{Favorite} Fall & Winter + Fashion...

Fall Clothes

 I don't know about you but Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.
Much more than summer! Shocking I know...
You can agree to disagree.
One big reason why... is the clothes.

Here are some of my favorite fall/winter styles:
+ Dark denim jeggings/skinnies + tall boots
+ Scarfs in general. And a scarf tucked into a pea coat with matching gloves.
+ Lots of different types and colors of pea coats.
+ Sometimes with a super cute pea coat you don't need to take it off all day while looking very chic
+ Cardigans to layer with
+ Belted cardigans. Of course the belt matches the boots.
+ Long sleeve knits or cardigans with poofy sleeves. LOVE them.
+ Tights...navy, black, grey, cable knit, etc. with cute booties & pencil skirts for church
+ Headbands, always. Knits or cute ones from boutiques.
+ BANGS. Yep, I loved them, had them, grew them out, but here I had them.
I love wearing them with ponytails. Chic chic chic! Oh gosh now I want them again.
+ Dark dark brown hair. Usually die it darker for the winter times!

So as you can see I am a fall/winter girl.
A big part of it is because of the clothes and it is easier to be modest, in style, and chic (I love that word right now.)
Also there is Halloween, Christmas, Kevin's birthday, my birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas Break (if I were still in school at BYU).
You can drink hot chocolate by a fire, snuggle up reading a good book or watching a movie, cheer your college team on at a football game - Go BYU COUGARS!!!, or snowboard in the mountains :)
I am so excited!
As Angie (played by Amy Poehler) would say in Baby Mama but with more enthusiasm.
Love that movie.

What are some of your favorite fall/winter things to do or fashion trends?!


  1. love this look:
    + Dark denim jeggings/skinnies + tall boots

    if only I have winter in my area! ;)

  2. I'm going to miss winter :( I love winter clothes...

  3. Love it all!! Seriously, I'll take one of each please. haha!

  4. Belted cardigans, especially at work!! Yes please!

  5. I am SO excited for fall clothes. And I love the things you picked out. I love that you mention pea coats over and over. I am obsessed with pea coats. I lived in Phoenix, AZ for most of my growing up years so I knew very little about pea coats but then I moved to colder Northern Arizona for college and I fell in love. :] So excited for fall and winter!

  6. I am in total agreement. LOVE layers and boots. :)

  7. Layers and boots are fabulous, but I definitely am more of a summer girl. I'm going to miss it :(

  8. Very pretty color palate! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  9. Ah...boots, scarfs, layers...I love fall fashion~

  10. I don't love winter, but I do love fall. The Loft has some beautiful clothing right now. Too bad I'm trying to save up money for a new home. I guess I'll just have to be topless all the time.

  11. I love fall clothes! I think scarves, hats, boots and tights are so fun!