Corn Mazes & Chain Saws

First off, check out my guest post on Denise's blog, That Girl Denise here! It is all about one of my favorite vacations...our 2 week Scandinavian cruise! Ready go!
Now on to the corn maze!

October 21, 2011
Hunter & me
Kevin & me
The family minus Kev.
L - R: NiKol (mom), Zach, David (dad- behind), Hunter (below), & me
Last Friday, after a yummy dinner at Spoons, we hit up the local haunted corn maze by Something From the Farm! Yes this is an extension of this post. I am kind of a fan of haunted houses, corn mazes, and all fall festivities. With that said, I was really excited to go through this corn maze! Yes, this is the corn maze that is nearby our house and the one I can hear when I walk Katinka at night. How do I hear this corn maze? Well I hear chain saws and screaming, every weekend night. And I love it.
So spooky. And awesome.
Anyways, we get there and wait in line for awhile. These two girls in 8th grade asked me if they could go through the maze with our family because one of the girls was really scared. They didn't want to go through the maze just themselves so of course, I said yes. They were cute and funny.
We venture into the maze and immediately my brother Hunter starts freaking out, haha. He made it through so that was good. I have been through corn mazes before but this one was definitely scarier! I'm not saying I was freaked out because I wasn't really but it was scarier than most.
We climbed a really tall ladder and went down a slide with - of course - scary people waiting to freak us out. We also had to climb a tall ladder and go down a fire-mans pole. And I SUCKED at that. I seriously don't know how to do them haha. We also had to crawl through this building and there were holes in it so hands would come in and try to freak us out. Lastly, we were distracted by walking through this walkway with spooky things to the sides when bam, our floor gave out and wasn't a dirt path anymore but a mattress! That was definitely not expected and pretty awesome. I turned around and saw Kevin running through the mattress and it was hilarious. Maybe you had to be there but I like to make fun of him for that because I say he looked scared (although I knew he wasn't) and was running so fast to get out of there!

We also picked out pumpkins but I didn't manage to get any pictures...

Have you been to a haunted corn maze or haunted house? What was it like? 


  1. For about the last 4 years, I've always gone to Halloween Haunt (at Wonderland, which is a huge theme park), and the majority of the park gets turned into a huge scary world. Tonnes of scary zombies, dead people etc walking around. Most of the rides are still open, and there's about 10 or so mazes that all have different themes. My heart is racing from the second I walk into that park until I leave and am safe. I'm literally screaming the whole time and running my ass off away from people following me. Sad to say this is the first year I can't make it :(:(

  2. I am such a baby when it comes to scary things! At Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, they have an event every year called "Halloween Horror Nights" & basically the entire park is made into a scary zone. I have only been twice. Screamed my brains out! Haha!


  3. Me and my boyfriend went to a cornmaze this past sunday and it was pretty lame. it wasn't haunted, and the corn wasn't more than 4 ft tall. it was more of a kiddy thing. i really want to go to a haunted house though! i love scary things :)


  4. That sounds like a very fun, but scary haunted maze! I usually don't like the haunted mazes, just the regular ones.

  5. Hahaha! Wow! That is an over the top haunted maze! I hate things like that because I'm a baby. But I may go to that one... Haha!

  6. I love Halloween but I am a wimp. I have not watched an of the Paranormal Activity movies and I would not go in a corn maze or haunted house. haha Weird thing is I am so into the Ghost Adventures show that I would rather go to a real haunted hotel or town just to take a peek if it... during the day though. haha

  7. Cornmazes can be boring... But haunted cornmazes are too scary! I wish there was an in-between! haha!


  8. ok so i've never been. but i've heard tons of stories and i think i'll get up the gumption to try it... ONE... day. who knows when that will be. ;)
    family is fun!

  9. I have never been to a haunted house or corn maze! I need to go though because I have been hearing so many awesome things about them in Blogland! :]

  10. Looks like a fun time and I LOVE your scarf! Very pretty. I shared your blog on mine today... spreading the blogger love!

  11. This is so cute! This is my first year in a long time not going to a haunted house. My husbands old roommates used to turn their house into a haunted house in Provo and it was a hit! I miss that this year.


  12. terrible terrible terrible. You may have just inspired my next blog post.

  13. Just reading that made me pee my pants a little!!!!!! Crawling through a tunnel and people GRAB YOU?!?!?!? I would die! Just die!!!!!

    You are so super brave.

  14. I haven't been to a corn maze in years! We got to go to a haunted house this year that was pretty awesome, though! I actually found it on Groupon, so we got half off. It was pretty scary and my hubby had fun messing with the other patrons ;)

  15. That sounds like fun and I am usually up for suspense but for some reason chainsaws really bother me! I love that they had slides and stuff!