House Progress + A Haircut

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!
I promise this will be one of my last random posts for awhile! I am practically caught up and after will be able to blog about our trip that we are on as of now! Here we go!

[1] Just me & my new haircut! It is nothing crazy but a good cut. Remember when I had that ombre hair disaster here? Well, because my hair was colored 3 times in 2 weeks it was really damaged. You know it is time to call your hair stylist when you have a hair with 17 split ends (does that make sense?)! I know GROSS! Anyways, that was embarrassing to throw out there, but my hair is now cut and all good to go!
[2] Behold, Kevin's Cougar statue that was recently unpacked. Kevin got this Cougar statue at the BYU Student Athlete Graduation Luncheon (here) as all graduating athletes got them. Kevin played Baseball for BYU...those were the days :) Now this Cougar is in his office at work!
[3] Chicken Quesadillas from QDoba! Who has had QDoba and who loves it? I ate here seriously 2-3 times a week in high school and when I moved to Utah to attend BYU I couldn't. They do not have any QDobas in Utah, as far as I know? Am I wrong? I am pretty sure... 
Truth: I made a Facebook Group titled "I miss my QDoba" when I graduated high school and moved to Utah HAHAHA. And I actually had a few hundred people join it! No I didn't post or do anything but I made the group and I think it is hilarious. I wonder if it is still there...lol.
[4] Unpacked: My elephant bag from Kusadasi, Turkey! What do you think? You may already know but elephants are my favorite animal (proof here)! I should maybe blog about that cruise although it was years ago...
[5] Alas, a little house progress! Here is our walk-in closet,  mainly my clothes...
We are now working on our two upstairs bathrooms and study room! 
Slow progress but it is coming along.

Do you have any organization or storage tips? How do you store your belts? I hang mine on a hanger but I don't think it is that effective/efficient. Haha.


  1. I hang my belts on hooks in the wall. I do 2-3 per hook, super easy and they stay up! Our closet is tiny- maybe half the size of what you are showing us! FOr the most part, you just need to stay on top of it! I am tidying our closet at least once a week and I have never had to do a major "haul" of it. I do that with every aspect of my house- it's quite nice!

  2. your hair is still super long and gorgeous!!!! love it!

    and your closet - wish i had one that size!!!!

  3. Love your hair! And the closet is so big!

  4. Try a tie rack for your belts! It works wonders! And I love how organzied your closet looks!

  5. Way to organize that closet! :) I need to jump on this bandwagon real soon! Your hair looks cute!

  6. There is nothing I love more than a new haircut and fresh ends! Amazing feeling. We don't have QDoba in SoCal...it looks like Chipotle though...similar? and WOW so jealous of your walk-in closet. seems like getting dressed would be so much more fun in the mornings. xo

    Champage Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  7. your hair looks really healthy! and i love the organization of your closet great job. happy thanksgiving!

  8. I wish that I could get a haircut and still have that much hair! Your closet is super nice. I am envious.

  9. For my belts and scarves I bought a special hanger that has like 6 little branches that stick off (each is like 4 inches long). It works awesomely for the scarves but the belts tend to fall off a lot.

  10. the hair looks great!

    we have a hook on our closet wall that holds belts well.

    happy thanksgiving :)

  11. everything looks great! your cut is perfect! Really healthy looking :)

  12. Qdobas? Hmmm soudn delicious! I'm always looking for new places to try because I LOVE food so much! Too bad I live in Utah! Go cougars! Happy Thanksgiving!