More from Estes Park + the Poudre River

Here is my wrap up of the weekend spent with Kevin's parents - Greg & Kathy!
It was very fun and we were pretty much out in nature for the whole part of it!

Friday - September 2, 2011

We went up to Estes Park and if you don't already know, Estes Park is a gorgeous town in the mountains. There are so many fun things to do and Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) is in it.
More on that day trip here.
If you are ever in northern Colorado I highly recommend you take a trip out there. I love it so much.
1. Snow on the alpine tundra at the top of Fall River Road, RMNP
2. View from the look out point at the top of Fall River Road, RMNP
3. Kevin pretending to take a picture of the gorgeous scenery off the highest highway in the US down from Fall River Road, RMNP.
L to R: Black Bear baby onesie (yep, bought a baby outfit -1st one- and not even prego!, Black bears are my dad's favorite animal and it was cute and I bought it :), Yellow-bellied marmot, & me earlier in the week
Top- L to R: Elephant necklace & earrings from my mother-in-law, Kathy from Ann Taylor Loft
(I LOVE THEM! Thanks :))
Bottom- L to R: Dream catcher earrings (almost bought an extra pair to giveaway but didn't, probably should have, sorry! Next time? :)) & bracelet from mother-in-law from Ann Taylor Loft (I scored!)

Saturday - September 3, 2011

This was our second day of fly fishing. We fly fished on Thursday with a guide; more on that here.
We woke up at 6am to get out to the Poudre Canyon to snag a good spot on the river! We hit up Steven's Gulch and hoped that the pool of fish was still there from Thursday...it wasn't :( My dad met up with us later and found us a good new spot. Kevin fell in the river when crossing it to a different spot to fish and water went all into his waders and that was pretty funny haha. I'm glad I never fell in...
Me doing my thing.
Kevin casting.
My dad. He caught the most. He is a fly fishing extraordinaire! But really, he knows his stuff.
Greg fly fishing.
And then my camera died but these pictures are from Kathy, so thanks ha.

Here is more from this weekend!
Estes Park & Fall River Road here
Fly Fishing the Poudre River here

Happy Monday! 
Later this week I will post answers to questions you all asked me in the 'Curious?' post!  Last call for questions! Make a comment on this post or in the original one here! So stay tuned! :)


  1. What a fun weekend! Makes me wish we could rewind back to labor day weekend!!

  2. I adore those earrings and elephant necklace!

  3. I love these pictures! I really want to visit Colorado.
    I tagged you in a blog game today, haha.

  4. So fun! And I love all the jewelry. Funny story, my mom started buying me baby clothes practically the day I got married so I have TONS of baby stuff even though I'm definitely not pregnant. Haha. I love the onesie! Oh, and I think I got my email set up. I thought I had it set up before but apparently not. Haha.

  5. It looks beautiful and so much fun. I love that onsie!!! I would totally buy it to if I were you, so I am glad you did!!!

  6. Oh how I love elephants!! They are too cute!
    I have to say, I really enjoy your blog because it is so unique! You spend a lot of time in nature and that really appeals to me! Most of the blogs I have come across are set in cities. So I find it refreshing to see the outdoor activities you enjoy in Colorado!

  7. You're lucky that you get along with your inlaws and can go away with them! & she gets you cute things :)

  8. Oh my gosh... what a fun weekend!! You look gorgeous, as always :)
    And I bought a onsie after we'd been married for like 2 weeks haha :)

  9. wow...this looks like the most amazing weekend! i would love this! i have been to Vail, Colorado to ski which was incredible! i really want to go back in summer time as well though for all the other fun outdoorsy things to do!

    so happy i found your blog. i love it & definitely following x

  10. Gorgeous pictures!I know people who buy baby outfits without being pregnant, hehe. I've yet to do it but we'll see!

  11. majestic is all i've got to say about your pictures! wow!

  12. Pretty pictures!! I always want to buy cute baby shoes and I don't even have a boyfriend!!!!! I haven't yet, but they are so darling and cute that it's really only a matter of time :)