Guest Post: DIY Gallery Wall by MissE from Made on Main

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Anyways, Meet MissE from Made on Main! She is the sweetest girl ever, as I grew up with her at church, so I really do know her! She is going to be telling us all about making your own gallery wall so enjoy!

Hey Sloanbook connoisseurs! I'm MissE from Made on Main; you may recognize me from a lovely shout-out Ashley gave me here. I've known Ashley for about ten years and I love reading her blog. Doesn't she do some of the most fun things? Anyway, I'm an architecture grad student at the University of Utah searching for my place in the art & architecture world. As I try to figure out what to do with myself after graduation, I'm playing around with any and every artistic outlet possible, including decorating my home!
One of my bridals from the lovely Tori of Shutterchic
When Ashley made her plea for home-related guests posts, I had a few great ideas in mind. Today I'm going to give you some tips on creating a gallery wall. Anytime I move into a new place I hate the look of plain walls staring at me. Gallery walls are a great way to cover lots of space without spending buckets of money on huge prints. Lots of blogs online have shown you great tips for diversifying and adding little trinkets to a gallery wall. However, if you're like me at all, you prefer a cleaner, more classic look. This is the current gallery wall sitting over my kitchen table:
I've rearranged this gallery multiple times throughout my various moves and rotating pictures through the frames. I like to follow a few key rules to make it quick and simple to hang my photos.

1 | Pick a simple, classic color scheme for frames. I stick with black (and some silver) because I know it will match 99.9% of my decorating schemes, and it seems to be the easiest color to find.

2 | Stick with a theme for pictures. In all honesty, you could probably stick any picture in your frames, but I want my gallery to have a cohesive feel, and sticking to a theme definitely helps accomplish this. This gallery only includes pictures of family. I love the idea that the home is a gathering place for our family, and since it's just my husband and I in our little duplex, photos help us keep the rest of our family close.

3 | Choose a variety of frame shapes and ornamentation. Even though I like the classic look of sticking to a simple color scheme, I need some dimensional textures to spice things up. Don't be afraid to shop for frames in random places. I have frames from the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, the thrift store, and gifts other people have given me. The money you spend on a Pottery Barn frame won't guarantee an awesome gallery wall, so don't waste your money just for a brand.

4 | Arrange frames along a loose grid. In most cases, the frames in a gallery wall will have different dimensions (which adds lots of interest), so a strict grid simply won't work. For that reason, I usually pick one major and one minor axis, and line all my pictures along those lines with a consistent border (1.5" here) between all the frames.
Notice how all the pictures look out of whack if you see them in profile? That's totally ok!  As long as they work from the front you're in business. My really fat frame in the upper right is even hiding our ghetto thermostat!
I hope this makes your gallery wall adventures a bit easier. I'm sure you all have plenty of pictures you'd love to hang and now you can! Check out my blog, Made on Main, for more fun and artistic ways to beautify your own life (and a super awesome giveaway!).

I love her gallery wall AND...I am FOR SURE making one...sometime soon, no lie! So hold me to it! I'll post about it when I make one!
So...did you like MissE?
I love her photographs and her blog and what she writes about in general!
Today is your lucky day because she is having a giveaway on her blog (HERE) & for an extra entry you can read this post (the one you just did) so go comment and try to win something- you already got an extra entry!

Also, I'll be back to blogging on Monday! I'm excited! :) I've missed writing, er posting pictures, but have needed this time badly to move in! 
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But I'll be back on Monday with another giveaway so stay tuned my friends!


  1. Wow, MissE looks like she could be your sister Ashley!

  2. You girls look alike, for real! Wow!
    I also do a frame gallery - I love the look!
    Enjoy your weekend :)


  3. I love the gallery wall! And those placemats are fantastic with all the different Ms. Hope you have a great weekend, Ashley!

  4. I love gallery walls and hers is just perfect! :] Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I would love a gallery wall! So cute! I am thinking of doing the same idea, but with a long shelf!

  6. Oh my gosh I love those place mats!! I must have some. :)

  7. you guys look like twinners!!!!!!!