Scenes from Summer in Colorado

Today I am fly fishing ALL day with a fly fishing guide :)
The in-laws are in town (got in last night) so we are showing them the beauty of Colorado!

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 SO, here are some scenes from this summer in Fort Collins all via Instagram :)
Kevin & I have been playing tennis pretty often,
and I got a new pink grip (below right)! It is light pink so hard to see in the picture.
A new grip is amazing. And so is my Hello Kitty shock absorber. Enough said.
Here are some darling, adorable, tiny, twin girlies who I watch in church every Sunday.  I think I am going to be babysitting them soon :)
They are so cute and do things at the same time. Once they both took off their skirts at the same time, once they both went #2 in their diapers at the same time, and once -okay more than once- they both asked me to wrap their baby dolls in blankets at the same time. They make me want twin girls :)
Above is a hawk with a cute little bunny it swooped up.
This is why we leash Katinka at my parent's home! There have been incidents of cats getting swooped up from porches in a neighborhood next to ours! Anyways, poor bunny.
If you look closely you will see a bloody head...Sorry ha.

 Here are some entrees from Snooze located in downtown Fort Collins, CO.
Left are some pineapple upside down pancakes...amazing! Kevin ate those. Right is what I ate the last time we ate here.   This is the same restaurant that makes Red Velvet Pancakes. I am obsessed.
Get a Red Velvet Pancake recipe here on my blog!
Remember when I tried to teach Katinka how to swim and it was an epic fail here?
Well, I've been working on it. When we go on walks sometimes I hold her in the lake so her feet are in it and she paddles like crazy lol. Also, the lake's water rose a bit so it covered the concrete (pictures below) and surprisingly Katinka tromped around it! She actually enjoyed the water! She played with floating twigs, bugs, and leaves! Only her paws were in the water, but hey, baby steps right?!
Pictures mostly taken by my brother Zach via Instagram!
Two weekends ago (August 20, 2011) my family and I went to Boulder and Denver. My brother Patrick transferred to CU this year so we drove up to Boulder to help him move in and get furniture. We ate at Firehouse Subs for lunch, saw his apartment, visited a ski boutique called Jiberish where he did an internship, went to Ikea, & hit up Park Meadows Mall in Denver!

On the way we were stuck in traffic and saw a Jelly Belly motor home and a love bug! Random huh.

Below the love bug is a sign that they have at random businesses/stores...
Reserved for Alternative Fuel Vehicles Only.
Maybe it is just me but I think that is dumb...? Don't judge. Haha. But really now!
They get closer parking? Shouldn't it be for pregnant people and families and handicapped?

Lastly, is a yummy homemade burger Kevin and I made for dinner! Amazing if you ask me!
So that is a little of what we have been up to!

What has been the funnest thing you've done all summer?


  1. Those pancakes look damn good!
    Go Katinka! Get used to that water ahah

  2. Love it! Katinka is so cute! I wish she liked me. Or does she? I can't remember.

  3. That hawk picture is crazy!! Wow. Funnest thing I did all Summer?? My entire trip. haha!

  4. Lovely pictures! Katinka is adorable...makes me want a chihuahua!

  5. I love Instagram!! Also, your dog is ADORABLE! And I want twin girls sooo bad! The little ladies you watch are so stinkin' cute!!

  6. Looks so fun... and that last picture has my mouth watering!!! Plus, I'm hungry!!

  7. Wow, so many great pictures. You sure have had a great summer! Katinka in the water is super cute!! I think it'll just take time for her to get used to the water. Little dogs aren't known for being water babies but my dog likes getting her feet wet every once in a while.

    That hamburger looked great. I was supposed to make hamburgers for dinner tonight and then all my housemates informed me that they were going out tonight and wouldn't need dinner! Now I am craving hamburgers!!!!