works there and is trying to figure out what her plans are once the store closes. I vote for her to come to the closest location to me!!!

It is horrible I know! I get it - I just moved out of Utah - but this location was less than 5 minutes from our last rental house. It was the Nordstrom where I fell in love with...Nordstrom!

Why? It is closing because it is the 2nd least producing volume store for Nordstrom. Basically they need more sales from more people who spend a lot of money and lets be real, there are a lot of cheap people in Provo/Orem, Utah. You get all of the college students who freak out because rent is SO much when in reality it is some of the cheapest out there! At least I knew a lot of people like this at BYU. Anyways, that is pretty much why. There are lots of articles online if you google, so look around. Also a video here. [I wish I was interviewed]

Some great memories:
Every single day during freshman year, Alexandra Sullivan & I would go to the mall and we would always hit up Nordstrom. It was actually a really bad habit, haha! We would go to class and then go shopping! That is when I fell in love. I also finally fell out of love with Abercrombie & Fitch, hehe. I wonder what the other freshman in our Helamen Halls thought of us and my friends. Always going to the mall and coming back with bags!!! Those were the days. But really I was kind of a shopaholic but no worries I didn't get in debt at all. But I just love and still LOVE to buy clothes! I guess I am a recovering addict.

Side note: Stock up on clothes -everything- before you get married because then you will have a budget haha!

Whenever my mom would come visit we would go to Nordstrom. We would spend hours in there going from department to department. Trying on swimsuits, going to the old lady department - Point of View - Savvy (I never got anything there, hecka expensive) - BP - extc... We would get a big room and try on gazillion pieces of clothing and the girls would keep trying to throw jeans and extra complementary pieces over the door as a sales tactic. No worries, I took Sales Management at BYU!

Also, I applied for a Management Internship two winters ago and got through the phone interview, met with the HR guy - Matt? - and then realized that I was going on a two week cruise during their Anniversary Sale. If that cruise was any other time it would have worked out. I also interviewed with the Accessories department and with Julie from Children's Shoes. I think if it weren't for the trip I would have ended up in Children's Shoes or in the internship...I would have been really good at that job. Lets be real. 1. I love clothes/fashion. 2. I would have a bigger budget for clothes so I would wear more stylish things and that is important when selling clothes. 3. I majored in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and I took a Sales class. I freaking love promoting products... Anyways.

When I first told Kevin the store was closing, I was telling him all the details and how shocked I was. He was like, "Wow, you really love Nordstrom. You light up whenever you talk about it. Maybe you should work there. You would love it and be good at it!" This is not shocking but I really do light up when I talk about it and walk in the store. I just love the feeling of going into stores I am obsessed with. I freak out over all of the displays, products, everything.

I am seriously considering applying to one in Boulder which is a 45 minute drive. Crazy? Maybe. Will I? Maybe? Last summer I worked for my father-in-laws company and I had to drive 30 minutes each way! I guess a lot of people commute eh? My rheumatologist lives in Denver and commutes everyday! I have a part-time job now so maybe I could go to 2-3 shifts at Nordys? Am I crazy? Haha!

Also, I have been tweeting @Nordstrom asking if they can put in a location (or the possibilities of it) in Fort Collins or Loveland, Colorado (where I am living now) and they said they will pass on my comments. I asked for an email address for someone who I can talk to about it and then someone emailed me! He gave me a list of new store openings until year 2013 and there won't be another in Colorado at least until year 2013. But I am doing what I can! I would definately be the first to apply if there ever was a store nearby. But really we need one in Northern Colorado. Fort Collins/Loveland/Windsor is growing rapidly and we just got a brand new outdoor mall - Centerra - and I could see a Nordstrom there.
1) Are you sad about the Nordstrom closing in Orem?
2) Should I apply to Nordstrom in Boulder & drive 45 minutes to work?

RIP Orem Nordstrom. You will be missed. 
I feel like I need to get out there one more time before it closes...sad.
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  1. The Nordstrom closest to me closed down recently too! I was so sad

  2. If you want to work there girl...go for it! I mean everywhere in Colorado takes a while to drive to!

  3. I say go for it if that is where your passion lies. I miss retail for the same reasons & have thought of returning back. The only thing that stops me is knowing that my nights & weekends won't be free...


  4. Why in the world would a Nordstrom ever need to shut its doors? I wish there were one closer to me, though I know my husband is happy there isn't ;)

  5. Awww. :( RIP Nordstrom. I hate it when a favorite store closes.

  6. I love your side note.... because it is SO TRUE! I used to be so stylish and fashionable and then I got married and my husband tries to give me a $30 dollar a month clothing budget. Yeah. That is like a t-shirt. Thanks husband.... I always say I look homeless. hahahaha



  7. it's so sad that they're going out of town, but lets get real. no one in UTAH COUNTY will spend the big bucks to keep them in business!!!!!

  8. REALLY?! i didnt know that!! man all these stores and businesses closing down scares me :(

  9. Good luck with your future shopping! :)

  10. BTW did you still want to continue being swap sponsors? Because I still have your button up on my blog. :) Let me know!

  11. I am never surprised by stores closing now! So sad. Thanks for sharing so we can mourn with you!! :)

  12. oh my gosh that is so depressing!! Didn't know they were closing some of them! Huge fan of Nordstrom!


  13. I live in Orem, therefore this new depresses me greatly. Where will I get my shoes? Ugh. Serious depression happening. Love your blog, just started following!


  14. I'm so sorry for their loss! I would definitely be bummed! :(

  15. that kinda sucks royally! maybe another awesome store will open up soon!