That one time we were parents

All last week Kevin and I were dad and mom.
My dad was/still is in Asia for work and my mom was in Hawaii.
I would have loved to be in either of those places, but I guess Colorado isn't that bad :)

We were in charge of taking my two youngest brothers, Hunter and Zach to school/back, Hunter to Taekwondo practices, Zach to tennis practice/games, and seminary for Zach, oh and an orthodontist appointment. Man, being a mom with kids in two different school is kind of a lot of driving especially when no buses come to our house because school of choice and whatnot. I felt like I was in the car the whole week haha.
Here is a dead bunny part (yep read on!) & Hunter filling up our Jeep with some fluids
Anywho, Labor Day we relaxed, played tennis, decided to hand wash our cars and fill up the fluids...
when I go to open the Mazda hood...bam...first thing I see is a dead mouse!
So I kind of scream (okay I do), Kevin comes over and he says, it is a rabbit! The rabbit was in multiple pieces in the car and as I was looking at a piece more down in there, it moved!
I thought it must be the wind, well, what wind? Ha. It wasn't really windy.
 Earlier while washing cars we noticed blood drops on the driveway and I thought oh no! Did Katinka step on something sharp and has a bloody paw? So I check her out and she is fine. So we wash it off, no big deal, kind of weird though.
We realized that the blood was from the bunny when I backed up the Mazda to wash it; The bunny was probably hiding in the hood and that's when it got torn up. Kevin decided he would attempt to get the pieces out and put some tool down in there and he said the bunny was still alive! He even saw it blink! So that was weird. It was time for the cars to get oil changes so we brought them into Walmart. The guys got the bunny out and apparently it tore up a serpentine belt and would cost over $100 to fix. Freaking rabbit! Anywho, all is fine now. Kevin bought the part and we are going to have a friend help put it on instead of going somewhere where it'll be over $100.

We had a busy week full of work, a Redbox movie (How to Train a Dragon), driving my siblings around, and fun dinner dates.
Top: L to R- Pesto pizza from Pulcinella's, frozen yogurt from Spooners
Bottom: L to R- Miso soup & salad from Jeju (one of Hunter's new favorite Asian restaurants- he is obsessed with Asia), a random picture my dad sent while he was on a Korean flight.
Apparently on some Korean airlines they have these baskets that you can put babies in while you fly.
Is this genius or what? I'm not really sure since I don't have a kid but what do you think ha?

Lets just say I like doing laundry in computerized washers and dryers. Enough said.
And Katinka is adorable while snuggling late at night on the hammock. She quietly barks at dogs barking off in the distance and tries to bite mosquitoes! I love her.
What did you do for Labor Day?


  1. Aw! That kind of makes me sick... What a terrible way to die! :( but I'm glad that overall it was a great weekend!

  2. Our labor day weekend started out with our anniversary and ended with hanging out with my family. :) I still haven't written about the second half of it! And I can't believe that bunny story! So sad...and yucky. Also, I want some computerized washers and dryers. Ah, it would be so nice!

  3. Ok, I'm not going to lie. When I first skimmed I saw bunny, dead, and then pictures. I was highly confused. I still haven't read the full post because my mind is trying to wrap my head around the whole thing I just put together. Don't worry though, I will read it!

  4. Goodness! I would have been totally freaking out if this happened! And it was still moving! Eeeek! Poor bunny!
    Bummer about your serpentine belt. But at least you can fix it yourselves. It would be much more expensive to take it in!

  5. a rabbit?!!! eeek!
    that would totally freak me out!!!!

  6. Love your blog and so glad I stumbled across it! Playing "parent" is so fun; my husband and I recently babysat two of our nieces and had a blast. Not ready for the real thing yet, though, so we'll just stick with our furry kids. :)

    ~ Angela

    P.S. Now following!

  7. Poor bunny :( That makes me so sad! And hey, good practice for real parenthood eh?

  8. I'm so confused. HOW did a bunny get in your car?!?!!?

  9. Wow, that sounds like an action packed weekend! Good practice for parenthood though. Poor bunny :( and poor car too!!

  10. Aw the poor bunny rabbit!!! But what a pain and money it cost you. We have our nephew for the day in 2 weeks and that'll be interesting for the day since he's 7 months old. It'll be a nice look into the future!