Golfing Is For Lovers

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You know your husband is obsessed with golf when you go on dates to the driving range!
PS. I just got done working out in this outfit.
That is why I'm wearing it haha. I love it though. Gap Body makes the best stuff!
We went on 3 dates to the driving range.
2 at Southridge & 1 at Collindale, all in Fort Collins.
You know you are cocky when you hit a golf ball and it flies so much further than when you were expecting and even your husband is surprised, and you love it. And you keep doing it. And think you are good.
I am cocky. When I hit a good shot I think of my friend Shayla who played Women's Golf at BYU. I always want to text her lol.
Just part of the back 9 at Southridge. It was gorgeous!
Kevin & I.  He golfed the back 9 and I kept score.
 We played twilight golf and when we got there they wouldn't let us rent a cart or a roller cart so that was very lame! Kevin had to carry his bag the whole time...and of course the strap to his bag is broken.

Anyone out there love to golf? Got any recommendations for good but cheap(er) women's golf clubs? 

I've been using Kevin's so I have to choke up on the clubs quite a bit but I think I'd be even better with women's clubs! ;)


  1. I just recently took up golf after golfing in a company tournament with my mom's clubs. My husband got me a set of my own clubs for my birthday. For learning, I recommend checking out ebay. They have auctions for full sets of clubs (last year's models, but how much really changes?) that usually go for less than $100 - which is far less than you'd find in any store.

  2. Dane is obsessed with gold too! He is golfing right now! I need to go with him more often. And DAaaaang girl those gap body spanks look good on you! My brother bought his wife some clubs from costco and I think they were relatively cheap and have been great for her. Let me know if you find some, I think I need to pick it up, four hours on a gorgeous course would be an awesome date!

  3. I'm going driving with my husband the first time this Monday and I'm super excited! The only bad thing is that I'm borrowing my friend's clubs from when he was a kid- and I'm pretty sure they're going to fit me in all my shortness. How long have you been golfing?

  4. I have never been golfing and I've only been to the driving range once. But I would love to go again. Especially if the view was as gorgeous as your view!

  5. I have never golfed for real... is that terrible??

  6. That's great that you two can golf together. My husband LOVES golf. Good thing so do his friends and my dad so he always has a buddy. Not my thing at all. He always says when the kids are gone he's going to get me out there.

  7. How FUN! Eric and I have NEVER golfed before! Seriously, crazy right?

  8. Not a big fan of golfing myself, but looks like you guys are having fun :)

  9. the boyfriend recently bought my some golf clubs & i went to the driving range once & LOVED it. i am dying to go back again. hopefully we will go this weekend!

    it looks like you had soooo much fun!
    & i bought my golf clubs at golfer's world, & they were 50% off! :] i tested out two or three different sets in the store & bought the ones that i felt most comfortable with!

    have a lovely weekend!

  10. looks like fun! the hubs and i went to the driving range last week! i am really bad, but it was still fun!

  11. I've never gone golfing before, but this post makes me want to put on a cute outfit, grab a club and go at it. :)

    Love the blog. Just found it and definitely your newest follower.

  12. You guys are such a gorgeous couple! And you are brave to try golfing.... I don't know why, but it intimidates me.

  13. I'm probably the worlds worst golfer! People should not be allowed to take me golfing.. But its fun! :)

  14. Awww! Y'all are SO cute! The only golfing I've ever done is on the Wii ;) Looks like you had fun together.

  15. my hubby lovvves golfing, but thus far i have managed to keep away from the course myself :) hehe when it's all said and done, i don't think i'd mind it. but just don't tell him i said that ;) <3 www.rubygirlblog.com