Ashley here!

How have you been liking the DIY/Home Decor guest posts? Good I hope.
Be sure to scroll down and check them out as well as stop by their blogs! 

By the way moving in, sucks. We have too much stuff and need to get rid of some.
And it is annoying when you don't know where to put things hehe :)
Anyways, we are so excited about our new house but you know, the moving thing is a pain and we still have SO much more to do...so I'm sorry I've been MIA from commenting and reading your blogs. I'm human and I can't do it all!

This is what I've been up to. 
A little before and during the move.

[1] Becoming Bella -from Twilight- for the Ward Halloween Party. I helped plan and do the party so it was legit. Okay it would have been legit regardless; our ward goes ALL out. The nursery kids weren't a fan of my face...one said "You look scary!" And then I told him I'd see him tomorrow in church hehe.
[2] Miniature wolf & Bella, because you know, she loves wolves.
[3] I carved my pumpkin so it looks like Katinka's head. Success? 
Kevin didn't think it looked like her and laughed...so he wasn't very impressed haha.
And I know, I know, I should have picked out a pumpkin with less scars.
[4] We have been having some major fog these days. I drove through intense fog a few days in a row on my way to work. Scary I tell ya. You can't see a car coming until it is right in front of you (coming from the opposite way). It also makes it hard to take a left hand turn onto a busy road when you can't see the cars until last minute...
[5] The calm before the storm; also Fort Collins is gorgeous in the Fall. 
Yes, I just hash tagged that.
[6] There is this fox that likes to hangout alongside of our driveway. Kevin and my mom love it and I dislike it. I started off-roading to scare it away but it just hid and then I saw it a few hours later. But really, this fox could seriously mess with Katinka...
Side note: Katinka looks like a little fox! Eh, what do you think? I think so!
[7] Gorgeous morning. Snowy and foggy.
The bottom picture was probably my most LIKE'd on Instagram hehe.
GORGEOUS I tell you!!! Come move here!
[8] Just my J.Crew Elephant Wellies & I. It took me forever to wipe the snow off my car this day...and in case you didn't know, wellies aren't the best for insulating your little feetsies in the winter. You should probably stick with snow boots instead of rain boots :)
I'm now wanting to get a super cute pair of snow boots from Nordstrom...yeah, right...
[9] Our Winter Wonderland.
[10] Blanket of leaves + my awesome slippers.
[11] Last but not least, take a look at this giveaway here!
You can win...
And you have until Tuesday night at midnight MST to enter!

Also, what did you do this weekend!?
You know we moved and are unpacking... :)


  1. Colorado looks beautiful in all those pictures!

  2. Wow Colorado looks so pretty in the winter!


  3. I want a pair of snow boots from Nordstrom too! I was looking at them on Saturday and I'm pretty sure that'll be my next purchase. I wish we could go shop for them together!

  4. Fabulous pics! Love the shoes and leaves! Very cute!
    Moving is a total pain! It's awful not being able to find things. And finding things you need to get rid of. But, at least it gives you the opportunity to start over fresh; and when you have everything unpacked you'll have a fresh clean beginning! :)
    We stayed close to home this weekend. Housecleaning and Costco were priorities on our list.
    Happy Monday!

  5. We had some crazy fog too. Its so scary to drive in. I love your snow boots, they are so cute. My sister in law was born and raised in CO and wants to move back SO bad. She loves everything CO. It look so pretty in the fall.

  6. You make a good Bella. Super cute.Hope the moving goes by quickly

    - Sarah

  7. Love the Bella look...cute..I'm entering the giveaway!!

  8. Cool pictures! I can't believe it is late enough in the fall for snow already! But hey it is kinda festive and fun for now so it's okay. Love the Bella look!

  9. Ah crikey it looks MEGA cold there, but OH SO BEAUTIFUL! It's the exact opposite here - nothing but blue skies, lovely warm sunshine and the inviting sounds of the ocean a stone throw away...want to trade?

  10. Beautiful pictures! And I detest driving in fog...so scary!

    Rob and I might end up in CO in six months...if so I hope we can say hello!

  11. all of this snow is making me so jealous! adore how you were bella and katinka was one of the werewolves! ha
    xo TJ

  12. I love all of these pictures! I hate moving too though! It's so much work! And figuring out where to put things isn't any fun either! I'm so excited to see pics of everything though! This weekend was spent celebrating my Father-in-law's birthday and it was wonderful! Now I'm ready for a relax and do nothing weekend!

  13. Those pictures are just gorgeous! Yes, scare that fox away (even though he does look cute)- Katinka is way more important!!!!!!!

    I spent the weekend doing fun things aka lazing about doing not very much at all. My first weekend doing that in forever. Absolutely perfect!!!

  14. Good luck finishing your move! It will be so worth it once your all settled into your CUTE home :)

  15. wow I am so glad you were Bella for your halloween party!! congrats on the big move. can't wait to see lots and lots of pictures :)

  16. I need those boots- so cute! And I can only imagine how gorgeous CO is in the fall. It is pretty here too, so i won't be too jealous:-)

  17. Love the pics!! Your halloween costumes crack me up!