Dream Kitchens

Lately I've been thinking a lot about interior design. I spent my Sunday afternoon looking at kitchens and thinking about what my dream kitchen may look like and what it may include. You may see some other posts like this one soon :) A common theme with these kitchen pictures are that they all includes browns, whites, and stainless steel appliances. I would love to have a front kitchen sink in my dream kitchen (pictured above and below.) One debate I've been thinking about is which would I prefer? Hardwood floors or tile? Tile is harder on your body and feet but lasts a lot longer than hardwood floors. It is also great for clean up of messes. One downside is that it is cool unless you get floor heating. Hardwood floors are timeless but you have to replace them more often. They are a little better on your feet and body.  Here are some dream kitchen ideas that I am loving right now:
 All photos found via Pinterest

What are some components you'd like to see in your dream kitchen?


  1. Oh swoon. I LOVE the whites in these kitchens. I dream of BIG windows that let the light in, a cute nook, sassy hutches, and dark woods.

  2. Every picture I see I think "ooohh now, THAT is my dream kitchen" and then I scroll down more and find another...so hard, ha

  3. The first one is my absolute favorite!! :) I love kitchens with lots of natural light. But other than that I haven't thought about it much. To Pinterest I go!!

  4. I love day dreaming about kitchens. White kitchens are the best i think!

  5. all of these kitchens are incredibly beautiful! it's my dream to have a beautiful kitchen like this...even though i can't cook at all and don't enjoy to. there is just something nice about clean, open, perfect kitchens. :)
    xo TJ

  6. I love beams. I basically want the combination of all of those kitchens. The end. haha

  7. ooo i love pic #5 after the text. definitely a HARD WOOD fan. basically i just want a HUGE kitchen.

  8. oh wow...
    i'm pretty much swooning over all of those!
    anything is better than the kitchen i have right now.


  9. Those kitchens are magnificient. My dream home... and kitchen would have one thing from each photo...