Life via Instagram

Because Instagram is just so dang awesome.
First up Utah trip...
Top: L-R: Chantell & I Saturday night (I spent the night at her apartment- love/miss that girl), good ol' University Mall sign. I love that mall, especially Nordstrom. I loved how it was only 5 minutes away from the last place we lived and somehow I always ended up there.
Bottom: L-R: Utah & BYU Snapbacks that were giveaway prizes at the Utah Blogger Meet Up
{Winners: Utah to Kelsey & BYU to Hayley}
and...The Cocoa Bean cupcake 'Better Than Whatever' thanks to McKinley!

Prior posts on this trip: 
L-R: My new wedding band and... yep, my band!!! 
So these pictures are a little familiar from here.
L-R: Miss Katinka & Miss Katinka with her tongue out (don't know how I managed to get that shot :))
Just a reminder that she is the cutest little thing ever. 
And she will love our new backyard at our new house! :)
L-R: Mom's bomb.com beef stroganoff & my bro, Hunter sleeping in his NEW high tops! 
He was so excited about them he had to sleep in them....hehe.
L-R: The coolest mountain in Wyoming on our drive back from Utah to Colorado & Radiation fog! 
Okay extreme fog that was SO hard to drive in on the way to work the other day...
I know it is radiation fog because of my weather girl Kristy :)

That is the last week or so via Instagram. 
Random I know.

*Anyone heard of the So You Think You Can Dance Tour? WELL guess who has backstage passes to the tour in Denver on MONDAY?! Yep, my mom and I and a few other people :)

*Calling all workout-aholics! 
1) What are the best headphones for running? I would prefer ear-buds but I guess I need to weigh my options! I had a pair that just always fell out...they were old and kind of breaking so I just thew them away the other day at the gym. Any good recommendations?
2) Best protein drink/shake for after working out?
Side note: Kevin & I have a gym membership for a month because of a sweet Livingsocial deal. $24 for 2 people for a month! It is amazing. I already went to Pilates and Zumba this week!

*And last but not least, don't forget to check out my makeup bag review from June.The Shop here! There is a discount code for 15% off any item from Tara's adorable shop! Check it ladies! She just put new chevron prints in there that are adorable!!!


  1. Your instagram pictures are great!! I somehow always forget about it until days later then I upload my pictures… I need to get better at this.

    Your wedding band is so pretty!! :)

  2. I love instagram! Will you let me know if you get any good headphone suggestions? I'm in the same boat. Mine always fall out when I run. Annoyyingggg.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! The wedding band is gorgeous! I'm trying to get my hubby to add another one onto mine and I would like it in rose gold! I just got the new iphone 4s and downloaded instagram but I have no idea how to use it yet! :)

  4. I like Skull Candy headphones.

    Love all the pictures! That fog looks crazy!

  5. tooo funny about sleeping in his shoes! love it. :)
    pretty wedding band girl!
    i'm following! (it's a-bout time for me to! lol)

    GIVEAWAY at my place: southernpinky.blogspot.com

  6. I love Instagram! That cupcake looks divine... I miss Rexburg and the Cocoa Bean!

  7. Your new band is so pretty...and I really want a cupcake now!

  8. I also love Instagram!
    I'm following your blog, would you please follow mine as well?:)


  9. OH.MY.GOSH. Backstage passes to SYTYCD??? You lucky girl! I went last year and was SO mad because usually the dancers come out so the fans can meet them, but they DIDN'T for some reason. I am still so mad! I can't wait to see pictures!

  10. i need to look into instagram! i love how the pictures look! my earphones suck so i can't help you..good luck!

  11. so how did you get the backstage passes lucky one??

  12. okay. seriously 1. i LOVE my hat. represent. 2. instagram? i can't get over it. my current obsession. i loved meeting you at the blogger party so happy we are friends :)

  13. Nice pictures :) Glad you guys have been having fun :)

  14. What a fun, newsy post! Oh, I wish I had instagram, photos always look 101019383492 times cooler with instagram. Katinka is precious! And that cupcak looks yummy indeed. Looks like you had a great time with your friend.

  15. I LOVE instagram. And I love this review of your week. Also, I'm jealous that you are going to see some STYTCD! I can't wait to hear about it!