A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!
 This picture is from Thanksgiving in 2009 and it is a funny version of a family picture (Kevin's side)! Do you love it? Hehe.

This Thanksgiving we are in Kansas City! Last year we stayed in little Provo here. Today I must share some things I am thankful for. I think that so many people get bogged down on what they don't have or something little that is bothering them that they don't realize how good they have it and all of the things they are blessed with! I need to always remember to be more grateful!

What I'm thankful for:
+ My husband
+ The gospel (go here!)
+ Our Savior and the Atonement
+ That Kevin was able to serve a mission in Milan, Italy
+ That Kelsi is serving a mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil
+ Temples
+ Eternal Families
+ Our house
+ Katinka and how fun she is
+ The opportunity Kevin & I had to attend Brigham Young University and graduate 
+ Our degrees. I majored in Marketing and minored in World Dance
+ Our jobs which provides an income
+ The ability to move, exercise, dance
+ Contacts/glasses for without them I'd be blind (legally think I may be)
+ Clothes to keep me warm and express myself ;)
+ Our two cars for transportation
+ Food to eat and some to spare
+ Our church callings to teach the toddlers in nursery
+ Our backyard where we have room to hang out, barbecue, and space for Katinka to run
+ Friends to spend time with and have fun
+ TV shows (Modern Family, Office, etc.) to provide entertainment, laughter and great quotes to say over and over
+ Blogging so I can document our lives
+ Friends who help us out when we have car problems, when we move, and when we need it
+ Workout classes and gyms as they inspire me to workout harder and they are also fun
+ Skype so we can talk and see Kelsi on her mission in Brazil a couple of times
+ Doctors and medicine that they can help you out when you are sick
+ Light/electricity/heat/plumbing so that we can live the way we do
+ Travel, so much!
+ Airplanes so that we can visit different places around the world quickly
& so much more

What are you thankful for? 
If you blogged about it, leave me your link in a comment; I'd love to read them!
Also, if you want you can create a DIY Thankful Board...go here!
And...who all is going Black Friday shopping? Are you planning on getting something good?


  1. today i'm really thankful for cups of hot chocolate in these rainy days (it's already raining season here in indonesia),i'm thankful for a peaceful afternoon at home and dvd!!!!

    p.s :watch out, looks like kevin's gonna eat u in the picture.haha.

    have a great day

  2. Great list! I blogged mine too. I love this holiday because it is important to remember to be grateful!

  3. Happy thanksgiving! I found you through Elise's Blog

  4. Great list!

    Did you do your mission yet, and if so, where?

  5. Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Such a good "thankful" list! Love the silly family photo