Kevin's Birthday Weekend

So I was very excited for this weekend because of many reasons listed here.

Saturday - September 17, 2011

We started off the day by heading to the Sports Authority Field at Mile High (old Invesco field) to watch the Colorado Buffaloes (CU) play the Colorado State Rams (CSU). Now if you don't know anything about these teams, they HATE each other. Growing up in Fort Collins - where CSU is located - I was always hearing crap about what friends liked who and the smack talk that would go down before games. CU - which is located in Boulder - is only 45 minutes away from Fort Collins. Many friends from high school went to CSU and CU. So pretty much this is a huge game for my old high school friends.
Now my oldest brother Patrick is attending CU. I never had picked a favorite team growing up - just didn't care - but I decided to root for the CU this time to support the bro. The game was mid-day and man was it sure different from BYU football games! It was kind of shocking haha. When we got there everyone was tailgating and drunk. We were trying to find parking and literally drunk people were in the way in the parking lots and would get so pissed if we tried to drive through. We passed a big party scene with tons of people drinking, dancing, and all wearing minimal clothing. It seems like the cool thing to do for girls is to make t-shirts and dresses out of random t-shirts but of course to barely cover anything! Does that make sense? It was just shocking haha. Beer cans everywhere and we even saw drunk people puking! So I kind of had to watch where I stepped...Moving on! Ha.
{Side note: I have nothing against people who drink! It is just a different environment that I usually try to avoid. Just in case you are wondering! }
We had the best seats! Look how close we were to the field! That is CU there...
The CU cheer leaders were right in front of us and were pretty entertaining.
This was a pretty cool stunt ha! Do you see the mascot on top of the girls?
I think this picture is sweet! It is a sea of gold!
Here is CU celebrating after a touchdown!
It started to get cooler so luckily I brought my (er my mom's) CU Buffs green sweatshirt!
AND...yes I was totally one of those people who pulled out a poncho when it rained haha! I've never brought a poncho to a game before but it was supposed to rain and we had one sitting our dresser from when we went camping this summer. I felt so cool! Only the old people and families had ponchos lol.
My dad & Hunter!
And good so far, CU won!
Not so good, BYU lost miserably to Utah, our rivals. That was very depressing and we are still mourning about it!

Sunday - September 18, 2011

It was Kevin's birthday today and he turned 26 years old! We got him a TON of yummy food! A month ago I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he didn't know, and on his birthday he still didn't know...ha. SO...I didn't get him anything (well a freaking awesome card) but whenever he decides I will pitch in!
For lunch we had steak and Bearnaise sauce, squash, broccoli, and rice which was very filling. We had made tiramisu and brownies the night before. We were going to make waffles with strawberries, bananas, blackberries, and cool whip for dinner but were so full so we didn't! We made fruit smoothies which were amazing.
Since Kevin didn't have a cake he blew out a candle in tiramisu!
And here is the birthday boy himself!
Yes he is wearing a Kansas City Chiefs shirt...unfortunately they lost horribly...but we won't go there haha. Not a good weekend for sports other than CU...but BYU is probably the most important!
And that is about it!

*If you are from Utah be sure to check out my blog tomorrow for some rad news!*


  1. Happy belated birthday to Kevin!
    I think I can smell the cake through my screen-cut me a piece!!

  2. Oh I know exactly what you mean. Not a good sports weekend for Arizona either. ASU lost by a touchdown, the Cards lost by a 1 point and Dbacks lost too ): The only good thing was my son's team won (: I also get the whole CSU and CU rival thing. ASU and U of A are horrible. I have friends who went to U of A who can talk a lot of crap haha
    Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun (:

  3. How fun- happy belated to your man:-) We went to ASU games a couple times and I know exactly what you mean with the drunk people and no clothing! I would love to go to a BYU game to see what it is like because I really cannot stand the college football environment- too crazy for me:-)

  4. What a fun weekend! Happy belated birthday. That cake looks delicious!

    ~ Angela

  5. this looks so fun! great family time and memories :)

  6. I agree with you on the heavy drinking, just don't wanna be around it. I don't understand how drinking until you throw up (and likely don't remember anything the next day) is any fun.

    Still looks like you had a nice time! You husband is super cute!

    Mmmmmmm, tiramisu! You'll have to post your recipe.

  7. It's kind of annoying and dumb that people cannot have fun these days without getting drunk, as well as women thinking they have to almost be naked to look "HOT." Aside from that, what a cool weekend you had! Not so much for us cougar fans :( How did you get such great seats? Knowing me, all I would have cared about would have been the cheerleaders choreography instead of the game..lol. Your clogging is GREAT. That's one of those styles I never tried. By the way, your husband looks VERY FAMILIAR to me...wonder where from??? Nope and I didn't go to BYU, I went to the U instead.( I know lame ha!)

  8. What a fun weekend! Where's the picture of you in the poncho though?! ;)

    And Happy Birthday to your hubby!!

  9. ive always wanted to go to a real football game, glad to here you had such a nice weekend :)

  10. Hey! It is Victoria from Unlock Your World! I decided to drop by and check out your blog, and I am oh so happy that I did! The game looks like you had a fantastic time! Going to a college game is on my to-do list :]
    Biggest Love,

  11. Happy Birthday to Kevin! Great pictures, looks like fun. I watched the first half of the BYU - Utah game and turned it off in frustration lol, glad I did not end up going to it! Poor cougs

  12. Looks like a blast! Happy Birthday to your husband!

  13. Happy Birthday weekend to Kevin! Sounds like the football game got a little crazy! Something similar happened when my family went to the USC/Standford game last year in Palo Alto (We are USC fans). We had an RV and parked in the "RV" designated spaces. There were about thirty USC students next to us in another RV. When they left that evening they didn't pick up any of their garbage...just thousands of beer cans everywhere. So we got together with some other "fans" and cleaned up after them. It was disappointing behavior (to say the least). But the game was good!!!

  14. Ooh, your tiramisu looks exactly like a traditional South African dessert called milktart that we make in our homeland. yum, methinks it's time to make some again.

  15. what a wonderful birthday weekend!! you two are super cute! is that a tiramisu for his birthday? i love tiramisu and requesting the non-traditional desserts instead of a birthday cake i always asked for a lemon meringue pie!

  16. I love tiramisu, I must get the recipe! Oh and the Buffalo Bills (Buffalo,NY) is the NFL team where I live :)

  17. Please share your recipe!!! Tiramisu is my favorite dessert of all time and I am looking for a good recipe!!! It looks like you had a great weekend!!! Happy Birthday (even though I am late hahahha)