Estes Park & Fall River Road

Estes Park is one of my favorite places to take people when they are visiting Colorado and a favorite place to go.
It is a town 45 minutes away from Fort Collins up the Big Thompson canyon.
One thing you can do in Estes is explore Rocky Mountain National Park. Within Rocky Mountain National Park you can camp, hike, fish, picnic, and drive up Fall River Road. The drive on Fall River Road is gorgeous. It is a one way road of switchbacks and cliffs and it takes you where the trees stop growing at the top of the alpine tundra. At the top of the alpine tundra there is a little shop as well as the highest highway (elevation-wise) in the US. It is GORGEOUS!
Kevin & I and Greg & Kathy (Kevin's parents) visited here last Friday, September 2, 2011.
Here we are right in Rocky Mountain National Park.
This is what happens when you say "Do a yoga pose!"
Here we are at the top of the mountains in the alpine tundra.
We had just finished the switchbacks and were about to head into the shop here.
Of course, I had to get some dream catcher earrings (I almost bought a pair to giveaway on this blog but then I thought, would anyone even want them? Haha.), a "precious metal" rock for my brother Hunter (he *loves* precious metals and rocks), AND...
a black bear baby onesie! 
My dad's favorite animal is a black bear. Kathy saw it and showed it to me and all of a sudden I bought it! Nope, not expecting but super cute for whenever we have a girl as it is kind of feminine!
Here is the group.
L to R: Greg, Kathy, Kevin, & I
We had the most awkward/weird picture taker guy EVER.
He looked all legit with a DSLR and so we thought he'd be a good guy to take our picture.
Wrong... he was like what do you want me to focus on? You or the background...
We were like I don't know? And he gave us this haha. Of course we want more background in the picture. We are in the freaking Rocky Mountains. And we don't need that wall in the front haha.
We saw a lot of wildlife in the park, including
these mule deer or elk? Don't ask me. I'm not good with my animals but I think it is one of those haha...
a yellow bellied marmot, a member of the squirrel family...
 and a squirrel! Cute eh?
He kind of came up all close so I could get a good picture!
Kevin at the top of Fall River Road and yes there is still snow up there!
A few times I've gone up there it has been snowing, even in the summer time!
The elevation, if Kevin remembers right, is about 11,700 ft. + above sea level.
Colorado is gorgeous as is why you should move here!
Just at a lookout point on the way down the highway!
On the way down from Estes Park through the Big Thompson canyon we stopped at a cherry store called Cherry Tree! When I was a kid I always wanted to stop here but we never did! They had cherry salsa to sample which was good and same with cherry cider. We got some peach cider and cherry cider to go as well as a cherry pie and chocolate covered cherries! If you love cherries, this shop is a must :)
Here is my question for you...if you've been to Colorado, 
what is your favorite thing to do there/here?

Just so I can get ideas of what to do or things to try out in my own state now!


I'm still taking questions for a Q&A post!
So if you have any questions, random, cool, weird,
ask me anything here! Thanks!


  1. Mr Yellow Bellied Marmot, why don't you live in my house already?!?! You are the cutest thing I have ever seen. Wow, I could obsess over that little guy for a while :)

    These photos are fabulous... apart from the one taken by the 'professional looking photographer'. Haha! Although maybe he got scared and nervous when you guys asked him to take a photo and he forgot all his technical knowledge??

    Um... question for you... What's the craziest item in your wardrobe? And include a photo! It can be anything- shoes, a crazy shirt or jewellery.

  2. I've never been to Colorado but that was a good promo you just did now I want to come visit:-) beautiful place.

  3. Colorado looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Love this post! Yoga pose - hilarious! I had no idea Colorado is so gorgeous! I wish we could move there, or visit there. Sorry I don't have anything fun for you to do. You should upload estes park to you would probably get a ton of hits and make some money. You are so gorgeous..Kevin is a lucky man! And I would totally want dream catcher earrings. Looks like I need to come to Colorado.
    side note: My computer wouldn't let me enter your last giveaway. (couldn't post on the giveaway page)Next time I will send you an email about it.

  5. We talked about that highway while we were at our cabin this weekend, and there you were- on the highway!! :D crazy! haha! I would LOOOVE to go there! And I totally would have wanted to win dream catcher earrings. haha!

  6. I've never been to Colorado but these pictures make me want to go!! It is gorgeous!!

  7. colorado looks amazing!!! that yoga pose is hilarious haha looks like you guys had fun :)

  8. You guys are just the cutest! I've only been to Colorado once? Maybe more I don't really remember and it was gorgeous everywhere we went!

  9. I've been, but not for years :( So I don't remember - but it's beautiful!

  10. Beautiful pictures, as always! You guys have so many fun adventures :)

  11. Those photos look like postcards. Never been to Colorado but have heard great things.

  12. I remember going there, but I was kinda little. Colorado is a great place!

  13. all these posts are making me CRAVE an adventure in the great outdoors:) I think i'll plan a camping trip for next weekend... it's a must!

    your trip looks like so much fun girl!!

  14. that is the fattest squirrel i've ever seen!! omg lol.
    i LOVE that you are an ashley and kevin...just like my husband and I. ashley and kevin's are the best ;) cute cute cute blog!!!

  15. We have some good friends who live in Boulder and took us to Estes Park, it was beautiful!!!! Geez, I love Colorado so much! Why can't it be closer? ;)

  16. New Follower! Love your blog! Looks like you had a great trip!!