We're back in FoCo!

Thanksgiving day, my dad texted me, 
"We had a good Thanksgiving!" 
and sent me this picture of Katinka in our crock pot! 
Lol. I love her and missed her.

Last night Kevin & I arrived back home. Our Thanksgiving in Kansas City was so much fun. We had amazing food for our Thanksgiving meal and for leftovers of course. We watched a few movies, hung out, got our nails done, went shopping, got crafty and made some bracelets, etc. We saw Breaking Dawn with David & Tara Painter. In my opinion, the movie was good but I would like to say that wolf scene was hilarious. I finished reading Water for Elephants and am dying to see the movie now! Anyone know if it is at Redbox now? We also spent this past weekend in Bolivar, Missouri as Kyle (Kevin's brother) plays basketball for Southwest Baptist University. We watched two of his games and explored a huge cave...Overall, we had a nice relaxing week of hanging out with family and taking it easy. 

More to come tomorrow!

Time to unpack, put up Christmas decor, and organize our house :)
{It is still super messy/chaotic/not organized hahaha!}


  1. Looking forward to seeing pics of your Christmas decor :)


  2. ha ha ha!! I cannot get over that picture.... hilarious. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Hahaha I hope your family didn't have Katinka instead of turkey! Kidding of course :) Glad you had a good holiday and a good weekend.

  4. Love this! It sounds like your weekend was absolutely wonderful! And that picture is hilarious!

  5. Hahahaha this is priceless!

    - Sarah

  6. That picture is so funny. Glad you had a good thanksgiving!

  7. Katinka is sooooooooo cute! hhaha! WATER FOR ELEPHANTS IS AMAZING! I've only seen the movie but I LOVED IT

  8. She does not look very meaty. I don't think she'd make a good meal.

  9. Oh gosh! The pic of your pup is adorable! I loved Water for Elephants too! And I really liked the movie! Let us know what you think!