Life After BYU Graduation

 Kevin & I at BYU Graduation, April of 2011

I have been meaning to write on this topic for awhile and now is the perfect opportunity. Kevin and I both graduated from BYU's Marriott School of Management in April of this year. Studying at one of the top 5 business schools of the nation was very stressful. My friends and I would be completing a hundred assignments at once, going to school, working, working out, and hanging out with friends and/or spouses. I remember wishing graduation would come sooner so many times.

Everyone always says to enjoy life in the moment and something I always do is look to the future. If you don't know I am a perfectionist. I always have to try my hardest and a little more in all that I do. This made school much harder than it needed to be. If I could do college over again I would try not to care as much in general but to enjoy life and just go with it. Could I re-do college and do that? No, because that is not the kind of person I am. I would spend hours studying Accounting, writing those business plans, etc. and would do that over spending time with friends. I didn't want to but I had to. That is the type of personality I have.

It was fun to graduate as I graduated with some good friends from the business school. It was also sad! We had lots of family come in for graduation which was great but it went so fast and then it was over.  I wish that I could have had some time after graduation to hang out with everyone in Provo but everyone has their own life and their new jobs so that couldn't happen.

Right after graduation we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and started our new lives there.  We love Colorado; it is very similar to Utah minus Mormons everywhere. It is mountainous, dry, not too hot or cold, and gorgeous! There is so much fun stuff to do in Colorado! We are really excited to go snowboarding soon! Oh, and I grew up in Fort Collins so I know some fun things to do and the area decently well, although, there is so much stuff to do that we haven't!

Honestly, I miss BYU and my friends so much. I miss freshman year hanging out with lots of friends, going on big group dates, etc. I miss dancing at BYU and performing in huge Christmas Around The World performances...now those were fun! I could go on about memories but I will stop now :) In ways I miss studying for hours, walking to the testing center while reviewing definitions or equations, trying to take my tests listening to kids sniffling who have colds or coughing (and getting really annoyed, lol), and then walking out of the testing center feeling great because I finished. I miss parking accross Wendys, walking on Bulldog up to the Tanner building (business building) or RB for dance classes in the cold. I miss listening to new teachers read the syllabi and getting really stressed out with all of the homework, essays, group projects we'd have to complete, haha. It is all good when you look back and think about it but in the moment I sure did not miss it.

Pretty much I miss the people and memories!

Now everyday, I wake up, get ready and make lunch, go to work, and then come home and do random things. Life is just different. I don't have a gym membership which was something I always looked forward to going in Utah but I think I may get one soon. I don't have many friends like I used to but they will come in time. But there is so much to be grateful for and Kevin and I are so blessed! We have a great ward and church callings, my family is nearby (less than 1 mile!), a home, each other, and a puppy! Life is good and always changing! You can't stay in college forever and this is how life is. You go through phases and move on...and now we are starting a new life in Colorado together!

How do you deal with change and/or moving to a "new" place?


  1. Our big adventure will be in June 2013 when Derek graduates from medical school and we move for residency! This is probably my last year teaching school so we will see what happens next in our journey!

  2. I think many of us struggle with change. It is so easy to go along with the same routines and with the same plans for our lives. However, when we are taken down a different path...it can freak us out! It's unknown and uncertain..and just plain scary sometimes. I have struggled with this a lot. Trusting God with where my life is going..that's the only way I can stay calm and not freak out! :)

  3. Hey! We miss college too! We'll hang out when we get back from vacation :)

  4. this post fits what I'm going through like a glove!!! trying to do everything perfectly always puts more pressure, trying to be the best requires sacrifice and sometimes it feels as if life is passing us by without getting to enjoy it! change is difficult but with time I have dealt with all of this craziness surrounding myself with the people I love... my goodness feeling every word of this post


  5. I appreciate that post- it was really realistic and vulnerable, and I think you addressed things we all think about. We're both graduating this spring, and my hubs will probably do a pharmacy residency somewhere outside of Utah, so I'm anxious to see what happens. But I'm sure all will work out for us, just like it's working out (even if slowly) for you!

  6. I felt this way after college too, though Rob and I spent my whole college career apart so moving in with him was 1000x more exciting than college was if that makes sense. Our big move will most likely be next May (assuming everything goes to plan) and I'm honestly pretty nervous about it! I wish you guys luck with the ongoing transition :)

  7. Best wishes for new beginnings! I graduated college 6 years ago and life just gets better every year:-) Congrats!

  8. I loved my time at BYU and miss it too. I'm also a perfectionist...and my wish for myself would be to have a little bit more fun and be more social.

    How do I deal with change...? I find new hobbies or put myself into them more. I understand what you mean though, being in college is pretty exciting :)

  9. wow good for you for working so hard in college. I graduate in a year and thinking about life after graduation makes me so nervous!

  10. Sometimes change is hard to deal with...and it takes awhile to get back into a new & comfortable groove. But you WILL get there, girl....and you will enjoy life even more than before. Trust me...I've felt the same way when my college fun ended. ;)

    Happy Week ahead, friend. xx

  11. I struggle a lot which change, mainly because I've been so blessed in each phase of my life. It's hard to grow away from a time/place/people that were so important to you. But, I love that quote "I am a piece of all I have met". I tried to remind myself to take a piece of who I was, and those around me, as I grow.