Guest Post: Painting Straight Lines by Gentri Lee

Today we have the lovely Gentri from Gentri Lee showing you all how to paint amazing straight lines! In case you were wondering...Gentri and I are totally real life friends, bbf (best blog friends), and we threw the Utah Blogger Meet Up (here)! So she rocks...and she posted on my blog before here and I was her Blogger of the Week here! So enough of her and our awesome-ness bbfs...here she is!

Helllooooooooo Ashley's awesome readers! 
I'm baaaaaack!! haha! What?! You don't remember my last guest post over here- way back when?? For shame.

It's ok. I guess. As long as you read this one. :)

My name is Gentri and today I'm going to be teaching you ALL about painting straight lines. What? Boring.?
WRONG! Not boring.
Awesome actually.

A few years ago my mom and I decided my bedroom needed some updating (reeeeeaaallyyy badly). 
So this is what we came up with...
photo (10)
See those perfectly straight lines?? My sister used the same steps I'm about to teach you, to achieve these perfect lines in her family room:
tour of our home 020
Here's how you get them- Diamond Edition (these photos are from my bathroom remodel last year):

Step one-
Paint your wall(s) your lighter color (after you've primed of course). While it's drying (or before you even paint... that would be the smart thing to do) map out your wall. How thick do you want each stripe (or in this case diamond)? Measure your wall and figure out how many you are going to fit across.

Step two-
Once your (two coats) of your lighter paint color have dried- use a pencil and lightly draw on your lines. With the stripes I did in my room we just decided to have each stripe the width of the tape. So we didn't have to draw anything. Diamonds are a bit more complicated. I used a level to make sure that each line was perfectly straight.
(if you want to know the details on how to get diamonds you can find my post on that HERE)
Step three-
Tape off your stripes by placing the tape on the INSIDE of the stripes that are STAYING the lighter color. Make sense??
Step four-
This is the most important step in achieving perfectly straight lines. Paint the stripes that WILL be the darker color with the LIGHTER color again. WHAT?! You heard me! Do it again. This will seal the edges of the tape to ensure that there is ZERO bleeding!

Step five-
Once it's completely dry you can paint the darker color.

Step six-
Remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

Step seven-
Let it dry and bask in your awesomeness!
 Thank you so much for letting me join in the fun again Ashley! And thank you to everyone who read this. I hope it was helpful!


Awesome right? I already know of some walls in my house that need painting, hehe.
And the way she decorates in those photos...j-lous 
(jealous if you didn't catch on)
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  1. Yay thank you Ashley! :) I'm so glad we're BBFF!! How is the moving in going?

  2. WOW that looks amazing! I love stripes on walls!


  3. what a great idea! that looks so good and seems simple enough!
    thanks for sharing gentri!



  4. I am so doing this when I have a place to call my own. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love striped walls. they are amazing.

  6. Sloanbook and Gentri Lee - what a fabulous combination! Thanks! And this is a great tutorial.

    Love, Brooke


  7. That's so amazing......... I would need more patience!! haha! But it looks soooo cute! I LOVE the stripes... it reminds me of a Victoria's Secret bag! HAHA!

    I'd love to swap button's till Jan.
    I will go put yours up right now!

    PS: I totally had a dream about your dog.... it was dressed up in frilly pink tutu-esque clothes. HAHA totally random but I had to tell you! (:

  8. that's awesome! thanks for sharing : ] may have to incorporate this great tip sometime. i think it would be so cute in a tiny, tiny bathroom.

    just started following your blog! come say hi back if you fancy!


  9. Wow!!! I love it. I want to try to do that harlequin print.