Welcome October

I wish I could say I walked Katinka in the crisp cool air yesterday morning but I didn't...I wore a t-shirt and sunglasses and it was actually a bit hot... I am still waiting for this weather to cool down...and it is depressing me that it has been in the 70's and 80's this past week! I am so over shorts, t-shirts, flats, and shaving legs (lets be real now)! Bring on the leggings, boots, skinny jeans, and pea coats! I think it will come soon...I love that stuff...

Anyways, isn't that pumpkin tree the cutest thing ever? My mom, Hunter, & I went to the grocery store last night and they had little pumpkin trees! I am so confused, really... I had no clue they grew like this! Well miniature ones at least...I know they grow on the ground...regardless it is the coolest thing ever! So of course we bought one for our table!

This weekend was great. I had a wonderful weekend watching General Conference which was amazing, inspiring, and uplifting. I loved every talk and learned so much! I was excited to watch it not only because it is General Conference but because every Sunday at church we only go to 1 hour! Okay, well all 3...but the last 2 I am in the nursery with awesome, hilarious, cute 2 year olds! Way fun but you don't get to listen to 2nd and 3rd hour lessons... but it was great, and if you are curious what religion I believe in.

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I am a Mormon.

There you have it!

Also this weekend we went to a Halloween store.
It. was. epic. and. I. was. impressed. I will tell you about that tomorrow.

This past week we watched a couple of movies. I love watching movies, maybe a little bit too much. 
MOVIE JANE EYRE - CARY FUKUNAGA - MARCH 2011_6_www.lylybye.blogspot.com
We watched Jane Eyre and as soon as it was over I tried to part my hair in the middle like hers and do a weird hair-do. Oh, and I also used a blanket as a cape.  Now, Kevin and I can't stop quoting "Poor, obscure, plain and little..." It is hilarious to quote if you ask me!
We also watched The Switch which was cute! And my friends Laura and Heidi had a girls night and watched Baby Mama! They are both expecting babies and are due within a month or few.

Oh, and this Friday is the Utah Blogger Meet Up so get pumped if you are attending! :) That means I'll be in Utah this weekend since I'm helping throw it but really I am headed there for a friend's wedding! I love going to weddings! While I'm gone I'll have a few guest posters on my blog so be sure to come back and check them out! They are all GREAT!

Happy Monday!


  1. I LOVED those movies!! I was smiling about the quirky "The Switch" for days after I watched it. And Jane Eyre was so beautiful and perfectly girly. But those hair styles?!! Glad you had a good weekend and I hope you meet-up is a huge success!!

  2. That pumpin tree is adorable! And I've heard "The Switch" is so cute, definitely on my to-see list. :)

  3. The pumpkin tree is so cool! I have never seen anything like it!

  4. That IS a cute little pumpkin tree. Very fun! It's been the 70's - 80's over here to and I HATE IT. I'm so ready for the cool crispness!

    - Sarah

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Don't worry, the weather will cool down very soon! And then we'll miss the warm weather! Haha!
    Happy Monday!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend, love conference :)
    I wish I was not working on Friday so I could attend the Utah Blogger Meet up!

  7. I hear ya on wanting the weather to change! I keep wearing my fall clothes because I love them and then I end up hot and sweaty everyday. Ugh.

    Love that decoration!

    ~ Angela

  8. I know the feeling of being out of the loop from being in nursery! :) Ha ha I never had any idea what was going on.

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) I wish it were warmer here...it's getting chillier and chillier here in Maine :(

  10. That pumpkin tree is real?! I thought it was a decoration! That is super cool!!

    Also, I watched Jane Eyre a couple of weeks ago and the hairstyles are so weird! I didn't try any though. Haha.

    Finally, I am so jealous that you all get to go to the Blogger Meet-up! Haha. Someday I will get to meet all you fabulous bloggers!! :]

  11. This Friday huh? I think I'm gonna try to make it! Don't worry about the 80 degree weather. It's supposed to be 45 when you are here so bring your boots :)

  12. i LOVED the switch up...life's in session! the meet-up sounds like so much fun!

  13. Wow, never knew pumpkin trees existed! lol. It's too cute for words!