Yes, that is me in 2008, haha.
I'm panicking because I just realized I may  probably lost 2 cds of pictures. Don't get me started on backing up your computers. I backed up my computer a few years ago (and of course do now) and then Best Buy deleted all of my pictures which was fine because I had backed it up...but then my external hard drive failed. It is officially broken...my family also had tons of pictures and documents on it as well. We even paid a few hundred bucks here and there to try to get it fixed but so far pictures and stuff is on there lost...

With that said, I'm panicking because I don't know where: 
1) My engagement cd: I'm not too worried about that because I feel like it was a big company and I could possibly have them send me another (if they still have it)..I feel like chances are semi-good? Photos taken spring of 2008...


2) My modeling pictures from when I modeled at Urban Talent in Utah (aka Wilhelmina Urban). Now I'm telling you I was NOT a good model BUT they are pictures you just don't want to lose! (They will be funny to look through) I went through my external hard drive and computer and the picture in this post is the ONLY one I have left! The photographer doesn't seem to have a website. I think I found him on Facebook. But he was hired from my modeling agency to take pictures and I just have a feeling that neither one of them has copies...especially the agency. Anyone heard of Mark Kidman Photography in Utah? Around SLC? We had a photo shoot around winter/spring of 2008...ehhh...

I'm freaking out!!! I HATE losing pictures with a passion. Makes me *so* mad.


  1. I hope you didn't lose them because you look so freaking HOT in that picture. I would be SO proud to show the world...and your children would be proud, too :)

  2. I'm so so sorry :(

    I pulled up my external harddrive on my husband's computer and every picture showed up as an error. I instantly began crying (this was like a week ago). Then I tried it on a different computer and everything popped up...it was justh is computer.

    I'm sure you've already tried that, but I hope something miraculous like that happens for you. If not, call your closest computer friend fast!

  3. So sorry about this, I know how overwhelming things can see when you lose something you might not be able to get back or a computer crashes...I truly hope you find them! Thank you for this post though because I do need to backup my computer again and will now do so tomorrow!

    Liesl :)

  4. awh I'm sorry :( I haven't backed up my computers but I feel like I probably should! I hope you find your stuff! But secretly, I wanna hear more about your modeling, how you got in it, did you have to pay them lots of money or anything,aka were they legit, etc

  5. i lost 300 GB of my data on my external HD too at the end of last year, and i felt like the world's end. i lost most of my photos and my college assignments file. it was totally an ugly periode of time. i wish you can save your data :P

  6. Oh my goodness! That is the worst! I really hope you can find it or find the photographer! SO so frustrating!

  7. Totally know how you feel!!! We recently backed up our computers but the external hard drive crashed and I had transferred all of my 1st borns pictures there! I lost everything from 2 months - 6 months :( THANK GOD I had just ordered my favorites from those months and put them in an album. AND I have the ones I posted to FB but it still burns me that they are "gone". Hope you find yours soon!!!!

  8. that sucks!!!!!!!!!! boo, i hope the companies still have them!!!!!

  9. I hope you can get ahold of that photographer and that he has the pictures still!

  10. Grr! That stinks! Fingers crossed you are able to get them back!!