Our house, Bella Cullen, Pearl Street, Babies, & Denver Temple!

First of all, I'm in Kansas City, Missouri for this Thanksgiving week! Party on! Next, last Friday I heard the saddest news! Nordstrom in Orem, Utah is officially closing in late February of 2012! I heard from Stephanie's status update on Twitter as she works there. I don't know why this made me so sad but it did! I am freaking obsessed with Nordstrom and that was my go to location! It was less than 5 minutes from my house and trust me I went there often! More on this tomorrow! And lastly, yes, yes, this is another catch up post -can you tell from my post title?! I uploaded these pictures from my camera and realized that I didn't blog anything about them...so changing that. Here we go.

[1] Kevin in our new house! This was the day we closed on the house, Oct. 26 & we were pretty pumped. I actually got a cold on that day so that kind of sucked...but look how excited this home owner is?
[2] The lovely Bella Cullen...is muah!!! Honestly, I look kind of gross but it was fun to dress up! Er, dress up my face...And DO NOT WORRY we put sparkles (Mac brand of course) on our cheeks and we would try to get in the "sun" or light so our cheeks would sparkle! And does anyone remember Bella's green jacket? Well the one I'm wearing is the closest I got but I feel like it isn't too bad?! Thank you Nordstrom Rack.
My mom was Esme or Alice...we just said she was another vampire haha.
[3] Mindy & I.
My mom, Mindy, and I went to Flat Irons, Broomfield, Colorado to shop around - a week or so ago - and Patrick met up with us there since he is going to school at CU. Of course the majority of our time was in Nordstrom...actually that is the only store we went to. Then we headed over to Pearl Street in Boulder to eat at The Med. The Med is a fancy Mediterranean restaurant that is pretty popular. We all had pita bread with different varieties of hummus and the more I eat Mediterranean food the less sure I am about it. Some of it is just weird and not tasty haha. So for an appetizer we ordered an artichoke and it was the whole freaking thing. It was so weird and we didn't know how to eat it!! HA! Mindy had to text her friend how to eat it lol. All in all it was a fun evening shopping at Flat Irons and hanging out at Pearl Street, although it started snowing and took us at least an extra hour to get home! The roads were so bad! Oh, and Patrick's key to his Land Rover got locked in so we had to leave it at the mall haha.
OH and I got a feather hair clip extension from Nordstrom!
I almost got a leather jacket but I didn't...so that was sad, leaving it ha.
[4] Heidi & I. A lady from our church and I threw a baby shower for Heidi. She is expecting her first child, a boy, due Dec. 29! It was really fun and my mom and I made these cupcakes. Oh, and Heidi's boy is going to have some stylish clothes!
[5] Two Saturdays ago Kevin and I went to the Denver Temple with our Ward! My dad came as my mom stayed home with Hunter as he just cracked his head open here. Anyways, it was a good time and afterwards we all met up at the Grand Luxe in Park Meadows Mall for dinner. Somehow we always eat there after we go to the temple! I can think of at least several other times! Have you been to the Grand Luxe? It reminds me of The Cheesecake Factory because of its large menu and environment. I recommend it if you are in Denver :)
 In honor of my Bella Halloween costume, I ask:
Did you see Breaking Dawn? And if so, did you love/hate it? But don't tell me any details as we have yet to see it!

We are going to see it this week! We always see the new Twilight movies in Kansas City with Tara & David. New Moon here.


  1. We haven't gotten to see Breaking Dawn either. With this series, we tend to wait a bit after opening weekend bc the theaters are less crowded & we will have less squealing teenage girls surrounding us ;)


  2. Grand Lux is my fave place to eat in Chicago. I love everything I've ever tried!

  3. Love the catch up. :) I feel like you haven't posted in forever. But it's probably because I hardly checked any blogs last week.

  4. That last picture of you two is gorgeous! And yay for the house!!!

  5. what a fun post! congrats on your house. that's very exciting! :)

  6. Love this. Totally saw it on Saturday, and the first 30 minutes had me SO embarassed for the actors and contemplating throwing my nachos at the screen, thankfully it got better. :)

  7. Your house looks so cute. I haven't seen breaking dawn yet, Im dying to see it!

  8. My husband and I saw Breaking Dawn yesterday! It was pretty good, and followed the book nicely, minus all the internal dialogue, of course. Hope you get to see it soon!
    Have fun in KC! When I was at Mizzou, KC was my preferred city to visit, over St. Louis. SO pretty!

  9. Congrats on the new house! I found your blog through Mr. Taylor and his Lady and I'm a new follower! Can't wait to read more. If you get a chance, stop by :) xo.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. We haven't seen it yet either! But I think we'll see it sometime this week! Also, I want to see your feather clip extension!!

  11. I have not seen it and will probably not see it, but your costumes are great! :) Love your kitchen btw.

  12. very cute pictures!! congrats on the house ahh I expect lots of pictures SOON! haha

  13. Can't wait to see more about your cute new house!

  14. love your costume! and your house is beautiful! I WANT! hahaha