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Friends, I am honored to be guest posting on Sara's blog, my life, my fight, my illness, Struggling Happiness. I enjoy her blog because she is always real, open, and honest in her posts. Sara has been diagnosed with depression but her label does not define her. She continues to battle strong on a quest to happiness. I highly recommend you check out her blog and to read my guest post on *How To Be Happy* here!  

Second of all I got tagged in a blog game here from Anna of My Aiken Heart and here from Carlie from Life...Full of Stories! I've never heard of a blog game but basically I say 7 random facts and tag up to 15 other bloggers to keep the game moving! Here are some random facts for ya!

1. I don't drink soda, like barely ever. Like once a month! I stick to water, milk, and anything but soda!
2. I am addicted to reality TV. Examples include: The Bachelor/ette/Pad, So You Think You Can Dance, Modern Family, The Office, Gossip Girl, Secret Millionaire, Shark Tank.
3. I tweet a lot. Like more than texting. I often forget to text back so twitter is sometimes a better way to get ahold of me. Kind of sad haha. (PS. My twitter is @Ashley_Katinka ! Lets be friends!)
4. I am just starting to do P90X, however I don't do it everyday. So I have done P5X, get it?
5. The first thing I do in the morning is eat! I like to be alone and eat and then I am good to go haha.
6. I am really talented at popping gum loud. Like it can be really loud!
7. a) In high school some of the tennis pros at the club where I played called me Hollywood. I was just reminded of this the other day.  I would come in talking on a cell phone and don't ask me why they called me that! Oh and my tennis outfits always had to match.
7. b) Okay this is great. My high school Sports & Entertainment Marketing teacher basically called me Hollywood/said I was like Paris Hilton. He had this long story/connection thing where he said: something then... the eiffel tower... which is in Paris... which is Paris Hilton's first name... which is how you talk like...
Okay totally had to be there. But yeah, I guess you can call me a valley girl.

That was random and probably weird lol.

And the bloggers I am tagging are...

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Lastly, be SURREEE to check out the Blog Par-Tay we are throwing! Details here! RSVP and come friends!!! It will be *so* much funnnnn!!!


  1. haha!I love learning more about you! I don't drink soda either, unless I'm desperate. :) I love water!

  2. I tweet more than I text too! Off to check out that site, sounds good :)

  3. Haha what a fun blog game!!! I'll have to check out your guest post =)

    - Sarah

  4. yay! thanks for tagging me! :)
    I am gonna get goin on this!

  5. Fun blog game! And cute photo! :)

    ~ Angela

  6. Love the facts, you are so cute! And since no one I am close to watches reality tv I feel the need to express my disappointment with the treatment of Michael on Bachelor Pad finale...Holly and Blake are not my faves!

  7. your comment about P90X made me literally laugh out loud! and all reality shows are my faves! love it girl! and thanks for the shout out!!
    xo TJ


  8. Hehe I pop my gun pretty loud too! I've never done P90x but I've heard great things :)

  9. Awesome post! Love all these tips to being happy. And I just realized that I haven't tweeted in almost 24 hours. So I need to tweet stat.

  10. We are addicted to reality TV too! We are obsessed with "Big Brother" and "Survivor"!!!

  11. Thanks for the tag!! I already did something similar to this (like two days ago) but I really appreciate it!! Wish I could go to your party....too bad it's a couple weeks after we'll be there ;) It seriously should be next weekend during Priesthood Session or something :P

  12. Totally playing this game next post!!!! Thanks for the tag lady :)

    So bummed we're headed home the weekend of that meetup. You girls will have a blast!

  13. Thanks for tagging me, you're the best! And I'm thinking I really need to get a twitter. I'm missing out :)