So You Think You Can Dance Tour Show - Season 8

Patrick (brother), NiKol (mom), & me

I had a blast at the So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Season 8 - show this past Monday, October 24, 2011!
I seriously can't stop thinking about how awesome it was! We got hooked up by my mom's friend, Becky. Her sister owns a dance studio in Moses Lake, Washington where Caitlynn Lawson danced at when she was younger.
Because of this connection we all got backstage passes as well as amazing 5th row seats!
Remember I talked about this random connection here?
See her dance here and here.
Anyways, my mom and I drove to Boulder to pick Patrick up from his apartment as he is attending CU. They had an extra ticket last minute so Patrick decided to come. We then met Becky, her daughters, and their friends at The Dark Horse restaurant. The Dark Horse is a pretty random burger restaurant or should I say saloon in Boulder, haha. After that we drove quickly to the 1st Banks Center in Broomfield, Colorado for the show!
My mom & I waiting at will call for our tickets...
Becky actually had 17 people hooked up with our sweet deal so it was one big group!
We entered the building and sat down at some amazing 5th row seats to the left of the stage. We were so close we could see the dancers really well. Don't worry I took over 150 photos/videos...no lie. Most pictures were blurry due to my ancient point and shoot camera in combination with the crazy stage lighting. This made it a lot easier to choose a few - or more - pictures for this post. Oh and by the way, I'm making a second post for this event for when we went backstage and met all of the dancers! I could not combine this! And yes...I met THEM ALL!  Okay I didn't meet Mitchell as he was injured and not in this performance...
but I met the top 9 plus Missy & Nick who were the first eliminated from the show...
more on that tomorrow!
Here are some of the clearest photos I took, just so you can see what it was like :)
Caitlynn & Ricky
Jess & Clarice
Yes when I met him I told him he has mad hops/leaps.
Melanie & Jess
Tadd & Caitlynn
Tadd performing his solo.
Yes he came in wearing a shirt and yes he ripped it off.
Man he sure is a crowd pleaser! He is just so funny!
Ricky & Caitlynn
I still can't stop thinking about this performance. It was amazing and I am so grateful I was able to attend! I originally asked my mom if she wanted to go months ago, but she didn't think she could because she is on the waiting list to have hip surgery...which she still is waiting...but then we got the offer for this performance a couple of weeks ago and decided to go! I am so glad!
Attending this performance makes me miss dance so much! I wish I could keep dancing but I already did the whole team and competition thing when I was younger and then a team with performances at BYU...
It just makes me want to get out there and take some modern and jazz classes and get into clogging again!
I don't know if I'll be able to. It is a great idea though.
At least I went to Zumba yesterday and danced my heart out.
And the Zumba instructor went to the tour show as well :)

So you think you can dance...

AND...the after party with the So You Think You Can Dance dancers will be posted tomorrow! :) Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like a blast! Concerts/shows are so much fun! You can tell from you photos you were super close! I'm a dancer too and I know the energy in that room was probably AMAZING!

  2. i am TOTALLY jealous that you got to go!!!!!! i LOVE that show but don't get to watch it now that we're in the UK :( such a HUGE bummer :(

  3. So jealous you got to meet & greet with the dancers! I loved that season. I also danced all through my childhood & I miss it so much...whenever I watch dance shows or movies, it kinda gets me sad bc it was such a passion of mine! But taking Zumba classes gets me in it again so I am ok ;)


  4. Okay that looks like so much freakin FUN!

  5. So JEALOUS!! Can't wait to see the after party.

  6. Soooo awesome! I'm glad you had fun! These pictures are so great. SYTYCD never disappoints.

    - Sarah

  7. So Jealous! I LOVE SYTYCD!! thats awesome you could go.

  8. Oh my goodness this is awesome!! :) Someday I will go to one of these! Until then I will have to dance my heart out at Zumba as well! Haha.

  9. What an amazing experience! I'm in awe of all the things those dancers can do!

  10. I would have LOVED to see Melanie. Too fun. Last year the all stars performed too- did they not this year?

  11. I absolutely love seeing dance. It's such a beautiful art. Those kids sure are talented. I look forward to the backstage post too.

    PS Zumba is so much fun!!!!

  12. That's so awesome!!! :) I love SYTYCD!!!

  13. How fun! I loved this season! (Although I was bummed Sasha made it so far over other people I liked more... she just bugged me!)

  14. Aaaah! How AWESOME is this? LOVE the pictures. I'm a little jealous, wish I could've gone :)

  15. No way!!! What a cool experience!! Both you and your mom are GORGEOUS!!!