Feature at The Small Town Mom & Thursday Update

So I lied to you all! I didn't post my clogging videos like I said I would here! Those will be up tomorrow on the blog so sorry about that! I know the anticipation is intense, haha! (Sarcastic) I had to reschedule it because I just found out the Express post (this one) needed to be up today! 


I wanted to tell you all that I am featured over at The Small Town Mom here! So check it out! You will learn about what inspires me to create and some tips for getting into blogging! On a side note, Tara from The Small Town Mom has a cute Etsy shop (here) and makes darling makeup bags, so you should probably check that out as well. :)

But wait there's more! I have no clue why I decided one day that I was only going to do 5 ad swaps per month but I changed my mind.  I've already received more than 5 requests for the ad swap...so um, if you didn't email me and you kind of wanted to...you can still email me (sloanbookblog@gmail.com) or comment below if you'd like to do an ad swap! Because I will do more than 5 haha.  I just need the ads in any of these sizes: 200x200, 200x150, and 200x100. So um sorry for my indecisiveness lol. I was kind of not thinking that day when I wrote that.


  1. Aw! I've been waiting for that clogging video for a long time. haha! Congrats on the feature! :)

  2. congrats on the feature!! I cant wait for the clogging video also!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the video! What's the purpose of setting up email through Blogger Profile? I'm still kind of new to this site and the other blogging site I was on didn't have that feature!