Katinka should be a Baby Gap outfit inspiration...oh wait, she is

So to the left is Miss Katinka. To the right is...MISS KATINKA...on a baby onesie from Baby Gap!
in the sale section for...
Yep, maybe I'm the only one in the world who would want it but hey, I love little sassy dog outfits especially ones that look like my pup for my unborn children!
Fyi: I was there for a reason...I was picking out baby outfits for my friend Laura's baby shower!
Don't worry I bought it, so don't waste your time driving to the Baby Gap location at Centerra in Loveland, CO to snag this because it is gone!
Moving on...
We have some important matters to get out into the blog world!

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+ Please pray for Victory. Victory is a sweet little boy who fell into a pool and is now in a medically induced coma. You can see more details about this little boy and his sweet family at Missy's Pink Pistachio blog here! Please take a look friends.
+ Vivian from A Dance For 5 is giving away a $40 gift card to Target...I hope I win...details here!

I'm off to workout (P90X), eat din din, & watch Baby Mama with my friends Laura & Heidi!
Happy Thursday!


  1. that is too cute!


  2. I really like the onesie too bad God only gave me 2 boys.

  3. Haha... that onesie is actually quite cute! And I also am a blog friend with Missy at Pink Pistachio and am praying for Victory... soooo incredibly heartbreaking. I can't even imagine. Have a good one!

  4. Cute onesie! It's awesome that you bought it for your future children! Can't wait to see your "little one" with his/her onesie and Katinka in a photo op together! Haha!

  5. I grew up with a pug and a chihuahua. I walk into gave and they had a little shirt with both on the shirt as if they were friends. I just about died!

    - Sarah

  6. I LOVE that you bought it! It is going to look so cute on your future babies! :]

  7. This is so sweet!! Your future bubs is going to be a well dressed little one.

    Do you ever dress Katinka up? We dress our little Nilly up all the time. She is 12 years old and very patient :)

  8. That is the cutest baby gift ever and Yogurtland is such a great sponsor - that's awesome!