So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Season 8 - After Party

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Last Monday, October 24, 2011, my mom, Patrick (my bro), & I attended the So You Think You Can Dance Tour performance at the 1st Banks Center in Broomfield, Colorado. 
Read up on it here
Afterwards we used our backstage passes to attend the After Party! 

Meet the Top 10
So You Think You Can Dance dancers!

Jess LeProtto - Top 8
Jess was the Broadway dancer.  He was such a nice guy and an incredible dancer! He is a total sweetie, if that sounds weird, I'm sorry, he was super sweet and a good people person.
Some of Becky's friends who came to the show with us. 
Becky was my mom's friend who hooked us up with tickets!
Morgan, the girl on the right, was on True Life - I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and on a MTV TV show House of Jazmin...anyone seen her on TV? She is sooo cute and sweet! Now I am wanting to watch those haha.
Unfortunately this is an awkward picture.
Melanie Moore - Winner of Season 8!
Melanie was an amazing dancer and was the sweetest! She also had the cutest outfit ever.
Another awkward picture, hehe. I had a short photographer!
Marko Germar - 3rd Place
Marko was the contemporary jazz dancer. He was super nice!
Tadd Guadduang - 4th Place
Tadd was the B-boy dancer. He was a crowd pleaser and everyone seemed to be obsessed with him! He also took his shirt off and faked a throw into the audience and then didn't let go...everyone started screaming as he was about to throw it...and then he didn't. It was pretty funny. In person I thought he was a little awkward. I think he just does weird faces in all of his photos because he doesn't know what else to do haha. 
Fact: He is dating Caitlynn Lawson. We may have very legitimate sources. Shhh...
Ricky Jaime - Top 6
Ricky was a contemporary dancer. When he leaps he gets so much height it is amazing... so I told him he has mad hops and leaps, as he does. And he laughed...super nice! And he is pretty skinny ha.
 Sasha Mallory - Runner Up
Sasha was the African Jazz dancer. She kind of annoyed me during the show...she got way too much air time and same with her sister. I surprisingly enjoyed her dancing a lot more at the tour because they weren't showing her and talking to her, basically not showing her personality, haha. She did have an insane solo at the tour that is for sure. Anyways, I think she was the most standoff-ish of all the dancers. She didn't seem to really want to talk. But whatever, she is an incredible dancer!
Clarice Ordaz - Top 10
Clarice is very gorgeous and sweet! She seemed to be a little soft spoken and I think that one could see that from watching her on TV. I talked to her for a bit, she's awesome! And she had the cutest pink peep toe shoes with little bows on them...I think she said they were Steve Madden.
Caitlynn Lawson - Top 6
Caitlynn was the one that pretty much got us hooked up with these tickets! If my mom's friends' sister didn't own the studio she danced at...well, I'm positive we wouldn't have gotten the backstage passes or probably wouldn't have even gone to the show. We were supposed to get hooked up with 'Team Caitlynn' shirts but they were in Utah and couldn't get them in time! We told her all of this and she was just so dang nice and sweet. I feel like I am saying that about all of them but really they all were!
Nick Young - Top 20
Nick was the tap dancer. I am still a little confused why the Top 20 (him & Missy) performed but I am thinking that the remaining 11-20 dancers get an opportunity to perform in a few shows!
I thought about clogging for him but then decided to just asked if he clogged. He said he never had. And then I said I know how to clog but I've never tapped...heh.
By the way, if you didn't know...I grew up clogging. Proof here.
I told him his tap solo was sick; it really was. I think watching it in person was more exciting than on TV. I always get really bored of tappers on SYTYCD and actually root against them...but maybe I should embrace them because that is the closest thing to clogging. And that is my forte.
Jordan Casanova - Top 8
Jordan was way cute and funny and had a super cute outfit. She was that 'sexy' dancer haha. She was amazing though and was really talkative!
Missy Morelli - Top 20
She was the other 'sexy' dancer...do you remember her? 
She is from Arvada, Colorado - which is basically Denver - so she had a lot of fans cheering for her at the show! My brother, Patrick, has a dancer friend who is from Arvada who actually was a back up dancer on Dancing With The Stars last week. He asked her if she knew him and she does, really well, so random connection!
There you have it! I met all of the top 10 dancers except for Mitchell because he had an injury and was out for the show. It was so much fun meeting them. I was surprised it wasn't weird or awkward but was very comfortable. Like maybe too comfortable haha. I think I should have asked some thoughtful questions to get to know them and their experience better; i.e. about life on a tour bus, how long they have danced, what it was like to hang out with Cat Deeley, or be put on the 'Hot Tamale Train' by Mary Murphy...but I was like "Oh you are amazing! You are so fun to watch! You did great!" Hehe. So original and I'm sure that is what everyone says.


  1. Super fun! Your Mom has some sweet connections! Enjoy Halloween at your new house! :) We just have chili for dinner and then wait and see if any kidlets drop by. We didn't have any last year... :(

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    gIvEaWaY! southernpinky.blogspot.com

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