Halloween Excitement + Utah Vacation

BYU friends- Fall 2008- Brady, Shayla, Alexandra, me...hopefully I'll see some of them on this trip :)

Anyways, for some reason I am more excited for Halloween this year! 
I think part of it is that I have time! I am not attending 6 classes at BYU and working insane amounts of hours! So this means I will have time for pumpkin carving, corn maze wandering, and decorating!

Who is a fan of spooky spiders?
Well, I am sad to say that this one is REAL!
Let me tell you about this freaky little bugger. I was working out doing P90X when I realized that I was starving! I could not workout starving like this! So I decided to run up the stairs to grab a bite to eat. As I was running I saw this spider and moved my foot last minute to not squish it! Yep, I almost landed on this huge thing! I screamed and yelled there is a big spider and it may be poisonous (a bit dramatic, much?) My mom and brother came down and we were all staring at it. Hunter, my youngest brother, caught it and put it in a Tupperware container.  Then my mom went on Google and started trying to identify it. NO THANK YOU! I will not look at countless spiders on the web. (This was all last week) Now today, we had a bug guy come and he said that it was not poisonous so that is good but OH MY GOSH it is huge!

Moving on...
Let me tell you about the coolest Halloween store in Fort Collins...
It is called...Halloween.
Original I know.
My mom, Hunter, and I walked in it last Saturday and they had Harry Potter music blaring loudly! It totally got me in the mood for Halloween. From this store pumping me up, I decided this year Kevin and I are going to go ALL OUT. I don't know what we will dress up as but it will be good! Unfortunately Kevin will be out of town in CA for a business trip during our ward and work Halloween party...but Halloween night will do!

Here are some of our my ideas:

+ Edward & Bella from Twilight
Kevin is not a fan of this... but I am obviously.

+ Vampires
In general, I want to paint my face white. Okay white-er than it is!

+ Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleeker
Kevin will be out of town for the ward Halloween party so I probably should not be Juno haha. We both have to be together if we dress up like this. And no worries, I would for sure get a huge Sunny D.  Oh, and I am not sure if a knocked up teenager is a good idea for a family friend church activity. But...trust me, it could be worse haha. And it'd be freaking awesome.

+ Avatar(s)
The outfits are a little form fitting (not family friendly? Eh, who cares?) but it would be fun to get all into the makeup and hair! I saw these costumes at the Halloween store! And this was Kevin's idea before.

+ The Royal Couple!
Only problem is the attire. Where in the world do you get outfits like that? So pretty much not possible...but apparently people think Kevin looks like Prince William, or at least the Italians did when he lived there on his mission... see the resemblance? So that is one thing we have going for us. Me, well I don't look like her...

Last year, we were nerds. Cheap but not feeling like a nerd again.
Oh, and I was Dora too, from Dora the Explorer.

And it freaking rocks that we live next to a corn maze. I was walking Katinka a couple of nights ago and we heard chain saws and screaming! I will be going to that haunted corn maze for sure!

AND...tomorrow we will be headed to Utah for a friend's wedding!

That means:
1 Wedding & Reception
3 amazing guest posters
1 Utah Blogger Meet Up
Reuniting with friends!!! Hopefully I'll see some of these girls...
BYU friends- Fall 2008- Brady, me, Nikki, Chantell
(also 1st pic above)

What are you going to be for Halloween? 


  1. Dane will be Jack. I will be Jill. And Kalei will be a pale of water. I am so excited! I don't like Halloween as much as you and get freaked out with all the gore, but I do love getting dressed up and eating candy. Last year we were alladin, jasmine and abu and every house thought I was 16. So fun! Can't wait to put up decorations.

  2. Hahahaha!!! Living next to a corn maze must provide the sounds of Halloween all month long. :) and those are awesome costume ideas! I think you guys would look awesome as twilight or the royal couple. You could definitely pull off Kate Middleton! If you coulnt find their wedding attire (or something similar of course) you could always look for a similar dress to her famous blue engagement dress and large black fascinator. :)

  3. oh your agenda looks like so much fun. I am excited for Halloween too!! I am passing out my son's Halloween/Birthday invites today. We haven't got our costumes yet, but we will. And the wedding sounds fantastic.
    Have a great week.

  4. I think I'm going to do my FIRST corn maze this year! I'm excited! As for costumes, we haven't settled yet, but we're thinking maybe Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. The only problem is making it obvious that we're specific characters and not just a generic cowboy and cowgirl. We'll really have to play up the pull strings coming out of our backs! :)

  5. The royal couple! Definitely the royal couple. You totally look like Kate too! I'm excited for Halloween this year as well. We are going as the Leg Lamp, the Fragile box, and my baby will be the Pink Nightmare from A Christmas Story. I'm super excited.

    - Sarah

  6. You have got to be freaking kidding me about that spider..... I WOULD HAVE FAINTED WITH FEAR!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! I didn't think Colorado had spiders like that??! It looks hairy like a tarantula or something??!!! Ugh! I wish I could go to the blogger party, but my hubby has a work party we have to go to. Bummer :(

  8. all of these costumes are just perfect. and oh my gosh...no WAY that spider is real! ridiculous!!!
    xo TJ

  9. I LOVE this time of year too. I dress up every year mostly because the kids like it. I like all your ideas! James won't dress up with--I made him last year, but it was like pulling teeth!

  10. You have so many good costume ideas! We are still trying to figure out what to be...it's so hard! Haha. And your weekend sounds like it will be awesome! I can't wait to hear about it. :]

  11. Eeek! Looks like fun...except for that spider!

  12. i wanted to be raggedy ann but have yet to find a costume hehe :)

  13. I need Halloween costume ideas for my husband and I as well! :)

  14. Oh, I vote the royal couple!!! That would be so cute!

  15. Looking at the pic of the spider just freaks me out...glad to hear it wasn't poisonous. I probably would have been all dramatic myself I had almost stepped on it.


  16. omg. That is one super scary spider!!!!!! It looks furry. YIKES.

    I love October activities...and I heart Halloween! I haven't thought about dressing up this year...but guess what Hudson is: A SPIDER! :)

  17. SO jealous of your meet up! Wish I could attend!

  18. AH I love your ideas :) I think the royal couple would be awesome! And original! I love it! :) good luck!! And hopefully my guest post got all squared away! sorry i was running out the door when you messaged me! please still be my friend! :D