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Happy Hump Day!

First up! Stop by the blog, Ask the Duplex, here to see an "outfit post" + questionaire for all of you fashionistas written by muah! I need some advice, pretty please?! :)

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Guess what? Tomorrow is our official move date woohoo! 
And it snowed so much last night...like tons and tons...ugh. That will make for a fun move!

And here I am 2 Sunday's ago before church!
This may or may not be for that guest post I did for Ask the Duplex (here)...
it is a pretty random outfit I know, and I've been doing random lately, so yeah.
So, if you didn't already click it before, now is your chance...
So here are some of our ward's Young Men after a volleyball game against another ward.
Kevin was called to be the Young Men's Coach in our ward. He was a coach for a few months and actually got another calling...the Stake Athletic Director. This means he will be at church for a few hours every Tuesday and Wednesday evening monitoring all of the youth and adult volleyball and basketball games. This calling will be during the Fall and Winter months as that is when the seasons are. He will plan/lead coaches meetings, help train refs, etc. Because of this he will not be able to be a Young Men's Coach anymore. I know he was starting to get all buddy buddy with the guys...so he will have to get to know them a different time I guess!
Going to these games are actually pretty hilarious.
The guys are obnoxious and funny...and it is funny to see my brother play!
My brother Zach is to the left in the hat, gray shirt, and with a necklace.
And there is Kevin to the far right wearing the Royals sweatshirt, haha.
I keep seeing newborns these days!
First I see my friend Janna's girl Brynlee (here) at 4 days old...
Now my friend Laura just her girl Audra (below). She actually has 3 boys so this is her first girl!
Isn't she cute?
Some more So You Think You Can Dance pictures with the dancers!
Top: L-R- us & Caitlynn, us & Marko
Bottom: L-R- us & Jess, us & Melanie (winner of season 8!)
Read about the tour performance here
Read about the after party with backstage passes here
And this was last Wednesday, October 26...
two days after the temperature was in the high 70's and low 80's...
Gorgeous right?
The next day...Kevin goes surfing in California!
He went on a business trip there and after some meetings he went to the beach for an hour...
major climate change for him there! I do wish I could have gone to California with him...
Have an AWESOME Wednesday!


  1. Happy Wednesday to you too!
    Praying your moving day goes smoothly! :)


  2. Ashley!

    I like your outfit! Personally, I subscribe to the idea that navy, black, gray, brown and camel colors are all neutrals and can be worn together. So European!

    Plus...one of the main reasons the JCrew catalog is so fun to peruse is their use of unexpected color combos! Love the way they "don't match" !!

    So mix away!

    I really really wish I was there to help. Call me a dork, but unpacking is my FAVORITE thing to do. (although I HATE packing up) Setting up your new home will be so much fun! enjoy!

    Kevin surfing!
    Kevin stake athletic director!!
    Perfect calling for him :)

    Finally...can't wait to see you two! (i know I say that every time) Nov. 20th is Poppy's blessing and the Primary Program and you guys will be here! YAY!!

  3. Yay for moving! But look at all of that snow! I'm glasnost of our snow has melted, thank goodness. I'm so not ready for winter and very jealous of Kevin's surfing!

  4. Wow. The photograph of the snow is beautiful!

  5. I can't believe you have so much snow! And then Kevin is enjoying the sun and surf in CA. Congratulations on moving in tomorrow. We finally close tomorrow. So we're hoping to move in on Saturday!

  6. Okay, that outfit is seriously perfect. LOVE the striped shirt and boots! Perfect for the snowey weather (no, I cannot believe it snowed!) Good luck with your move!

  7. You are just TOO CUTE! Always like the way you dress! Good luck on the move. HOMEOWNERS!!! YAYYYY!!!

  8. Cute outfit! Love the boots!
    Stake Athletic Director? Awesome!
    Audra is adorable! I love that pink bow on her head!
    I'm so grateful for our good weather here in Cal. The temp is perfect these days! :)

  9. Love that striped shirt Ashley! You look adorable! :)

  10. There is nothing like going from the snow to the beach!!

  11. Cute pictures of you and Audra! I loved that decorating post too! Such cute rooms and great ideas. How's the house coming? Come visit!