October Weekends: Random Things + SYTYCD Tour Performance tonight!

Happy Monday!
This weekend (+ last weekend) was a lot of fun and a little bit crazy! 

It consisted of:
+ Flu Shots for both Kevin & I. Not necessarily fun but funner than getting the flu and a check off my 'To-Do' List :)
+ Shopping with my mom at Banana Republic and White House Black Market :) 
+ Yummy food at Spoons, Palomino, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Sunday crock-pot meal
Here we are at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Their little cheeseburger 'slammers' are sure tasty.
+ Watching BYU Football games and tweeting about it using hash tag #BYUGAME to possibly get on TV...Kevin and my brother Zach got on...unfortunately my dad and I didn't. It was so lame ha.
Here is one of Kevin's now famous tweet! :)
+ Attempting to "thrift" furniture for our new home...my friend Emily and I went to a few flea markets and consignment shops for random home decor/furniture and I'm not sure I'm into that whole thing, haha...I saw a cool white mirror but I think it will take some effort to get into it...but I want to...so hopefully I'll find some sweet deals in the future and be okay with it, since it is cheaper :) Oh and our dogs had a little meet up!
Katinka & Copper
+ Playing tennis with Kevin in a tank top in October! Don't know why it is still so hot here...
+ Watching Up All Night. This week's episode was pretty funny!
+ Attending a haunted corn maze and picking pumpkins (coming tomorrow!)
+ Signing up Katinka for Beginning Training classes at Petsmart (so excited)!
I signed Katinka up for beginner dog training classes because:
1) She is scared of some people and dogs (she has been attacked) and I want her to feel comfortable around visitors, friends, our future babies, other dogs, etc...and need to socialize her more.
2) We have lived in around 5 different places since getting her a couple of years ago...crazy right? So she is confused with her potty training. She was really good last year but I want to really get her potty training skills and routine down for when we move into our new home :) I am in the process of training her to ring a bell when she needs to go potty outside! So far she touches the bell for a treat. She rocks.
3) I've always wanted to take her to classes because I think they are very helpful and the trainer got us a good deal on them! They are also so nice and helpful! I met with the trainer Friday night, for free (would normally have to pay) and we talked for 1.5 hours about lots of great things :)

Has anyone been to a So You Think You Can Dance Tour performance?
My mom and I are going to one tonight and we have backstage passes so we will probably be able to meet the dancers from last season! I am so excited because I am obsessed with dance and the show So You Think You Can Dance in general - proof here. I hope I can meet Caitlynn Lawson (see her dances here and here)!


  1. What a fun weekend! My husband & I are huge SYTYCD fans...have fun tonight!!!


  2. Sounds really fun! Enjoy the concert, I'm sure it will be amazing! :)

  3. um, that is crazy awesome kevin's tweet made it on tv! sorry yours didn't ashley. bummer. :(
    can't wait to see more amazing pics of the corn maze and picking pumpkins! hooray! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Up All Night is hilarious. Have fun at the performace tonight!

  5. Sounds like such a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about the corn maze/ pumpkin patch and sytycd! You'll get into thrifting furniture (I can thrift furniture. I just struggle w clothes) just always look at an item for what it COULd become. Not what it is. A coat of white paint can do WONDERS! Also try to think of the style you want to go for. :)

  6. What a fun, busy weekend!
    Aaah I'm so jealous of your SYTYCD performance tonight! You're going to have a BLAST!

  7. Have so much fun at SYTYCD. How fun you get to go with your ma to meet the dancers! xo ash

  8. First off Ash, your scarf is sooooo cute! I am kind of scarf obsessed this time of year. 2ND.. I am so jealous how fun that you get to go to SYTYCD!! Every time I watch it I crave to dance and choreograph again. I can't wait to hear all about it. Have a wonderful time.


  9. I love that show, but haven't been to their performance, but it was so fun!

  10. So I am SOOOO jealous and excited about you going to the SYTYCD tour! I would love to go! I went to the one when Legacy,Lacey. Twitch, Comfort, etc were on the show. It was awesome. You are going to have a blast!

    - Sarah

  11. Sounds like a busy weekend! :) Good luck with the obedience classes!

  12. My husband was trying to tweet in too, but he didn't make it haha. Thanks for becoming a follower!

  13. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I haven't been to see the SYTYCD tour but I would love to go see it!

  14. I loved Caitlyn from SYTYCD- you are going to have so much fun, I am so jealous you have backstage passes!

    Now I am craving Buffalo Wild Wings...:-(

  15. sounds like a great weekend. my sister is COMPLETELY obsessed with so you think you can dance. she's gone to ever tour. have fun!!
    xo TJ

  16. Have a blast tonight! You had such a productive weekend that I got exhausted just reading that post! Can't wait to hear all about to tonight!

  17. You guys are so cute. Glad you had a great weekend! xo

  18. Everything included is absolutely perfect! I heart happy weekends!!

    I've not seen a SYTYCD tour performance, but I did see Anya and Pasha (remember them?) in Burn the Floor...and it was AMAZING!

  19. i am a big SYTYCD fan but not a see-it-live fan. (I'm a big fan of Robert from last season and the winner of this season - eek, I forgot her name!) I never go to those types of things. you'll have to tell us how it went.

  20. sounds like such a fun weekend!!! have fun tonight. I am jealous!

  21. I love that show but unfortunately I can't make it to go there..

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  22. I love that show but unfortunately I can't make it to go there..

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  23. I literally just got home from a class all about dog training!! Let me know how it goes! I think it'll be very good for her, to try and get her confidence back up. I always feel so bad for little dogs that get attacked because you can't explain to them that it was just a one off incident.

    SYTYCD!!! I love that show although I honestly haven't watched it for ages, the last one I watched was where Sabra (is that even her name?!) won. It's on at a really weird time over here. I'm sure you had a fab time.

  24. these photos are darling! ashley how do you do your make-up? do you have a tutorial here on your blog?? i would love to know it is gorgeous whatever you do!

  25. What a fun weekend! :] I love the dog meet-up! Haha. Also, Up All Night is such a funny show! I love it!!