So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Season 8 - After Party

1. Happy Howl-o-ween! We are going to a Halloween dinner at a friends' house and then probably passing out candy at our new casa. :) What are you doing?
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Last Monday, October 24, 2011, my mom, Patrick (my bro), & I attended the So You Think You Can Dance Tour performance at the 1st Banks Center in Broomfield, Colorado. 
Read up on it here
Afterwards we used our backstage passes to attend the After Party! 

Meet the Top 10
So You Think You Can Dance dancers!

Jess LeProtto - Top 8
Jess was the Broadway dancer.  He was such a nice guy and an incredible dancer! He is a total sweetie, if that sounds weird, I'm sorry, he was super sweet and a good people person.
Some of Becky's friends who came to the show with us. 
Becky was my mom's friend who hooked us up with tickets!
Morgan, the girl on the right, was on True Life - I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and on a MTV TV show House of Jazmin...anyone seen her on TV? She is sooo cute and sweet! Now I am wanting to watch those haha.
Unfortunately this is an awkward picture.
Melanie Moore - Winner of Season 8!
Melanie was an amazing dancer and was the sweetest! She also had the cutest outfit ever.
Another awkward picture, hehe. I had a short photographer!
Marko Germar - 3rd Place
Marko was the contemporary jazz dancer. He was super nice!
Tadd Guadduang - 4th Place
Tadd was the B-boy dancer. He was a crowd pleaser and everyone seemed to be obsessed with him! He also took his shirt off and faked a throw into the audience and then didn't let go...everyone started screaming as he was about to throw it...and then he didn't. It was pretty funny. In person I thought he was a little awkward. I think he just does weird faces in all of his photos because he doesn't know what else to do haha. 
Fact: He is dating Caitlynn Lawson. We may have very legitimate sources. Shhh...
Ricky Jaime - Top 6
Ricky was a contemporary dancer. When he leaps he gets so much height it is amazing... so I told him he has mad hops and leaps, as he does. And he laughed...super nice! And he is pretty skinny ha.
 Sasha Mallory - Runner Up
Sasha was the African Jazz dancer. She kind of annoyed me during the show...she got way too much air time and same with her sister. I surprisingly enjoyed her dancing a lot more at the tour because they weren't showing her and talking to her, basically not showing her personality, haha. She did have an insane solo at the tour that is for sure. Anyways, I think she was the most standoff-ish of all the dancers. She didn't seem to really want to talk. But whatever, she is an incredible dancer!
Clarice Ordaz - Top 10
Clarice is very gorgeous and sweet! She seemed to be a little soft spoken and I think that one could see that from watching her on TV. I talked to her for a bit, she's awesome! And she had the cutest pink peep toe shoes with little bows on them...I think she said they were Steve Madden.
Caitlynn Lawson - Top 6
Caitlynn was the one that pretty much got us hooked up with these tickets! If my mom's friends' sister didn't own the studio she danced at...well, I'm positive we wouldn't have gotten the backstage passes or probably wouldn't have even gone to the show. We were supposed to get hooked up with 'Team Caitlynn' shirts but they were in Utah and couldn't get them in time! We told her all of this and she was just so dang nice and sweet. I feel like I am saying that about all of them but really they all were!
Nick Young - Top 20
Nick was the tap dancer. I am still a little confused why the Top 20 (him & Missy) performed but I am thinking that the remaining 11-20 dancers get an opportunity to perform in a few shows!
I thought about clogging for him but then decided to just asked if he clogged. He said he never had. And then I said I know how to clog but I've never tapped...heh.
By the way, if you didn't know...I grew up clogging. Proof here.
I told him his tap solo was sick; it really was. I think watching it in person was more exciting than on TV. I always get really bored of tappers on SYTYCD and actually root against them...but maybe I should embrace them because that is the closest thing to clogging. And that is my forte.
Jordan Casanova - Top 8
Jordan was way cute and funny and had a super cute outfit. She was that 'sexy' dancer haha. She was amazing though and was really talkative!
Missy Morelli - Top 20
She was the other 'sexy' dancer...do you remember her? 
She is from Arvada, Colorado - which is basically Denver - so she had a lot of fans cheering for her at the show! My brother, Patrick, has a dancer friend who is from Arvada who actually was a back up dancer on Dancing With The Stars last week. He asked her if she knew him and she does, really well, so random connection!
There you have it! I met all of the top 10 dancers except for Mitchell because he had an injury and was out for the show. It was so much fun meeting them. I was surprised it wasn't weird or awkward but was very comfortable. Like maybe too comfortable haha. I think I should have asked some thoughtful questions to get to know them and their experience better; i.e. about life on a tour bus, how long they have danced, what it was like to hang out with Cat Deeley, or be put on the 'Hot Tamale Train' by Mary Murphy...but I was like "Oh you are amazing! You are so fun to watch! You did great!" Hehe. So original and I'm sure that is what everyone says.


Happy Saturday

This is what my day looked like yesterday ^. 
If you ever want lots of likes on Instagram, post pictures of snow :) Instagram friend me? I'm ashleysloan7. I'm just about to get ready for the day, run to Walmart to get some random things like cleaning supplies and maybe white face paint for a Halloween costume...I woke up and have been thinking of cheap costume ideas for myself, as today is our Ward Halloween Party. It is big and legit. I should know, I'm helping do it. It is from 5-7 and I have to be there at 3 to set up...anywho, I may dress up as a dancer and print off a So You Think You Can Dance audition sign, Bella from Twilight (thus the white face paint), or a gypsy, or a BYU fan because it is easy. Life has been so crazy. I've been cleaning our new house and moving things in slowly. And I've been sick which I need to remember to buy some medicine at Walmart for that...so yeah, life is busy and hectic, but good. I've also scheduled some awesome guest posts so I hope you enjoy them and are inspired to do something crafty/DIY-y, if that is a word.
Have a good pre-Halloween weekend everyone!


Guest Post: DIY Ottoman by Savannah from Rolled Up Pretty

 First off, check out my guest post on Ashley's blog, All Things Ashley here! You can read about Why I Blog! :) Check, check, check it out!

Savannah is kicking off a series of guest posts all about DIY, re-doing furniture, and home decor while I get busy cleaning and moving everything into our new house! I am so excited because I have a bunch of amazing posts for you all! Want to know something cool? Savannah and I are real life friends as we meet at the Utah Blogger Meet Up :) She is seriously hilarious, gorgeous, amazing and I'm excited she is guest posting for me today! Take it away girl!
Hi there!  Savannah here, or as my friends call me, Sav.  My blog is Rolled Up Pretty and I love to write about anything fun!  My favorite things to blog about would have to be my family, decorating & design, my crazy-sexy husband's mishaps, easy-cute tutorials, and fun finds.  Oh and food.  Why is food so good?  You actually want to know my ABSOLUTE favorite thing about blogging?  Making new friends.  It has really been the best.  I have met so many incredible people and who am I kidding?  By people I mean ladies :)  They are all awesome!  I would LOVE for you to come stop by and say hello sometime.  Every Wednesday I do a Whatever, Whenever, Wednesday Link Up where you can come link ANYTHING cool up!  It can be something you made, ate, wore, or did.  I want to see it and meet you!  Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I'll see you around!  Lata :)


 Yay, I'm so excited to be posting on Ashley's blog today while she's busy getting things ready for her adorable new house!  So exciting for her!  
She thought it would be fun for me to share a tutorial on something for the home since she wants some fun ideas for herself in this whole decorating process.  She also wanted it to be affordable cause who doesn't want to save a buck?!  I know I always do!
So with that being said, today I am posting a super fun and easy tutorial for an ottoman my husband and I just made. 
K ottomans?  The ones I saw in stores are so dang expensive and not that cute.  So we thought, why not make one exactly how we want it?  
It was cheap, easy, and we love it!

So here we go....
What you'll need:
Scissors, staple gun, staples, screws, fabric (dimensions of fabric will depend on how big your coffee table is), measuring tape...
ottoman 004
...razor blade, glue gun, and a saw (not pictured).
You'll also need a base of an old coffee table...
Plywood (cut to the dimensions of the top of your coffee table)...
And poly foam, make sure the dimensions can be cut to equal the size of your plywood.  We got two packages of this so there would be enough for two layers.  Our coffee table is huge, so you may only need one package of this.  
 First, lay the plywood on top of the coffee table making sure that it is the same size.  If your coffee table is rounded on the corners like ours was, you will need to saw the edges of the plywood into a curve to match the coffee table.  If it's just square you may be fine not to saw at all. 
ottoman 003
It should look like this.
 If it matches up well, take the plywood off the table, lay it on the ground, and start matching the poly foam up to it so there's padding covering all of the plywood.  You'll probably need to cut the poly foam and lay it down in pieces in order to cover all of the plywood.  Like a puzzle, get it?  Like I said, we did two layers of poly foam, so if you want your ottoman really plush, do two layers which will probably call for two packages of the poly foam.  We even left a bit of an overhang of poly foam over the edges of the plywood so the edges are all comfy and soft.   
ottoman 009
 Once it's all matched up, hot glue the poly foam to the plywood, and if you're doing two layers of poly foam, glue the second layer to the first layer so it's all secured down and tight.  The reason you are doing this is so when you flip the plywood upside down, the pieces stay where you want them.
ottoman 010
 Once you've glued everything tightly down, lay your fabric down right side facing the floor, tip your plywood upside down being very careful your poly foam stays in place, and lay it on top of the fabric.
ottoman 012
 Once you have laid it down, grab the edges of the fabric, stretch REALLY tight, and staple the fabric down to the plywood.  You will move around the entire piece of the plywood doing this.  The key really is to pull the fabric extremely tight.  If you don't, there will be little ripples in your ottoman which you don't want.  Maybe you do, if you do, don't pull it tight ;)
ottoman 013
 Once you are done it should look something like this!
ottoman 016
ottoman 017
Flip it over, set it on top of the base of the coffee table, screw the base of the table into the plywood from underneath so it's secure and tight.
And wala, you are done!
 ottoman 028
Pretty fun huh?
Now go try it and please email me at rolleduppretty@gmail.com if you have ANY questions.  I would love to hear how this turned out for you too, so if you decide to do it, send me the pictures!  That would be so fun to see what you did! :)
I would also love for you to stop by Rolled Up Pretty sometime, say hello, and see some more fun tutorials.  
Thanks for letting me post on your cute blog Ash!

How cute is this ottoman? I am super jealous because I'd love to have it! :) She makes it seem so easy so maybe we will have to make one when things get more organized and settled in! Anyways thanks Savannah for sharing this tutorial! Now go check out her blog! Ready go! :)


Perfect Timing

So I promised a super awesome post today on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour After Party...but I am breaking my promise! 
See the tour recap here
But to make up for it...you can see us with Tadd above.
He is such a crowd pleaser, hilarious, and an outstanding performer!
Why am I a promise breaker? I am sick and don't feel up to it...sorry!
I woke up with a sore throat yesterday...sucky. Went to work.
Ate lunch at Cafe Athens for a celebratory lunch...
As we went to our walk through and closed on our home yesterday!
We officially have joined the home owners and debt club!
Headed home...I felt sicker and sicker. I took Emergen-C. I hope it works miracles soon.
I made evites for a friends baby shower, woohoo Heidi!
Kevin and I had big plans to party in our new empty house...

*Don't miss my other guest post on Denise's blog here & feature on Tani's blog here!
*Be sure to check back tomorrow for a DIY post to kick-off a little series I will have while we will be busy moving into our new home! I promise it is a good one :)
*Stay tuned as I will be sponsoring a giveaway on Monday on a different blog...this will be cooler for bloggers than non-bloggers...but still way awesome.
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So You Think You Can Dance Tour Show - Season 8

Patrick (brother), NiKol (mom), & me

I had a blast at the So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Season 8 - show this past Monday, October 24, 2011!
I seriously can't stop thinking about how awesome it was! We got hooked up by my mom's friend, Becky. Her sister owns a dance studio in Moses Lake, Washington where Caitlynn Lawson danced at when she was younger.
Because of this connection we all got backstage passes as well as amazing 5th row seats!
Remember I talked about this random connection here?
See her dance here and here.
Anyways, my mom and I drove to Boulder to pick Patrick up from his apartment as he is attending CU. They had an extra ticket last minute so Patrick decided to come. We then met Becky, her daughters, and their friends at The Dark Horse restaurant. The Dark Horse is a pretty random burger restaurant or should I say saloon in Boulder, haha. After that we drove quickly to the 1st Banks Center in Broomfield, Colorado for the show!
My mom & I waiting at will call for our tickets...
Becky actually had 17 people hooked up with our sweet deal so it was one big group!
We entered the building and sat down at some amazing 5th row seats to the left of the stage. We were so close we could see the dancers really well. Don't worry I took over 150 photos/videos...no lie. Most pictures were blurry due to my ancient point and shoot camera in combination with the crazy stage lighting. This made it a lot easier to choose a few - or more - pictures for this post. Oh and by the way, I'm making a second post for this event for when we went backstage and met all of the dancers! I could not combine this! And yes...I met THEM ALL!  Okay I didn't meet Mitchell as he was injured and not in this performance...
but I met the top 9 plus Missy & Nick who were the first eliminated from the show...
more on that tomorrow!
Here are some of the clearest photos I took, just so you can see what it was like :)
Caitlynn & Ricky
Jess & Clarice
Yes when I met him I told him he has mad hops/leaps.
Melanie & Jess
Tadd & Caitlynn
Tadd performing his solo.
Yes he came in wearing a shirt and yes he ripped it off.
Man he sure is a crowd pleaser! He is just so funny!
Ricky & Caitlynn
I still can't stop thinking about this performance. It was amazing and I am so grateful I was able to attend! I originally asked my mom if she wanted to go months ago, but she didn't think she could because she is on the waiting list to have hip surgery...which she still is waiting...but then we got the offer for this performance a couple of weeks ago and decided to go! I am so glad!
Attending this performance makes me miss dance so much! I wish I could keep dancing but I already did the whole team and competition thing when I was younger and then a team with performances at BYU...
It just makes me want to get out there and take some modern and jazz classes and get into clogging again!
I don't know if I'll be able to. It is a great idea though.
At least I went to Zumba yesterday and danced my heart out.
And the Zumba instructor went to the tour show as well :)

So you think you can dance...

AND...the after party with the So You Think You Can Dance dancers will be posted tomorrow! :) Stay tuned!


Corn Mazes & Chain Saws

First off, check out my guest post on Denise's blog, That Girl Denise here! It is all about one of my favorite vacations...our 2 week Scandinavian cruise! Ready go!
Now on to the corn maze!

October 21, 2011
Hunter & me
Kevin & me
The family minus Kev.
L - R: NiKol (mom), Zach, David (dad- behind), Hunter (below), & me
Last Friday, after a yummy dinner at Spoons, we hit up the local haunted corn maze by Something From the Farm! Yes this is an extension of this post. I am kind of a fan of haunted houses, corn mazes, and all fall festivities. With that said, I was really excited to go through this corn maze! Yes, this is the corn maze that is nearby our house and the one I can hear when I walk Katinka at night. How do I hear this corn maze? Well I hear chain saws and screaming, every weekend night. And I love it.
So spooky. And awesome.
Anyways, we get there and wait in line for awhile. These two girls in 8th grade asked me if they could go through the maze with our family because one of the girls was really scared. They didn't want to go through the maze just themselves so of course, I said yes. They were cute and funny.
We venture into the maze and immediately my brother Hunter starts freaking out, haha. He made it through so that was good. I have been through corn mazes before but this one was definitely scarier! I'm not saying I was freaked out because I wasn't really but it was scarier than most.
We climbed a really tall ladder and went down a slide with - of course - scary people waiting to freak us out. We also had to climb a tall ladder and go down a fire-mans pole. And I SUCKED at that. I seriously don't know how to do them haha. We also had to crawl through this building and there were holes in it so hands would come in and try to freak us out. Lastly, we were distracted by walking through this walkway with spooky things to the sides when bam, our floor gave out and wasn't a dirt path anymore but a mattress! That was definitely not expected and pretty awesome. I turned around and saw Kevin running through the mattress and it was hilarious. Maybe you had to be there but I like to make fun of him for that because I say he looked scared (although I knew he wasn't) and was running so fast to get out of there!

We also picked out pumpkins but I didn't manage to get any pictures...

Have you been to a haunted corn maze or haunted house? What was it like? 


October Weekends: Random Things + SYTYCD Tour Performance tonight!

Happy Monday!
This weekend (+ last weekend) was a lot of fun and a little bit crazy! 

It consisted of:
+ Flu Shots for both Kevin & I. Not necessarily fun but funner than getting the flu and a check off my 'To-Do' List :)
+ Shopping with my mom at Banana Republic and White House Black Market :) 
+ Yummy food at Spoons, Palomino, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a Sunday crock-pot meal
Here we are at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Their little cheeseburger 'slammers' are sure tasty.
+ Watching BYU Football games and tweeting about it using hash tag #BYUGAME to possibly get on TV...Kevin and my brother Zach got on...unfortunately my dad and I didn't. It was so lame ha.
Here is one of Kevin's now famous tweet! :)
+ Attempting to "thrift" furniture for our new home...my friend Emily and I went to a few flea markets and consignment shops for random home decor/furniture and I'm not sure I'm into that whole thing, haha...I saw a cool white mirror but I think it will take some effort to get into it...but I want to...so hopefully I'll find some sweet deals in the future and be okay with it, since it is cheaper :) Oh and our dogs had a little meet up!
Katinka & Copper
+ Playing tennis with Kevin in a tank top in October! Don't know why it is still so hot here...
+ Watching Up All Night. This week's episode was pretty funny!
+ Attending a haunted corn maze and picking pumpkins (coming tomorrow!)
+ Signing up Katinka for Beginning Training classes at Petsmart (so excited)!
I signed Katinka up for beginner dog training classes because:
1) She is scared of some people and dogs (she has been attacked) and I want her to feel comfortable around visitors, friends, our future babies, other dogs, etc...and need to socialize her more.
2) We have lived in around 5 different places since getting her a couple of years ago...crazy right? So she is confused with her potty training. She was really good last year but I want to really get her potty training skills and routine down for when we move into our new home :) I am in the process of training her to ring a bell when she needs to go potty outside! So far she touches the bell for a treat. She rocks.
3) I've always wanted to take her to classes because I think they are very helpful and the trainer got us a good deal on them! They are also so nice and helpful! I met with the trainer Friday night, for free (would normally have to pay) and we talked for 1.5 hours about lots of great things :)

Has anyone been to a So You Think You Can Dance Tour performance?
My mom and I are going to one tonight and we have backstage passes so we will probably be able to meet the dancers from last season! I am so excited because I am obsessed with dance and the show So You Think You Can Dance in general - proof here. I hope I can meet Caitlynn Lawson (see her dances here and here)!


Honeymoon to Jamaica: Zip Lining Part 2/2

Happy Friday!
I'm so excited it is the weekend! 
We will be closing on our house on Wednesday and are probably going to a corn maze this weekend so things are looking good! Oh and if we are lucky we will probably get flu shots too haha.
So I am going to tell you about the rest of our zip lining experience in Jamaica!

Here is the first part in case you missed it:

So, for our honeymoon we stayed at a Sandals Resort in Montego Bay. Everyone was so happy and relaxed the whole time. I mean come on, it is island culture! That means you also have to wait forever to get smoothies and your food :) Anyways, Kevin and I stayed in Jamaica for 5 days if I remember right and for two of the days we did day long excursions! We would have done a few more but they sure are pricey so we picked our favorite two and went on them and... LOVED them! 
Our two favorites were to:
2) go on a zip-line course in the rain forest!

We were so excited as we rode in a van on our way to the rain forest for the excursion!
We got there and everybody was putting on their helmets and harnesses. We put ours on and then over off in the distance there was a herd of cats. 
Are multiple cats a herd? Who knows. Who cares. But, I saw a ton of wild cats.
I don't even like cats, at all. I actually greatly dislike them! 
But they were so cute so I walk over and then go to pick one up, when "RAWRRR!!!" it purrs  hisses, claws my arm/chest, and I drop it! Freaking cat. I kind of laughed and then realized a guy on our tour had filmed the whole thing! He filmed me walking over to the herd of cats and filmed a wild cat clawing me and me dropping it haha. I wish Kevin had that on film. Hilarious.
What is not hilarious? Getting a rash from wild rain forest cats.
I'm over it, but I did get a weird rash.
So we go on our way and of course I try to take lots of pictures.
Here is my sexy husband.
And here we are. 
Lucky you! You get to see me with NO makeup at all.
On my honeymoon on a tropical island.
Where I should be tan.
Thus, I am not. I do not tan.
I know I will not have skin cancer so be jealous ;)
{If you have not caught on by now that I am sarcastic, now you know.}
I convinced Kevin to continue to do thug looks...I succeeded.
You would go on the zip-lines to these little tree house floors. So we were actually really high up in the tree in this picture (below). I am not good at explaining. Whatevs.
Zip lining it up! 
I am afraid of heights, but not on this! I don't know why...but it is SO FUN!
I wish we could go back...tomorrow.
More of us, since you can't get enough. JK. But I am not one of those 1 picture a post kind of persons. Way too hard for me to decide AND it is my blog so I can do what I want haha.
Kevin zip lining it up!
Apparently we wore gloves...I don't remember that.
And I'm off!
So there ya have it.
We zip lined in Jamaica. 
And we loved it and want to go back. We miss the "yah mons" a little too much.
If you have never zip lined, we highly recommend it.
Okay we need to start a vacation fund for tropical get-aways, asap.

On that note,
What is your favorite tropical vacation spot?
Where should we start saving up to go to?! :)