Perfect Timing

So I promised a super awesome post today on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour After Party...but I am breaking my promise! 
See the tour recap here
But to make up for it...you can see us with Tadd above.
He is such a crowd pleaser, hilarious, and an outstanding performer!
Why am I a promise breaker? I am sick and don't feel up to it...sorry!
I woke up with a sore throat yesterday...sucky. Went to work.
Ate lunch at Cafe Athens for a celebratory lunch...
As we went to our walk through and closed on our home yesterday!
We officially have joined the home owners and debt club!
Headed home...I felt sicker and sicker. I took Emergen-C. I hope it works miracles soon.
I made evites for a friends baby shower, woohoo Heidi!
Kevin and I had big plans to party in our new empty house...

*Don't miss my other guest post on Denise's blog here & feature on Tani's blog here!
*Be sure to check back tomorrow for a DIY post to kick-off a little series I will have while we will be busy moving into our new home! I promise it is a good one :)
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*Ohhh...and sorry if I haven't replied to some of your comments and emails! Life has gotten crazy and now to top it off I am sick! I have received some guest posts and inquiries about ad swaps and I will be getting back to you as soon as I can! SORRY again!


  1. Hope you feel better quick!

    Congrats on closing!

  2. I am loving these SYTYCD tour posts :)


  3. So so jealous! Have fun!

  4. Get well soon! Excited for the DIY pots! :)

  5. Hops you feel better soon! Congrats on owning your own home! You will love it! :)

  6. You need to feel better, friend! Moving and being sick do NOT mix! Love that picture of Tadd, what a silly guy.